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Venom OG Strain Information & Review

Venom OG Strain

Are you looking for a cultivar that’s so potent it’s named after a deadly substance? The Venom OG strain fits that profile perfectly. This cultivar comes from impressive genetics and inherits a variety of powerful effects.

It’s a hybrid with mainly indica traits, and each bud is a sight to behold. The nugs are bright green with striking orange hairs and a coating of delicious white trichomes.

If THC content matters to you, this cultivar’s levels are sure to satisfy. Its intense effects, along with the intriguing aromas and flavors, make Venom OG a must-try strain.

Are you ready to learn the details of this strain? Let’s jump in.

Venom OG strain

One of the quickest ways to understand a marijuana cultivar is by glancing at the details in bullet form. Let’s take a closer look at the Venom OG strain info below. 

  • Type: Indica-dominant hybrid
  • THC: 17–27%
  • CBD: <1%
  • Top reported effects: Euphoric, relaxed, happy 
  • Top reported flavors: Diesel, tea, earthy
  • Dominant terpene: Myrcene
  • Flowering time: 8–9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Yield: 13 oz./m² indoors and 9 oz./plant outdoors
Venom OG Strain information

Venom OG strain effects

The Venom OG weed strain may sound menacing, but the effects take a while to hit. Some tokers wait up to 15 minutes before feeling a warm, cerebral buzz. The sensation is accompanied by throbbing near the temples and a heavy feeling behind the eyes.

The experience is euphoric, and the hybrid strain pairs well with various relaxing activities. It washes away all your stress and replaces negative thoughts with uplifting ones.

As the feeling of elation subsides, the physical effects set in. Thanks to Venom OG THC levels of 17–27%, every body part experiences deep relaxation. Your limbs soften as a warm, tingling sensation goes down your spine.

Overindulging may lead to changes in sensory perception, with sights and sounds increasing in intensity. A cloud of laziness leaves you glued to the couch for several hours before the sedative properties help you nod off to sleep.

Beginners should take it easy with Venom OG weed as it’s hard-hitting, and excessive consumption may cause some discomfort. It’s one of the more relaxing strains, so be sure to toke it only when you have nothing productive to do.

Venom OG strain flavors

This cultivar has intriguing flavors and scents. Buds exude a blend of sour and gassy aromas during the late flowering phase. Once crushed, the fragrances intensify, and earthy notes overpower the profile.

The Venom OG marijuana strain taste mimics the scent, but the inhale has surprisingly sweet floral flavors. On the exhale, you mainly detect skunk and diesel with an aftertaste of earthiness.

Venom OG strain growing guide

If you’re interested in cannabis cultivation, it’s helpful to have a strain-specific growing guide to simplify the journey. This cultivar flourishes indoors and outside and is more suited to intermediate cultivators.

When opting for an outdoor grow, consider the elements. Shelter your crops from strong winds, rainfall, and other forms of precipitation. The hybrid is susceptible to frost damage, so harvest before the cold season. 

The ideal time to collect the Venom OG yield is late September or early October. Sunny spots are suitable for vigorous growth, and moderate humidity levels are best. Observe your crops regularly to maintain their health, and keep a keen eye out for pest infestations.

Indoor growers have the benefit of completely controlling the environment of their marijuana plants. Warm temperatures of 68–77°F are excellent, and premium soil keeps them well-nourished. 

Give the crops frequent trims to enhance airflow and light exposure and optimize nutrient usage. The typical Venom OG flowering time is 8–9 weeks, but some plants are ready sooner. Expect roughly 13 oz./m² for indoor marijuana crops and 9 oz./plant outdoors.

Both indoor and outdoor varieties offer growers bountiful yields with the least fuss. Intermediate-level cultivators can grow the strain to kick their skills up a notch, but diligent beginners can also find success. 

The buds are eye-catching and have a cylinder-like shape with a modest taper near the top. They’re bright green with glistening white trichomes, which add to their aesthetic appeal. 

Venom OG strain genetics

The Venom OG plant is the potent lovechild of Rare Dankness #1 and Poison OG. The former is THC-rich and passes down many traits, including sticky bud texture.

On the other hand, Poison OG contributes earthy flavors and lazy effects to the cultivar’s profile. If you delve into more detail about the strain, research reveals that it’s even related to some lemon weed strains.

Venom OG strain seeds to buy near you

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If the Venom OG strain has you intrigued, try cultivating a similar cannabis crop. Excellent options include:

Both strains mentioned above share some of the qualities of Venom OG. They’re ancestors of the cultivar and passed down various genetic properties.

FAQs about Venom OG

Now that you know more about this marijuana strain, let’s look at the most commonly asked questions.

Is Venom OG indica or sativa?

The cannabis cultivar is a hybrid with indica-dominant characteristics. The Venom OG strain THC level is high at around 17–27%.

What strain is similar to Venom OG?

Many of its predecessors have common traits. Some of the most similar ones are Rare Dankness #1, Poison OG, OG Kush, and Durban Poison.

Is Venom OG good for anxiety?

The cultivar is calming and relaxing. Many medicinal users turn to the strain for these properties, reporting it soothes anxiety.

Why is it called Venom OG?

The name stems from its lineage and its potency. As the offspring of Poison OG, the moniker “Venom” seems appropriate. 

Are Venom OG cannabis plants mold-resistant?

The cultivar isn’t mold-resistant, but it’s pretty hardy as a hybrid. Trim your plants when they become bushy to ensure optimum airflow.

How big do Venom OG plants grow?

The growing environment contributes to the final height of these plants, but their average size is around 4–6 feet.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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