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Tahoe OG Strain Information & Review

Tahoe Strain

Although the Tahoe OG strain holds mostly indica genetics, it still possesses an invigorating sativa kick. Its soothing capabilities make it perfect for nighttime smoke sessions and enjoying the company of close friends.

The Tahoe OG strain has become the go-to cultivar for recreational and medicinal users alike. It has the ability to elevate your mood no matter how stressful your day is.

Continue reading this review to learn about this award-winning cannabis and how to grow it at home. Let’s get into it.

Tahoe OG strain (aka Tahoe Kush, Tahoe OG Kush)

Over the years, the Tahoe cannabis strain has amassed a few different nicknames. Of these titles, “Soaring Kush” best describes its cerebral high, allowing your mind to take flight like a majestic eagle.Before we break open these tantalizing buds, it’s worth looking at the main talking points of the Tahoe OG strain:


The Tahoe strain produces cannabis plants that can reach up to 2 meters tall. Once it’s fully matured, it displays large dark green colas with yellow and golden brown hints. It then surrounds its delicious flowers with neon green leaves, accentuating its beauty. 

It emits a pungent aroma that’s indicative of its OG heritage. The OG Tahoe strain produces a noticeable pine and citrus scent that’s sure to remind you of the west coast. On closer inspection, you can also pick up a subtle spice

Only when you light up the Tahoe OG strain can you fully appreciate its brilliance. It delivers a mixture of sweet and spicy notes of sandalwood and pine as it makes its way into your lungs. These flavors then transform on the exhale, turning into a sour citrus blast

Don’t let the innocent-looking Tahoe OG strain fool you. This cultivar packs a potent punch that can put even the most experienced tokers to bed. Once it enters your system, you’ll feel a wave of euphoria wash your stress away and enhance your mood.

The indica side of the Tahoe OG strain creeps up on you, hiding behind fits of laughter. At the peak of euphoria, you’ll suddenly notice an intense body stone, making it hard to get off the couch. Make sure you keep a few healthy snacks on hand for the inevitable munchies.   

Due to its ability to assist with insomnia, loss of appetite, and pain-relieving qualities, it’s become a hit amongst medicinal users. In fact, those looking to get these benefits without the high can even find a Tahoe OG strain CBD version.

Grow information

Although the Tahoe OG strain needs constant supervision and TLC, it’s surprisingly forgiving, even to less experienced cultivators.

It’s also semi-resilient to issues such as mildew and mold, but you need to trim the lower branches to assist with airflow.


This strain flourishes in both outdoor and indoor environments.

We recommend planting your seeds in a greenhouse to employ the Sea of Green (SOG) method, which boosts bud production. If you prefer cultivating outdoors, find a location that experiences a warm, sunny, and dry Mediterranean climate.

Flowering time

The Tahoe OG strain has a flowering time of 8–10 weeks. If you plant your cannabis seeds in April, you can harvest your crop by mid-October.


Indoor cultivators can expect the Tahoe OG strain to yield around 21 oz./m², compared to the 14 ounces per plant achieved in an outdoor setup.

Tips & Tricks

Ensure proper ventilation and lower humidity levels when growing this variant. Feed your plants with sufficient calcium, magnesium, and nitrogen for the best results.

Strain genetics

The Tahoe OG strain first appeared in California sometime in the late ’80s. Breeders crossed OG Kush with San Fernando Valley OG to create a cannabis plant with up to 22% THC. For the most part, this phenotype predominantlydisplays indica genetics.

There are also some sativa traits within the Tahoe Kush strain, but these mainly manifest through its effects.  

Tahoe OG seeds to buy near you

It’s possible to order a pack of Tahoe OG strain seeds and raise this cannabis masterpiece at home. Depending on which online seed bank or local dispensary you visit, you’ll generally find three variants available.

We currently only offer the feminized version of the Tahoe OG strain and expect the autoflower and regular options soon.

  • Regular Tahoe OG seeds: This version contains a collection of both male and female weed seeds, making this pack great for breeders. While you wait for this option, try out OG Kush feminized seeds
  • Tahoe OG feminized seeds: A pack of female-only seeds, guaranteed to germinate into potent flowers.
  • Tahoe OG autoflower seeds: If you need your bud in a hurry, this is the pack for you. This variant provides a faster flowering time at the expense of yield. Try out OG Kush autoflower seeds for a similar experience.

Tahoe OG strain: Frequently asked questions

The Tahoe OG strain has it all. Roll on as we answer common questions we’ve been asked about this potent indica dominant classic.

Is Tahoe OG sativa or indica?

Tahoe OG strain has a slightly indica dominant nature, but it’s still renowned for its cerebral effects. This strain bears all the hallmarks of elite genetics. It has a proud history with origins rooted in OG Kush, one of the most famous and in-demand indica dominant strains of cannabis. 

Use Tahoe OG strain weed when you need to put the whole world on pause. This indica dominant hybrid still packs a massive punch of mind-altering sativa characteristics. Users remain giggly, euphoric, and alert, making it a great choice for parties as well.

