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Tangie Strain Information & Review

Tangie strain

Inspired by the infamous ‘90s cultivar Tangerine Dream, the Tangie strain produces a uniquely aromatic bud with intense, unmistakable tones of tangerine and citrus. Its euphoric yet energetic buzz will hit you like a sweet-and-sour shot of sunshine.

As the result of an Amsterdam DNA Genetics project, the Tangie weed strain seeds develop into a citrusy cannabis plant that yields an abundance of resinous flowers

Over time, the Tangie marijuana strain inspired various citrusy hybrids, including the Sour Tangie strain, Tangie OG strain, and Orange Tangie strain.

Tangie strain

Before we explore the strain in more detail, let’s take a quick look at the Tangie strain info:

Tangie strain information
Tangie strain information

Tangie straindescription

The Tangie marijuana strain is a sativa-dominant cultivar that promises to be the ideal caffeine replacement. It’ll power you up for the day that lies ahead and make you more productive by intensifying your mental vigor, creativity, and focus.

Being a cross between the infamous Skunk #1 and California Orange cultivars, the Tangie weed strain is an almost perfect all-rounder, with just enough indica content to tone down the sativa’s forcefulness.

Brazen about its pungency, itproduces an unmistakable citrusy aroma as it matures, which intensifies after drying and curing. Every bud delivers a delightful hit of zesty oranges and lemons that’s associated with a long list of benefits. 

For stoners searching for a functional weed that pleases the senses, this strain should be their go-to herb. This delightful cultivar pleases the nostrils with nuances of sweet and sour citrus while filling the entire room with its aroma

Tangie strain effects

Smoking the Tangie strain will revitalize your palate with tropical goodness, ensuring that your escape to paradise on a cerebral high is merely a joint away. It’s a fast-acting and potent herb that’ll have you soaring above the clouds in no time at all. As the euphoric and energetic rush sets in, you’ll feel ready to take the bull by the horns. 

It creates a well-balanced but not overwhelming buzz, and after a toke or two, stoners can expect a whiz of mental vitality moderated by a relaxed physical stone.

Early morning consumption will allow busy bodies to brave the day, starting with a primed mental state of mind. As this phase dwindles, the physical calm increases, leaving stoners with a durable sense of tranquility. Since couch-lock isn’t a problem, this peaceful state creates an ideal opportunity to relish a late lunch or early dinner with friends.

Less experienced stoners, be warned – the Tangie strain is a high THC cultivar. Its potency will hit you like tangerines with nuclear warheads. People sensitive to THC and newbies may not quite handle its kick, which may trigger headaches, paranoia, or anxiety.

Tangie strain growinformation

The Tangie strain plant, as its sativa heritage would suggest, develops into a gorgeous, tall shrub. The cultivar is known for its slender leaves and fragile limbs, which will require extra support. Pruning the low-growing branches and nodes is essential, as it allows the tree to divert more nutrients to its buds. 

The cultivar produces long-running, loosely packed colas with nugs shaped like pine cones that glimmer with amber and green flames. Undoubtedly potent and a pleasure to look at, these aromatic nuggets are huge but lack density, meaning that they’re easily broken apart.

As the type of shrub that gives back more than it receives, pampering its plants will produce a mammoth, high-quality yield. In contrast, neglecting these ladies will diminish the size and grade of the harvest.

Using the SCROG method when growing the Tangie strain indoors in hydroponics or soil will help boost the yield. Ensure to keep your crop snug with RH levels between 40% and 50% and temperatures ranging from 70° and 82°F. By allowing your shrubs to flower for nine to ten weeks, you should harvest between 1.31 and 1.8 oz/sqft.

For outdoor the strain growth, you’ll require a warm Mediterranean-like climate. Under optimal conditions, your crop should be ready to harvest between late September and early October, and growers can expect a yield of about 17.5 oz/plant. 

It’s essential to keep an eye on the weather, though, as too much rain can cause mildew and mold, while high winds may break branches.

Although not suitable for beginner growers, intermediate to expert cultivators should have no problem raising this potent, high-yielding cultivar.

Tangie strain genetics

As the result of a planned project by Amsterdam’s DNA Genetics, the Tangie weed strain is sort of a remake of the famous ‘90s cultivar, Tangerine dream

This sativa-dominant hybrid, with its uniquely aromatic, resinous buds, is quickly gaining favor worldwide. 

Apprentice breeders might wonder which strains were crossed to create this delightful citrusy cultivar. Well, for the curious at heart, the Tangie strain is a combination of the following:

Tangie strain genetics
Tangie strain genetics

Tangie strain seeds to buy near you

Did our Tangie strain review awaken the demon inside you? Do you feel a burning desire to grow your own? Homegrown Cannabis Co. boasts the finest collection of high-quality marijuana specimens currently available.

  • Tangie strain feminized – Don’t enjoy gambling? Our feminized seeds will help you avoid the genetic battle to raise ladies only, ensuring a bountiful harvest.
  • Tangie strain autoflower – Unsure if you can provide the preferred light schedule? These autoflower seeds will flower regardless of how much light they get.
  • CBD Tangie feminized – Looking for medicinal weed? CBD Tangie will deliver a gentle buzz with lovely citrus flavor while attending to your health concerns.

For the sake of creativity

With an eruption of flavor and a surge of energy, the Tangie weed strain will revitalize your body and mind and brighten up your day.

Facing modern society, everyone can do with a bit more positivity, creativity, and inspiration. With benefits such as these in high demand, growing your own Tangie stash is a great idea. 
Whether you decide on feminized, autoflower or CBD seeds is up to you, just as long as you remember to subscribe to and track your progress on the Tangie Homegrown Diary.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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