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Shark Shock Strain Information & Review

Shark Shock Strain

Despite the Shark Shock strain containing predominantly indica genetics, you’re presented with the best of both worlds. This classic ’90s cannabis cultivar continues to amaze users with its delicious flavor profile and relaxing capabilities.

With a THC content of up to 20%, the Shark Shock strain awards a calming body high without the worry of fatigue, making it perfect for party-goers. Plus, it displays the necessary qualities to assist medicinal marijuana users.

If you’d like to learn more about this impressive indica, keep reading our Shark Shock strain review. You’ll also discover all the information you need to grow these marijuana seeds at home.

Shark Shock strain (aka Peacemaker and Great White Shark)

Before we dive into the deep end, it helps to understand the main talking points of the Shark Shock strain. These are:

Shark Shock Strain Info
  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 17% – 20%
  • CBD: >1%
  • Top reported effect: relaxed, euphoric, and happy
  • Top reported flavors: earthy, sour fruit, and sweet citrus 
  • Dominant Terpene: Myrcene
  • Flowering time: 7 – 9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Outdoor yield: 18 ounces per plant
  • Indoor yield: 1.9 ounces per square foot

Shark Shock strain description

You might think that it’s easy to get your hands on the Shark Shock strain as it’s been around for a few decades. Sadly this isn’t the case. However, thanks to the internet, finding cannabis seeds is far easier now than when it first hit the market.

It’s hard not to stop in your tracks and absorb this marijuana plant in all its splendor. The Shark Shock weed strain produces light green buds that are drenched in white trichomes. Each nugget is then wrapped in deep purple leaves, creating an amazing contrast of colors.

Thanks to its Skunk #1 lineage, the Shark Shock cannabis strain emits a dank earthy smell. The fragrance is then backed by a subtle yet pleasing scent of sweet citrus that clings to your nose. Given time to cure, an unmistakable skunk aroma adds itself to the profile.     

These scents transform once you inhale the Shark Shock strain into your lungs. You should notice a strong citrus blast on your tongue that continues to roll down your throat. These flavors change as you release its smooth smoke, leaving a herbal aftertaste on your pallet.

Shark Shock Effects

Just as fast as its marine moniker, Shark Shock delivers an almost immediate cerebral high, capable of improving any mood. Users report a lightheaded feeling creeping in and astrong, happy sensation that spreads throughout your body.

At the peak of your euphoria, the signature indica body calm begins to seep into your extremities. This calming stone helps you relax your mind, making it feel like you’re floating in a warm body of water.

You don’t need to worry about feeling fatigued with the Shark Shock. This is one of the main reasons why it’s become popular amongst medicinal users too. This led to the creation of a Shark Shock CBD strain that awards the benefits without the high sensation.

Shark Shock strain grow information

The Shark Shock strain is straightforward to cultivate, making it a fantastic choice for beginners. You don’t need to water it too often, and it thrives in indoor and outdoor conditions.

We recommend germinating your Shark Shock strain seeds indoors as you can employ the Sea of Green method for faster growth. In a greenhouse, you can expect your plants to reach around 4 feet. On the other hand, it will grow even taller outdoors, maxing out at 8 feet.

The Shark Shock strain’s flowering time takes between seven to nine weeks. You’ll want to plant your seeds by April for outdoor setups. You can then harvest your crop by late September, resulting in a yield of 18 ounces per plant. It’s been known to develop well in cooler climates.

Indoor cultivators will need to regularly trim their explosive foliage, maintaining a warm climate within your greenhouse. You can then expect the Shark Shock to yield around 1.9 ounces per square foot.

Shark Shock strain genetics

The Shark Shock strain first appeared in the ’90s after breeders at Mr. Nice Seeds combined two indica-dominant cultivars. They crossed a White Widow mother plant with the iconic Skunk #1 cultivar. The result was a cannabis type with 80% indica and 20% sativa genetics.

Shark Shock Strain Genetics

Shark Shock strain seeds to buy near you

If our Shark Shock strain review has you in a frenzy, why not purchase a pack of these incredible cannabis seeds for yourself. You can find three different packs available at online seed banks and local dispensaries in legal states. The three varieties are:

  • Regular Shark Shock seeds: These packs hold a collection of female and male seeds, perfect for enthusiastic breeders.
  • Shark Shock feminized seeds: A pack of the finest female-only seeds destined to mature into delicious cannabis flowers. 
  • Shark Shock autoflower seeds: This variety of seeds offers a faster flowering time, allowing you to harvest your bud sooner.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently stock Shark Shock strain seeds. While you wait for their imminent arrival, consider testing out one of its parent cultivars.

  • Skunk #1 feminized seeds: With up to 17% THC, this tantalizing cultivar promises a creative mindset along with a relaxed body stone.
  • White Widow feminized seeds: This indica hybrid will uplift your soul and ease your mind, delivering a mixture of sweet and spicy flavors. 

Take a bite out of Shark Shock 

The Shark Shock strain promises to relax your body and soul. At the same time, it provides a cerebral high that’s sure to leave a smile on your face. Once you’ve got your hands on these timeless seeds, join our Shark Shock Homegrown Dairies and track your plant’s progress.

If you’re looking for growth advice, the latest cannabis tips and tricks, and any other marijuana news, subscribe to our Homegrown Forum. Our experienced team and loyal members are always available to answer any questions about growing this cultivar. While you’re there, check out our Homegrown Diaries for further inspiration.

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