Tahoe OG strain marijuana has a sweet aroma that makes you want to take some more. Strong effects make it a hit variety all over the country. Use moderately during the day, take a lot, and sleep. It’s been known to alleviate pain and insomnia, and it’s perfect for a rainy day when you’re stuck indoors.

Why is it called Tahoe OG? 

Tahoe OG strain (aka Tahoe OG Kush /Tahoe Kush) comes from Lake Tahoe in Northern California. Tahoe is an Indian word interpreted to mean “lake of the sky.”  Some sources suggest Ganja Guru selectively chose phenotypes of OG Kush based on THC levels and trichome density in the late 1980s to come up with this legendary Tahoe Kush strain.

Tahoe OG rose to fame courtesy of its super-strong euphoric sensations. Like its parents, it grows fast, producing trichome-laden buds oozing a sublime lemony aroma with pine and gassy undertones. Best of all, it’s less temperamental to grow compared to OG Kush.

Tahoe OG strain coerces perfect calming effects and an amazing, pleasant buzz that lasts for hours. A few tokes are all you need to feel high as a kite floating over Lake Tahoe. 

How much does Tahoe OG cost? 

Tahoe OG strain has won many awards, including 3rd place for best Indica at the Cannabis Cup. It’s a must-try for any marijuana enthusiast. You can readily get its weed stocked by many online vendors because of its fame.

This A-grade cannabis goes for a premium, with reputable dispensaries selling it for around $100–$250 an ounce. Save money by cultivating Tahoe OG strain yourself as its 4-foot tall cultivar easily gives you lots of marijuana.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. has premium Tahoe Kush seeds that you can acquire in 4, 8, 12, and 24 seed pack options. Four seeds go for just $82, while 24 seeds go for $230. You can’t compare buying Tahoe OG weed to cultivating it. You can also get cheap weed seeds options on the buy one, get one (BOGO) page.

What is Tahoe OG strain good for?

Everyone loves Tahoe OG strain for its highly soothing effect. Many consumers claim it helps alleviate anxiety, migraines, insomnia, aches, and pains. Take a puff, sit back and relax as your worries wash away.

Tahoe OG strain plants are easy to grow because they are highly resistant to strong winds, massive temperature changes, and disease. The short and sturdy plant produces a bountiful basket of sugar-coated buds. You’re guaranteed to feel its effects courtesy of elite-level THC that can reach up to 25% in optimum growing conditions.

Tahoe cannabis strain has an energizing citrusy flavor. Its smoke leaves a long-lasting aroma in the room for the perfect hot box. Hash and concentrate makers adore the massive amount of sparkling trichomeson the buds.

Is Tahoe OG an exotic strain? 

Tahoe OG is a phenotype of an American classic in OG Kush. Tahoe OG plants produce a strong piney and fruity aroma that makes any garden more welcoming. Its effects are fast-acting and long-lasting. Your perception of time vanquishes, and problems dissipate, similar effects you’d find in its parents.

OG Kush is the backbone of numerous strains, butfew have as much THC compared to the Tahoe OG strain. OG Kush grew in prominence in the early 90s in Northern California. Most people believe it is a byproduct of crossing Hindu Kush, Lemon Thai, and Chemdawg. 

SFV OG is also a phenotype of OG Kush that was first bred by Cali Connection in San Fernando Valley, hence the name. Other than Tahoe OG, SFV OG has also given rise to other premium strains such as Ghost Strain Haze.

Pink House, a dispensary in Denver, won the High Times Cannabis Cup in the city in 2012 thanks to their SFV OG cut. This strain has, however, lost its prestige and demand to many of its offspring, including Tahoe OG, in recent years.

Tahoe OG gets a 9/10 for many metrics, importantly high THC quantity, ease of growth, and resin production. 

What does OG stand for in Tahoe OG? 

The Tahoe OG strain combines San Fernando Valley OG Kush (SFV OG) and OG Kush. OG is a premium strain with high THC and is renowned for its strong sedative qualities. 

Tahoe OG strain’s CBD content isn’t much to mull over, though, since it’s less than 2%, the lower, the better right? The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, as Tahoe inherits a sweet earthy, lemon flavor.

OG could stand for “original gangster,” a common phrase in nineties hip hop culture, or Ocean Grown. Breeder Matt “Bubba” Burger claims OG stands for original, to mean the strain that was part of the ’92 cut he and his team grew. It’s dank, though.

The balanced effect isn’t sleepy, plus the high THC is hard to come by in other hybrids. Tahoe OG strain is one of the most famous of the numerous OGs out there.

The essence of the West Coast

The Tahoe OG strain embodies the American West Coast in both its aroma and soothing effects. It’s also one of the highest THC-containing cultivars from the iconic OG lineage. Kick back after a stressful day and let the Tahoe OG strain wash away your troubles.

If you decide to purchase these amazing cannabis seeds, why not start your Homegrown Dairy? It lets you monitor your weed plant’s progress and keep a record of what worked best for your crop.

Plus, you can use the features in your Tahoe OG Homegrown diary to ask for assistance from our team whenever you need it.

You can also subscribe to our Homegrown Forum for the latest cannabis news. There’s also plenty of marijuana tips and tricks to learn from your fellow cultivators.

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