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Skywalker OG Strain Information & Review

If you’re wondering what strain is Skywalker OG, you’ll learn everything you need to know right here. You’ll love reading about the out-of-this-world effects of the Skywalker OG strain. You’ll learn how to grow the marijuana seeds and the yields you’ll enjoy harvesting. Discover the origins and genetics of this much-hyped cannabis plant and where you can buy these high THC seeds

You’ll enjoy reading the reviews of other growers to find out their take on this magnificent strain. Experience the galactic joys of cultivating the Skywalker OG strain when you buy these cannabis seeds.

Skywalker OG strain (aka Skywalker OG Kush)

Before we dive further into the spacey effects of the cannabis plant, here’s some Skywalker OG strain info:

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC/ CBD: 20–26% THC, 0.3–1% CBD
  • Top reported effects: Relaxed, calm, hungry
  • Top reported flavors: Citrus, diesel, earthy
  • Flowering time: 7–9 weeks
  • Dominant terpene: Myrcene
  • Difficulty: Intermediate to expert
  • Yield: Up to 24oz. per plant outdoors, up to 1.9oz./sq ft indoors
Skywalker OG Strain Info

Skywalker OG strain description

The cannabis strain is a heavily indica-dominant hybrid, and it contains about 80–85% indica. A fun fact is that one of the parent strains of Skywalker OG got its name from the original creator, whose name is Luke. Thus, the strain was dubbed Skywalker for that very reason.

The cannabis plant is truly a sight to behold, displaying burnt-orange colors, windy hairs, and olive-green nugs. The buds are coated with layers of snowy-white trichomes that highlight the potency of this marijuana variant. As the Skywalker OG weed strain grows, it won’t take long before you smell the diesel-fueled aromas wafting around the weed plant.

You’ll taste the citrus and earthy flavors as you take your first toke. You’ll also savor the fuel before it propels you into an intergalactic adventure. Skywalker OG hits fast, and an imaginary lightsaber will cut straight through your anxiety, leaving you feeling happy and relaxed. Newbies should be cautious as the Skywalker OG strain THC levels of 20–26% are too advanced for young Jedis in training. 

Although your head will travel through space, your body will fuse into your couch, feeling numb and calm. You’ll float through mesmerizing nebulas and galaxies before drifting into a deep night’s sleep. It’s not ideal to consume the Skywalker OG strain during the daytime. You’ll find it hard to get off your couch while devouring snacks and binge-watching your favorite TV shows. 

Skywalker OG strain grow information

The Skywalker OG strain can be grown both outdoors and indoors. The cannabis plants can be demanding of your attention at times, but those with a green thumb will make them thrive. Experienced cultivators will have to apply their knowledge and skills to enjoy the highest yields.

The weed crops are quite sturdy, thanks to their OG Kush parentage. Skywalker OG is resistant to disease and loves dry climates. Excessive moisture levels and humidity may pose a worry to your marijuana plants and cause root rot and the presence of mildew.

If you’re growing your weed seeds outdoors, it’s best to choose a sunny spot in your garden with nutrient-rich soil. The Skywalker OG strain will thrive in stable soils that have been recently unused by other cannabis plants. Use natural or organic compost and high-grade fertilizer to give your marijuana seeds a good boost.

Your weed crops will need plenty of space, so make sure you plant them apart for a little stretching room. They’ll flower within 7–9 weeks, and you should top the plants carefully to ensure a healthy bush for more buds and cola production. You can enjoy Skywalker OG strain yields of up to 21oz per weed plant outdoors after a successful harvest. 

Growing Skywalker OG indoors is a bit more challenging and requires a lot of care. You’ll regularly have to monitor humidity levels and heating to avoid mold. Experienced cultivators can apply the low-stress training method to shorten the plants’ height and increase yield. If successful, you’ll reap the rewards of up to 1.9oz./sq ft.  

Skywalker OG genetics

Skywalker OG strain is a potent indica-dominant plant that’s gained immense hype from weed users over the years. It’s the lovechild of OG Kush and Skywalker. The following table will show you a little bit about Skywalker OG’s genetic heritage:

Skywalker OG Strain Genetics

Skywalker OG strain seeds to buy near you

If your state has medicinal or recreational dispensaries, you’re sure to find Skywalker OG seeds available to buy. If you don’t have a weed establishment within commuting distance, you should go online. You can bypass high dispensary prices and enjoy great value cannabis seeds delivered discreetly to your home. 

Skywalker OG strain is available at online seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. You can even buy Skywalker variants and cross strains if you’re looking for something different.

  • Skywalker Feminized seeds: These ladies aren’t a force to be reckoned with, as they pack a mighty THC punch of 21%. This sativa-dominant cannabis plant is a proud parent of the Skywalker OG weed strain and will make you feel calm, euphoric, and hungry. You won’t have to worry about her reaching exosphere heights, as she’ll only grow 3ft high.
  • Kyle’s Skywalker OG Feminized: This indica-dominant hybrid will grow up to 5ft and flower within 8–10 weeks. Enjoy the calming and relaxing effects as you dig deep into your bag of potato chips to satisfy those munchies.

Skywalker OG strain reviews

Do you have an OG Skywalker strain review that you’d like to share with us? If so, we’d love to hear from you. Here are some Skywalker and Skywalker OG strain reviews from happy weed cultivators who are finding their feet in space:

Steffine R. - 5 stars Skywalker Feminized


She’s germinating as we speak. It took me a lifetime to find this strain. It’s one of my favorites. I’ve never had an issue with any strain from homegrown. I’ve been ordering seeds from them for almost a decade. 100% germination rate and they are always amazing. Keep up the good work!!

Matthew - 5 stars Kyle’s Skywalker OG Feminized


Just got these a few days ago. Popped one in a cup and she broke the surface in 2 days. The journey is just starting hope she lives up to the name !

mark m. - 5 stars Kyle’s Skywalker OG Feminized


Very impressed with the professionalism given me through this process. Feel very comfortable spending my hard earned money here. I’ll be back!

Skywalker OG - The Force is strong with this one

If you have experience growing our cannabis seeds, you can share your story on our Homegrown Diaries. You can track your progress and enlighten other marijuana enthusiasts with your knowledge and success. Discover the Skywalker OG Homegrown Diary today for helpful tips and tricks to assist you in your cultivating journey.

If you subscribe to our Homegrown Forum, you’ll learn even more cultivating recommendations and techniques from expert growers.

Are you a fan of the Skywalker OG strain? You may like some interesting Skywalker cross-breeds available to buy. Jedi Cookies feminized seeds and Phantom Menace Feminized seeds will blast you off to space with similar THC levels.

“Mind what you have learned. Save it you can” (Yoda). May the force be with you!

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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