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Strawberry Shortcake Strain information

Strawberry Shortcake Strain Information & Review

February 9, 2023

Have you heard of the Strawberry Shortcake strain? The name doesn’t lie: this weed tastes like a creamy, crumbly, fruity dessert.

If the aroma isn’t enough, this cultivar’s effects are just as yummy. It’s uplifting, animating, and the ideal toke before work, hobbies, outdoor activities, and social events. Cultivators love its manageable size and massive harvest potential.

Join us to learn everything about Strawberry Shortcake. We explore its aroma, effects, growth traits, and family tree.

Strawberry Shortcake strain

Before diving into the deets, here are the basic facts about this tasty strain:

  • Type: Sativa-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 16–23%
  • CBD: <2%
  • Top reported effects: Euphoric, creative, relaxed
  • Top reported flavors: Strawberry, earth, spice
  • Dominant terpene: Caryophyllene
  • Flowering time: 8–10 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Yield: 17 oz./m2 indoors and 20 oz./plant outdoors
Strawberry Shortcake Strain information

Strawberry Shortcake strain effects

The Strawberry Shortcake THC level and genetics make it perfect for experienced daytime tokers. It has high-energy, uplifting, feel-good effects.

The first few puffs uplift your mind, body, and spirit. Negativity and tension dissipate from your mental space, leaving room for joy, curiosity, and giggles. The senses amplify ever-so-slightly.

The high sharpens your focus, making it an excellent productivity aid. Creatives also love the experience, saying it helps them overcome blocks and think outside the box.

Another time people smoke the Strawberry Shortcake strain is before parties. It’s a social lubricant to help you get involved and carry on conversations. The positive vibe leaves you happy and playful, letting your best self shine.

The physical effects are slight and showcase the herb’s indica side. This cultivar infuses you with calm energy, leaving you light, limber, comfortable, and relaxed. There’s no couch lock or sedation.

The community also found several therapeutic applications for this cultivar. People use it to reduce tension, anxiety, the blues, fatigue, focus issues, and light physical discomfort.

Given this strain’s potency, start low to avoid side effects like dizziness and sweating. Keep yourself hydrated and keep eye drops nearby to minimize red eyes and cottonmouth.

Strawberry Shortcake strain flavor and fragrance

Strawberry Shortcake weed has a sweet and spicy aroma that justifies its title. Its terpene cocktail revolves around caryophyllene, adding a tangy bite to the sweet fruity fragrance.

Dried and cured Strawberry Shortcake flower smells like overripe strawberries, wet earth, and exotic spice. Combustion brings out diesel and citrus notes to underpin the sweetness.

The flavor mimics the fragrance. This cannabis tastes like strawberries, earth, herbs, vanilla, and pepper. The aftertaste is rich and doughy, with hints of fresh fruit and sharp spices.

Expert tip: Use an organic fertilizer for cannabis with fruity cultivars to bring out their aromatic notes. Chemical nutrients can mask the sugary qualities.

Strawberry Shortcake strain growing tips

What kind of weed is Strawberry Shortcake in terms of cultivation? Relatively straightforward and quite a sight.

The plant is minty green, tightly packed, and around five feet tall. It has tiny buds with thick orange pistils and a thick trichome coating. The sturdy branches carry heaps of these nugs in the flowering stage.

Strawberry Shortcake marijuana enjoys organic soil, hot and dry weather, and regular pruning. It requires a somewhat skilled hand, making it the best fit for intermediate growers.

The cultivar can grow outdoors, but it prefers controlled conditions. Unless you’re blessed with a balmy climate, consider a greenhouse for the best results.

Outdoor growers should sow in a sunny, breezy spot, install protection from the elements, and plant companions to keep pests at bay. Prune the excess leaves at least twice in the vegetative stage to promote airflow and light penetration.

Indoor cultivators should maintain a 70–80°F temperature range and 40–55% relative humidity. You may also consider low-stress training to boost the plants’ light exposure and yield potential. The Sea of Green and Screen of Green work for this mid-sized cultivar.

Keep a close eye on your feeding schedule in any setup. Since the Shortcake strain is a sativa, it’s sensitive to nutrient burn.

