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White Truffle Strain Information & Review

November 24, 2022

The White Truffle strain is an award-winning indica-dominant hybrid that's respectfully planting its roots in the cannabis community. It won 2nd place for best flower at the Cannabis Cup Nevada: People's Choice Edition 2021.

It's part of the Gorilla Butter family so expect savory flavors with a balance between cerebral stimulation and body relaxation.

This cultivar is easy to grow, making it a favorite among beginners seeking dense buds with unique flavors and manageable effects. It’s an ideal strain for those wanting to unwind after a tiring day.

Let's unwrap the White truffle strain effects, flavors, growth traits, and origins and find out how you can get your hands on these sticky nugs.

White Truffle strain 

The White truffle weed strain is an indica-dominant hybrid and hails from the genes of Gorilla Glue #4 (GG4) x Peanut Butter Breath (Gorilla Butter). It's a favorite among seasoned tokers for its swift, hard-hitting, and long-lasting effects.

The savory flavors complement each other to create a smooth inhale that settles on the chest and throat.

Here's a quick recap of what makes White truffle weed a favorite among marijuana enthusiasts. 

  • Type: Indica dominant hybrid
  • THC: 25–30%
  • CBD: < 2%
  • Top reported effects: Cerebral buzz, creative focus, body relaxation
  • Top reported flavors: Earthy, nutty, skunky
  • Dominant terpene: Limonene
  • Flowering time: 7–9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Beginner-friendly
  • Indoor yield: 1–2 oz./m² 
  • Outdoor yield: 15 oz./plant
white truffle strain infomation

White Truffle strain effects

A White Truffle strain review is usually a true reflection of the effects users experience. With THC ranging from  25–30%, you can't expect anything less than a potent high.

Users report that the cerebral buzz clears brain fog. Positive thoughts wipe away any despair, leaving you in a pleasant and relaxed mood.

White Truffle strain effects hit fast and hard. Immediately after the first puff, you feel the cerebral buzz consume the mind. A boost of subtle euphoria keeps your mood spontaneously uplifting.

White Truffle is ideal for artists and creatives looking for focused creative energy.

While feeling mentally stimulated, you also feel relaxed. A deep calm overcomes your body as your mind revels in positive energy.

The terpene profile makes this cultivar a favorite among medical patients too. Its anti-inflammatory, muscle relaxant, and mood-enhancing properties aid in various ailments. According to user reviews, White Truffle helps with the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain
  • ADHD
  • Stress
  • Fatigue

Because the White Truffle strain THC levels are so high, it's best for novice tokers to start low and go slow.

Puff in moderation, overindulging could head you straight into a peaceful slumber. Stay hydrated throughout your session to alleviate common side effects like cotton mouth and dry eyes.

White Truffle strain flavors

Checking out a Truffle strain review on various platforms may leave you with conflicting information. Some lean toward diesel and apricot flavors, while others don't. It all depends on the breeder and the exact ancestral genetics they use.

Various users report profound infusions of savory, earthy, and skunky flavors and aromas.

Users report the smoke is smooth and thick on the inhale with rich, earthy, nutty, piney, citrusy, and buttery flavors. The exhale and after-taste has similar infusions but with spicy blends.

Some consumers of the White Truffles strain also report herb, garlic, mushroom, and peppery scents and aromas.

White Truffle strain grow information

White Truffle reviews from growers who regularly cultivate this strain say it's an easy-to-grow cultivar. The beginner-friendly weed is hardy and resilient to novice mistakes.

The crops grow into 5 ft tall purple beauties. Trichome-drenched buds and bright orange pistils adorn the tightly packed colas. But how do you get these dense, spade-shaped White Truffle strain yields?

Germinate quality seeds, and watch your crops mature into the tough plants they're created to be. These plants grow well indoors or out under sunny, semi-humid conditions.

Along with regular nutrient and water feeds, keep your hand on the pruning to avoid the build-up of mold and mildew.

They grow vertically, so provide enough room for stretching. After 7–9 weeks of flowering, expect bountiful yields of 1–2 oz/m² indoors and 15 oz./plant outdoors.

White Truffle strain genetics

Is White Truffle strain indica or sativa? It's known to be indica dominant, but the effects indicate subtle sativa qualities to keep you level-headed. It's a hybrid strain with 70% indica and 30% sativa characteristics.

By crossing the genetics of Gorilla Glue #4 and Peanut Butter Breath, growers created the tastiest truffles to set your sights on.

Gorilla Glue #4 is an indica hybrid known for its punchy effects. It balances the White Truffle strain's uplifting and relaxing sensations. GG4 also contributes its earthy pine aromatics, with hints of coffee.

Peanut Butter Breath is also an indica-dominant hybrid of Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath. A  cultivar that’s popular for its sedative effects. It contributes its nutty, earthy flavors and aromas, along with the deep chilled, and relaxed sensations.

White Truffle strain seeds to buy near you

White Truffle strain seeds are new to the Homegrown Cannabis seed bank and aren't quite ready for shipping. Thankfully these marijuana crops heritage run deep, giving you a sneak peek into the truffle world. Get these ancestral seeds in the meantime:

Gorilla Glue #4 feminized doesn't disappoint with trichome-drenched nuggets. The overload of shimmery buds clearly indicates how the effects pack a solid punch. If you don't mind the extra maintenance requirements, add these seeds to your collection.

Do-Si-Dos autoflower is beginner friendly cultivar that provides resinous buds and bountiful yields. The high THC levels contribute to the potent uplifting and relaxing effects.

It comes as no surprise that, Northern Lights (NL) regular parents a cultivar. With these seeds, you simultaneously grow male and female crops.

Join the Homegrown Forum and share your growing journey with like-minded cultivators. Share your cultivating and toking experience and write a White Truffle review.

Additionally, create a diary on Homegrown Diaries, document every step, and share growing tips.

Frequently asked questions about the White Truffle strain

A new strain on the block usually comes with many questions. Here we'll cover some frequently asked ones about White Truffles weed.

Is White Truffle indica or sativa?

White Truffle is an indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a 70:30 ratio. The growing traits and effects have 70% indica, with 30% sativa characteristics.

What strain is similar to White Truffle?

The Gorilla Glue strain, as one of the parent cultivars, contributes to the qualities of the White Truffles weed strain. It shares similar easy-to-grow traits, uplifting and relaxed effects, with earthy, pine flavors and aromas.

Is White Truffle good for anxiety?

With the Truffle strain THC level reaching up to 30%, it's safe to say that this cultivar is ideal for alleviating anxiety. The swift impact of the effects clears the mind of stress and anxious feelings. 

Why is it called White Truffle?

This cultivar is dubbed with the name due to the thick blanket of trichomes that adorn the tasty buds. The densely packed white nuggets resemble an actual truffle that grows in the wild.

Some tokers may even refer to them as the White Truffle pie strain due to the buttery, nutty flavors.

Is White Truffle marijuana mold resistant?

To date, there are no reports of mold issues on this cultivar. Since the crops thrive in humid conditions, it's vital to maintain good airflow. Regular pruning of the foliage also prevents mold from developing.

How big does White Truffle grow?

White Truffle crops grow up to 5 ft tall. They're small enough for indoor growing. Remember to have adequate space between each plant as they extend branches vertically.

About the Author: Kyle Kushman

Kyle Kushman is a legend in the cannabis community. He is the modern-day polymath of pot: cultivator, breeder, activist, writer, and educator. After winning no less than 13 Cannabis Cups, there’s nothing this guy doesn’t know about indoor growing - he’s been there, done it, and is still doing it to this day!

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