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Super Silver Haze Strain Information & Review

Super Silver Haze Strain

The Super Silver Haze strain is a multi-award-winning sativa strain with a delightful heritage. Just like the Silver Surfer, it’ll make you feel like jumping through space at the speed of light. This energizing weed variant harnesses the best qualities from its strong genetics.

Are you interested in hearing all about the amazing effects, tasty flavors, and cultivation of the Super Silver Haze strain? We know you are, and you’ll learn all about them here. You’ll even find out where to buy the cannabis seeds and discover other variants. You can also read some reviews from weed growers who grew this legendary strain. 

Strap yourself in and enjoy finding out why Super Silver Haze has gone platinum.

Super Silver Haze strain (aka SSH)

The Super Silver Haze weed strain is a king among sativa variants. It first gained hype when it won the High Times Hydro Cup in 1997. It went on to win the overall best strain in the Cannabis Cup in 1998 and 1999. Veteran smokers regard it as even more valuable than the precious metal itself.

Before we jump into more detail about this beloved sativa, here’s some brief Super Silver Haze strain information: 

  • Type: sativa-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 15%–23%
  • CBD: 0.2%–0.5%
  • Top reported effects: energetic, euphoric, creative
  • Top reported flavors: citrus, sweet, earthy
  • Dominant terpene: terpinolene
  • Flowering time: 10–12 weeks
  • Difficulty: intermediate
  • Indoor Yields: Up to 2.8oz. per sq ft 
  • Outdoor Yields: Up to 21oz. per plant 
Super Silver Haze Strain Info

Super Silver Haze strain description

The Super Silver Haze marijuana plants produce thick stalks with deep green leaves. Cuddly green nugs with orange hairs will emerge with sticky buds packed with layers of sugary resin. Super Silver Haze strain will make her presence known as your cannabis crop flowers. It can be hard to conceal the powerful fragrance from the marijuana plants before harvest.

When you light up, you’ll smell a slightly skunky yet gorgeous citrus aroma—the fragrance isn’t too overpowering. As you take your first toke, your taste buds will tingle when savoring the delicious sweet, citrus flavors. As your mouth begins to water from undertones of earth and herbs, you’ll soon realize the magic of SSH. 

You’ll feel the might of the Super Silver strain THC levels instantly hit you. Your mind will feel slightly hazy, so you may find it hard to concentrate on specific tasks at hand. You’ll feel upbeat and alert as feelings of euphoria rise within you. But your creativity soon bounces into life, and you’ll find ingenious and innovative ways to make use of that energy.

SSH is a prime example of a wake-and-bake strain, perfect for users who struggle with daytime fatigue. Unlike most other Haze strains, you won’t soar too high, and your feet will feel firmly on the ground at all times. 

Your mind and body will feel calm and soothing as you view the world in bright yet hazy colors. It’s like sampling an elixir of life for a few hours, but beginners may need to take it easy with this one. 

Super Silver Haze strain grow information

Like most sativa weed plants, the Super Silver Haze strain thrives in warm and humid climates. These marijuana crops are resistant to most pests, diseases, and molds. It can still be quite tricky for first-time cultivators, especially if they’re looking to grow indoors. 

An imbalance in temperatures inside may slow the crops’ growth progress, and you need to monitor their performance constantly.

If you’re growing your marijuana outdoors, you should pick a nice, sunny spot for your Silver seeds. The cannabis plants will flower within 10–12 weeks. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, you’ll need to harvest your SSH by mid-October, before the cold weather descends. 

Be careful of overwatering your SSH, as it can deprive the roots of precious oxygen. Remember, this sativa variant requires less feeding and watering than indica marijuana plants. Super Silver Haze will need high levels of nitrogen during her vegetative stage. If you treat your weed crop well, you’ll have yields of up to 21.oz per plant outdoors.

You can grow SSH indoors, providing you have a well-balanced lighting setup and the ability to control humidity levels. You can boost your Super Silver Haze strain yields using a Screen of Green (ScrOG) method and low-stress training. All the effort will pay off as you gather yields of up to 2.8oz. per sq ft in your grow space.  

Super Silver Haze strain genetics

Green House Seeds created the weed variant in the 1990s. SSH took the marijuana world by storm with its smooth smoke and energizing effects. Cannabis users recognize it as one of the best sativa-dominant strains to this day, and it still enjoys immense popularity.

The Super Haze has three parents of famed status, so it’s no wonder why it’s so popular. Take a look at the genetics table below to understand why the Super Silver Haze strain was born a legend: 

Super Silver Haze Strain Genetics

Super Silver Haze strain seeds to buy near you

The Super Silver Haze strain’s immense popularity and prestigious award history ensure you can buy it almost anywhere. If weed is legal in your jurisdiction, you should be able to buy it in recreational and medicinal dispensaries in your area.

If you can’t commute to a cannabis establishment, you can always buy online from seed banks like Homegrown Cannabis Co. Not only will you get better value for money, but you’ll also have more choice. You can even buy cross strains like Super Silver Crackand the following variants:  

  • Super Silver Haze Feminized: Take the worry out of genders with these feminized marijuana seeds. Enjoy inhaling the beautiful skunky buds as your ladies grow between 3–4ft high. The THC levels of 18% will ensure you experience euphoric and uplifting feelings and kick-start your appetite for tasty snacks.
  • Super Silver Haze Autoflower: SSH autoflower is slightly smaller than the feminized type, which makes it ideal for growing indoors. It has a THC content of 17% and will instantly clear your mind of all troublesome burdens. The flavors burst with citrusy, earthy, and spicy tones you’ll enjoy as you get an energetic and creative buzz. 
  • CBD Super Silver Haze Feminized: With 15% CBD content, this variant has a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. It’s ideal for beginner smokers, as it provides gentle uplifting and euphoric effects. The Super Silver Haze CBD strain promotes wellness and leaves you feeling content and happy in life.

Super Silver Haze strain reviews

Are you curious to know what other cultivators think of growing this legendary sativa? Here are some Super Silver Haze strain reviews from some happy customers who bought the feminized and autoflower variants:

Kyle H. –Super Silver Haze Feminize

This translates a lot and it was amazing still has great taste and look frostier than any of the other ones that I grew this year I would highly recommend getting this one if you into a more energetic and capable high.

Gino M – Super Silver Haze Feminized

Let a few grow untouched and I green screened the rest . The screened plants had a much better yield and many more buds definitely not an easy outdoor grow but well worth the time and effort!

Denise D. – Super Silver Haze Autoflower

Growing indoors, the seeds pop right a way and the plant is growing and looking very good

Spiderweb61 – Super Silver Haze Autoflower

Thanks guys these are some of the best,all popped and looking great,growing them last year was a breeze and the smoke is smooth and great Buzz to

Every cloud has a super silver lining

If you want to try a classic High Times Cup sativa winner, you should check out the Super Silver Haze strain. When you put in the cultivating effort, you’ll enjoy large yields come harvest time. 

When you light her up, and savor the sweet, citrus taste, you’ll know you’re consuming a winner. SSH will reward your recognition by brightening your day and make you feel like a champion in return.

If you’re planning on growing the Super Silver Haze strain, we’d love you to share your experience on our Homegrown Diaries. Keep track of your growing progress and show off your success stories on your Super Silver Haze Homegrown Diaries.

You should also check out our Homegrown Forum for more ideas and information on cultivating marijuana plants. Everything you need to know will be here, including lighting setups, hydroponic info, and weed plant care. Every cloud has a silver lining but you’ll find a super silver lining with SSH.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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