Sherbet Cake Strain Information & Review

Sherbet Cake Strain
Author avatar By Derek LaRose
October 05, 2022

Sit back. Relax. Smoke yourself a slice of cake. You read right; the Sherbet Cake strain is like a delicious dessert in smokable form. Embrace the full-body vibrations of the silky vapor that’ll have your tastebuds begging for more of this indica dominant beauty.

Sherb Cake is a highly sought-after strain, and we’re about to reveal all on this delectable toke. Read on as we unpack the genes, growing tips, and flavors as well as what to expect when you smoke it. Grab your spoon and tuck into this Sherb Cake strain review!

Sherbet Cake Strain(AKA Sherb Cake, Sherbert Cake) 

Give in to the sugary goodness of Sherb Cake weed and snuggle away in the resin blanket of this dessert strain. This cultivar has it all from lip-smacking flavor to a deeply relaxing buzz

Here are some features that make Sherb Cake a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs: 

  • Type: Indica dominant hybrid
  • THC: 16%–25% 
  • CBD: <2%
  • Top reported effects: Happy, hungry, euphoric
  • Top reported flavors: Butter, sweet, blue cheese 
  • Dominant terpene:Caryophyllene 
  • Flowering time: 8–9 weeks 
  • Difficulty: Intermediate to expert
  • Yield: 14–17 oz per m2 indoors and up to 11 oz per plant outdoors
Sherbet Cake Strain Info

Sherbet Cake Strain effects

Let all your worries float away on the stream of pure relaxation from Sherbet Cake Strain. True to form, the indica buzz releases all tension making it an excellent choice for pain relief. Happiness floods every vessel giving you a serious case of the giggles.

As the effects build, the cerebral waves intensify, sparking creativity and euphoria. The Sherb Cake strain makes you giddy with joy, enticing you to kick back and enjoy life. 

The cerebral vibrations fade into a full-body melt, and sooner or later, you’ll be one with your couch. As your anxieties and stress leave, the Sherb-Cake strain cuddles you into a deep slumber. Side effects include dry eyes, cottonmouth, and dizziness, but adverse reactions are rare. 

Sherbet Cake Strain flavors

Feel free to skip dessert because the Sherbet Cake strain hits the spot with its rich, sweet flavor. The smoke is smooth like butter and has a similar decadence, and the sugary goodness sticks to your tongue. It’s not overly sweet; hints of blue cheese round up the flavor with a sprinkle of umami. 

Once lit, tropical flavors instantly burst in mid-air, releasing scents of freshly picked berries and notes of vanilla. Caryophyllene, the dominant terpene, lends a comforting cinnamon aroma with a spicy kick. Thanks to its complex flavor profile, the Sherb Cake strain is a delight to cannabis connoisseurs. 

Sherbet Cake Strain grow information 

The Sherbet Cake strain is a unique cultivar, and finding the cannabis seeds to grow it is challenging. We don’t have a clear take on specific growing tips yet, but we can draw conclusions from the traits of the parent strains. 

The Sherb-Cake strain isn’t high maintenance but does provide a challenge, making it best suited for experienced growers. 

Sherb Cake weed plants respond well to humidity and temperature changes but don’t play around too much because they’re picky. Maintain a Mediterranean climate with temperatures around 70–85°F and relative humidity between 40%–50% during flowering for best results. 

A pro tip for soil growing is to add one teaspoon of blackstrap molasses to the water towards the end of flowering. Molasses helps boost the number of beneficial organisms.  

Sherb Cake strain plants are hungry; feeding them plenty of nutrients helps get a generous harvest. Flowering takes around 8–9 weeks, and you can expect about 14–17 oz per m2 indoors and up to 11 oz per plant outdoors.

Sherbet Cake Strain genetics

Sherbert Cake is a stunning plant—chunky green buds covered in golden trichomes and adorned in vibrant orange pistils. Where do the good looks come from? The Sherb Cake weed plants get their unique aromatic profile, and irresistible appearance from parent strains Sunset Sherbet and Wedding Cake

The genetics table would look like this: 

Sherbet Cake Strain Genetics

Sherbet Cake Strain seeds to buy near you

Are your hands itching for some of the magical Sherb Cake weed? The Homegrown store has top-shelf cannabis seeds to fulfill your marijuana desires. Sherbet Cake strain isn’t available yet, but you can grow the parent strains for a taste of this mystical cultivar,

  • Sunset Sherbet feminized: One of the potent parents of Sherb Cake. It’s feminized, so you don’t have to worry about removing males. 
  • Candy Punch regular: Grows male and female plants perfect for genetic experiments. This sweet strain hits the sugary spot like Sherb Cake but instead has a strong sativa punch. 
  • Wedding Cake autoflower: Same powerful effects but flowers automatically without switching light schedules. 

Have a slice of Sherbet Cake

Let the sweet, rich, and creamy smoke transcend you to a land free of stress, tension, and pain. The Sherbet Cake strain is an indica dominant hybrid that wins you over with its heavenly relaxing effects. Buy Sherbet Cake cannabis seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co., and you’ll have the sweetest buds in no time. 

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