Flowering takes 8–10 weeks, and indoor plants yield 17 oz./m2. Reduce nighttime temps to 55°F in the last few weeks to encourage terpene production and make your buds even heavier. Outdoor phenotypes are ripe by mid-October, producing around 20 ounces of bud each.

Strawberry Shortcake strain genetics

The Strawberry Shortcake strain is a feat of cannabis breeding. Its creators worked with bag appeal in mind, creating a plant with gorgeous buds and a delectable aroma.

Is the Strawberry Shortcake strain indica or sativa, though?

You may find two versions of this plant’s family tree online. That’s because two same-name strains are circulating in the market.

One is a sativa-dominant cross between Strawberry Diesel and Juliet. The other is an indica-leaning White Wookie x The White breed. Strawberry Shortcake sativa is better-known and more accessible, and it’s what we’re discussing today.

Let’s meet the parents to understand the offspring:

  • Strawberry Diesel is a balanced yet heavy-hitting hybrid suitable for afternoon use. It tastes like fruit and fuel and induces a happy high that leaves the body lazy and comfy. The plants are mid-sized, fussy, and high-yielding. 
  • Juliet is a rare sativa-dominant cultivar with energizing properties. Its bouquet resembles cotton candy, while the effects sharpen the focus and boost productivity. It can be hard to grow but produces above-average harvests.

Strawberry Shortcake borrows the aroma and effects from both sides. Strawberry Diesel adds a spicy kick to Juliet’s flavors and chill vibes to its uplift, creating a milder sativa for daytime toking. The creators also selectively bred phenotypes to make it easier to grow than either parent.


Here are the common shopper questions about Strawberry Shortcake and our expert answers.

Is the Strawberry Shortcake strain indica or sativa?

The Strawberry Shortcake weed strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid, although another cultivar of the same name has indica origins. The version we discussed has 75% sativa and 25% indica genes.

This marijuana plant is a hybrid in appearance. It’s not squat, but it resembles a dense Christmas tree. Indica also alters its taste and effect profiles, adding a dash of earthy relaxation to the fruity sativa elation.

What strain is similar to Strawberry Shortcake?

Are you a fan of fruity cultivars with happy effects? Strawberry Shortcake can be hard to come by, but we stock similar strains in our shop. Tokers enjoy these sweet alternatives:

  • Strawberry is a jam-tasting cultivar jam-packed with uplifting and energizing properties. It’s much-loved as a wake ‘n’ bake.
  • Strawberry Cough makes seasoned tokers cough, but it tastes like heaven. The effects energize the mind and leave the body chilling.
  • Strawberry Banana is a more relaxed version of the fruity delight. Its creamy smoke and laid-back effects are great for stressed-out users and creatives.

Is the Strawberry Shortcake strain good for anxiety?

Strawberry Shortcake buds may increase or alleviate tension, depending on how much you smoke. Smaller doses tend to reduce anxiety levels on the physical and psychological front. Your mind gets filled with positive thoughts, and the bodily manifestations of stress melt away.

Tokers with anxiety should be careful with potent cultivars. Too much THC can heighten the heart rate and worsen physical symptoms, like restlessness and sensitivity to loud sounds. Smoke in moderation to have a good time and manage your condition.

Why is it called Strawberry Shortcake?

Strawberry Shortcake weed smells and tastes like its namesake fruity dessert. Its name refers to its aroma, accentuating its appeal to sweet tooth tokers.

Is the Strawberry Shortcake strain mold-resistant?

Strawberry Shortcake marijuana plants have dense foliage and could be susceptible to mold. If growing indoors, maintain dry conditions to prevent mildew and bud rot. Outdoor cultivators should pick breezy spots and regularly prune their gardens.

How big does the Strawberry Shortcake strain plant grow?

The Shortcake strain is manageable and rarely surpasses five feet in height, even in the great outdoors. Branches sit close to the main stem, forming a compact structure.

Phenotypes from regular and female cannabis seeds are generally taller, especially if they spend months vegging. Growers in tiny spaces may consider autoflowers or shorten the veg stage.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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