Tahoe OG Strain Information & Review

Tahoe Strain
Author avatar By Derek LaRose
November 05, 2021

Although the Tahoe OG strain holds a majority of indica genetics, it still possesses an invigorating sativa kick. Its soothing capabilities make it perfect for nighttime smoke sessions and enjoying the company of close friends.

The Tahoe OG strain has become the go-to cultivar for recreational and medicinal users alike. It has the ability to elevate your mood no matter how stressful your day. Continue reading this review to learn about this award-winning cannabis and how to grow it at home.  

Tahoe OG strain (aka Tahoe Kush, Tahoe OG Kush)

Over the years, the Tahoe cannabis strain has amassed a few different nicknames. Of these titles, “Soaring Kush” best describes its cerebral high, allowing your mind to take flight like a majestic eagle. 

Before we break open these tantalizing buds, it’s worth looking at the main talking points that make up the Tahoe OG strain. These are:

Tahoe OG strain description

The Tahoe strain produces cannabis plants that can reach up to 2 meters tall. Once it’s fully matured, it displays large dark green colas with yellow and golden brown hints. It then surrounds its delicious flowers with neon green leaves, accentuating its beauty. 

It emits a pungent aroma that’s indicative of its OG heritage. The OG Tahoe strain produces a noticeable pine and citrus scent that’s sure to remind you of the west coast. On closer inspection, you can also pick up a subtle spice

Only when you light up the Tahoe OG strain can you fully appreciate its brilliance. It delivers a mixture of sweet and spicy notes of sandalwood and pine as it makes its way into your lungs. These flavors then transform on the exhale, turning into a sour citrus blast

Don’t let the innocent-looking Tahoe OG strain fool you. This cultivar packs a potent punch that can put even the most experienced tokers to bed. Once it enters your system, you’ll feel a wave of euphoria wash your stress away and enhance your mood.

The indica side of the Tahoe OG strain creeps up on you, hiding behind fits of laughter. At the peak of euphoria, you’ll suddenly notice an intense body stone, making it hard to get off the couch. Make sure you keep a few healthy snacks on hand for the inevitable munchies.   

Due to its ability to assist with insomnia, loss of appetite, and pain-relieving qualities, it’s become a hit amongst medicinal users. In fact, those looking to get these benefits without the high can even find a Tahoe OG strain CBD version.

Tahoe OG strain grow information

Although the Tahoe OG strain needs constant supervision and TLC, it’s surprisingly forgiving, even to less experienced cultivators. It’s also semi-resilient to issues such as mildew and mold, but you’ll need to trim the lower branches to assist with airflow.

This strain will flourish in both outdoor and indoor environments. We would recommend planting your seeds in a greenhouse as you can then employ the Sea of Green method to boost bud production. 

If you prefer using the outdoor option, you’ll need to find a location that experiences a Mediterranean climate. The Tahoe strain has a flowering time of eight to ten weeks, meaning if you plant your cannabis seeds in April, you can harvest your crop by mid-October.

Indoor cultivators can expect the Tahoe OG strain to yield around 0.9 ounces per square foot. This is compared to the 14 ounces per plant achieved in an outdoor setup.

Tahoe OG strain genetics

The Tahoe OG strain first appeared in California sometime in the late ’80s. Breeders crossed OG Kush with San Fernando Valley OG to create a cannabis plant with up to 22% THC. For the most part, this phenotype predominantly displays indica genetics.

There are also some sativa traits within the Tahoe Kush strain, but these mainly manifest through its effects.  

Tahoe OG seeds to buy near you

It’s possible to order a pack of Tahoe OG strain seeds and raise this cannabis masterpiece at home. Depending on which online seed bank or local dispensary you visit, you’ll generally find three variants available.

We currently only offer the feminized version of the Tahoe OG strain and expect the autoflower and regular options soon.

  • Regular Tahoe OG seeds: This version contains a collection of both male and female weed seeds, making this pack great for breeders. While you wait for this option, try out OG Kush feminized seeds
  • Tahoe OG feminized seeds: A pack of female-only seeds, guaranteed to germinate into potent flowers.
  • Tahoe OG autoflower seeds: If you need your bud in a hurry, this is the pack for you. This variant provides a faster flowering time at the expense of yield. Try out OG Kush autoflower seeds for a similar experience.

Tahoe OG strain reviews

At this time, our Tahoe marijuana strain has yet to get a customer review. Why not become the first to give your feedback on this soothing cannabis cultivar? 

We’d love to hear about how your crops are progressing and any tricks you’ve learned along the way. Plus, your comments will help future cultivators following in your footsteps.

The essence of the West Coast

The Tahoe OG strain embodies the American West Coast in both its aroma and soothing effects. It’s also one of the highest THC-containing cultivars from the iconic OG lineage. Kick back after a stressful day and let the Tahoe OG strain wash away your troubles.

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