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Trainwreck Strain Information & Review

Trainwreck Strain

A sativa dominant hybrid, Trainwreck strain creates a powerful mental high. The wood and lemon terpene profile create a unique buzz that both energizes and calms you down. Though often used for wake-and-bake, some prefer its reflective qualities.

With an origin in Thai and Mexican sativas, the Trainwreck marijuana strain is a force of its own. 

Although it hits like a train, it’s covered in soft, warm pillows and takes away all the pain. Our extensive review of this weed breed allows you to make an informed decision when you buy it.

Trainwreck strain (AKA OG Wreck)

The strain name could concern some, and even though it’s entirely accurate, there’s more to it. Not all users experience the same effects or at the same speed. Everyone rides the train at their own pace.

To save you the time of searching everywhere for Trainwreck strain info, we decided to lay it out for you:

Trainwreck Strain Information

Trainwreck strain description

Trainwreck is first-rate cannabis. Its earth-lemon-pine aroma satisfies old-school and sweet-tooth tokers; the mind-and-body effects are potent, multi-layered, and pleasurable.

Tokers report the following effects after a Trainwreck blunt:

  • Increased energy
  • Uplifted mood
  • Sharpened focus
  • Creativity boost
  • Giggly euphoria
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Lower pain perception
  • Increased appetite

The bag appeal is immense. The buds are large and dense, their orange surface covered with crystals. They ooze ganja smells streaked with discreet notes of herbs, flowers, and spices.

Effects & flavors

The Trainwreck strain is flavorful, potent, heavy-hitting, and suitable for afternoon use. With sativa genes, 15–25% THC, and a complex terpene cocktail, it offers nothing short of excellence.

The strain delivers a refreshingly sweet pine and citrus aroma. It has a musky base of wood and earth topped with bright lemon and floral tones. The inhale brings a zesty flavor explosion to the palate; the exhale leaves an aftertaste of creamy orange and menthol.

The effect profile pairs the best traits of indica and sativa. The high is uplifting and energizing, underpinned by a clear sense of serenity.

This marijuana banishes negative thoughts and fatigue from your system. It leaves you giggly, energized, light, and ready to move. Tokers report a laser-sharp focus and a spike of creativity upon several puffs.

The cerebral influence lingers even as the effects turn physical. This strain lulls you into a pain-numbing buzz several hours in, leaving you cozy, warm, and completely relaxed. The munchies come knocking soon after.

These double-duty effects are much-loved among artists and stressed-out nine-to-fivers. Light up after work to enjoy a creative hobby or stimulating conversation before getting comfy in bed.

Excessive use can lead to overstimulation and anxiety, so stick to your limits. Stay hydrated and keep eye drops on hand to combat the common side effects of smoking weed.

Trainwreck Feminized Bud
Trainwreck Feminized Bud

Trainwreck Strain grow information

Despite being 6–7 feet tall, Trainwreck is an easy strain to grow.
Plants are bright green and tree-shaped, speckled with myriad bud sites. They’re resilient to most pests, pathogens, and inclement weather, thriving in suboptimal conditions. Heavy yields are the norm with this top-tier cultivar.

Flowering time

Trainwreck has a flowering time of 8–10 weeks.

Indoor yields may surpass 15 oz./m². Since the plants exude an intense scent, consider employing a carbon filter to keep your grow op discreet.

Outdoor plants are even higher-yielding. Each produces up to 29 ounces of weed, which you collect in mid-October.


This cultivar stretches tall, and its indica genes fill the branches nicely. The lush structure can trap moisture, shade the lower bud sites, and hinder development. As a result, pruning and trimming are necessary for growing Trainwreck.

Remove some of the large fan leaves from the top of your crop for the best results. You might also trim the underdeveloped bottom branches to direct energy to where it’s most valuable.

Trainwreck in Veg State

How to grow the Trainwreck Strain

There are a few rules you need to follow if you want a high yield:

  • Lights. The ultimate strain receives the most sun or artificial light it can get. Depending on your location and preference, CFL or Halogen bulbs work best.  It’s also advisable to keep the heat between 70 and 80 ℉. 
  • Moisture. The humidity in the air could promote mold, so it’s best to ensure ventilation. Thankfully, Sativa cannabis plants aren’t as bushy and compact as its’ Indica cousin.
  • Hydration. Water your marijuana crops regularly to ensure the soil stays moist. Take care not to over hydrate, as root rot is a very unpleasant mistake to make.
  • Feeding. Your grow medium dictates your feeding routine and amount. Follow the instructions on the nutrient bottles, and keep your pH right.
  • Can I plant outdoors? As with most weed, the marijuana strain “Trainwreck” needs a lot of light. So choose a sunny spot, and grow it during spring or summer.

As soon as your strain yield is ready, you can start harvesting. To prevent the leaves from sticking to the colas, do the trimming before you dry them.

Trainwreck strain genetics 

As a sativa dominant hybrid, the Trainwreck strain has genetic origins from basically all over the world. At some point, cannabis plants or seeds traveled from Afghanistan, Thailand, and Mexico to unite into a joint trinity.

The flowers are delicate, dense, and look a bit like a trainwreck because of their structure’s jaggedness.

Many people ask what strain is Trainwreck. For you and everyone else, we’ve gathered the necessary info on the Trainwreck strain genetics:

Trainwreck Strain Genetics

Trainwreck strain seeds to buy near you 

Well, if our strain review gives you the urge to start your garden, look no further. The Homegrown Store has some of the best weed seeds on the market, such as :

  • Trainwreck Feminized. As guaranteed females, these babies grow like crazy almost anywhere.
  • Trainwreck Auto. Thanks to their autoflower capabilities, you don’t need to change your light cycle to stimulate the flowering phase.
  • Trainwreck Normal. Standard seeds take longer to grow, but the size of their yield is worth the wait.

Your Trainwreck Strain

Whichever Trainwreck marijuana strain you buy, it’s a good idea to keep a “Trainwreck Strain Diary.” By subscribing to Trainwreck Homegrown Diaries, you can start your own or read shared diaries to avoid pitfalls.

The Trainwreck weed strain is easy to grow and enjoyable for everyone that gives it a try. Veterans and newbies alike can cultivate impressive buds.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed. The Homegrown Forum has all the latest news, tips, and tricks to help you along the way. On top of that, you could make new friends that aren’t weed plants.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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