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Zkittlez Cake Strain Information and Review

A combination of candy and cake is a birthday party staple. Similarly, the Zkittlez Cake strain is a 420 must-have for celebrations or social gatherings. The indica dominant cultivar inherits sweet and sour flavors from its parents and a terpene blend that's sure to have you buzzing.

The effects are mainly cerebral, with uplifting sensations. The physical aspect hits about an hour later in typical indica fashion. 

Cultivating the Zkittlez Cake strain is an enjoyable endeavor, and the yields are rewarding. Below we discuss all these factors in detail. Join us as we discover more about this intriguing cultivar.

Zkittlez Cake strain (Zkittlez Cake)

Zkittlez Cake strain is a quick-hitting toke. It's suitable for experienced smokers who want to sense a strong buzz without feeling overwhelmed. 

Let's take a closer look at the strain's profile.

  • Type: Indica-leaning hybrid 
  • THC %: 20%–25%
  • CBD %: 0.04%
  • Top reported effects: Calm, happy, creative 
  • Top reported flavors: Fruity, sour, spice
  • Dominant terpene: Limonene 
  • Flowering time: 8–9 weeks
  • Difficulty: Intermediate 
  • Yield indoors: 14 oz./m2
  • Yield outdoors: 14 oz./plant
Zkittlez Cake Strain info

Zkittlez Cake strain effects

One or two tokes are enough to induce the warm pressure behind your eyes. It clears your mind of all negativity and puts you in a state of mellow bliss. Your creativity levels improve, and so does your concentration. 

Enjoy Zkittlez Cake strain in the afternoon or evening to make the most of the psychoactive effects. The cerebral buzz intensifies after a few minutes, and euphoria sets in. Your sense of humor heightens, and giggle-fits occur. 

It pairs well with social gatherings, art, music-making, and similar activities. After an hour, the physical sensations hit. A warm tingling trickles from your neck down, relaxing your muscles and softening your limbs. Tension disappears, and tranquility washes over you. 

This is your cue to collect snacks and beverages before the munchies set in. At this point, lazing about in front of the TV is best. You retain mobility, but you won't feel like moving much. Zkittlez Cake helps you let go and unwind completely. 

The strain is also popular with medicinal users for its reported therapeutic benefits and calming properties. Due to the high THC content, you may experience mild discomforts after indulging, and common side-effects include cottonmouth and dry eyes. Offset these by staying hydrated and keeping eye drops close at hand. 

Zkittlez Cake strain flavors

When it comes to aromas, Zkittlez Cake doesn't disappoint. The buds exude a bouquet of fruity scents along with spice and earth. When you grind the nugs, they release even more fragrances. Notes of herbs and citrus fuse with the initial aromas.  

On the inhale, sweet and sour fusions hit your tongue. You instantly taste berries, citrus, and mint. These flavors soften quickly, and spice, herbs, and mint dominate as the smoke expands in your chest. 

Fruit and mint are prominent on the exhale, leaving a refreshing aftertaste. The complex flavors of Zkittlez Cake come from the terpene blend. The citrus notes are due to the high limonene content, while the berry and lime come from linalool. Myrcene is responsible for the hints of herbs and spice present.

Zkittlez Cake strain grow information

Cultivating Zkittlez Cake weed is pretty straightforward if you've grown cannabis before. Beginners may struggle to find adequate guidance as there aren't many strain-specific resources available. 

Grow these seeds in the soil, coco coir, or hydroponics. Outdoor cultivation requires a sunny spot with stable warm climates. These crops are photoperiodic, so light cycles are important. If your region is prone to storms, set up a canopy to protect the plants from severe conditions. 

Using natural foliar sprays to avoid deficiencies and organic pesticides like neem oil keep creepy crawlies at bay. Observe the foliage regularly for signs of infections or infestations. 

Zkittlez Cake flourishes indoors. A controlled environment offers the crops the best chance of developing large yields of high-quality buds. Keep the temperature warm and the humidity levels low when growing these plants inside. A range of 68–77℉ is ideal. 

The plant structure is compact but bushy with luscious green foliage. Prune unnecessary leaves to enhance airflow and light exposure to the lower parts of the plant. 

Removing excess foliage also reduces the risk of pathogens settling on your plants. It also redirects the absorbed nutrients to the parts they're needed most. Zkittlez Cake takes 8–9 weeks to flower and produces a harvest of approximately 14 oz./m2 indoors and 14 oz./plant outdoors.

Zkittlez Cake strain genetics

The Zkittlez Cake strain is the offspring of Wedding Cake and Zkittlez. Both parents have remarkable reputations in cannabis circles. 

Wedding Cake is sweet with spicy undertones and an enticing aroma. The cultivar is THC-rich and packs an almost instant punch. Zkittlez Cake inherits these powerful properties.  

Zkittlez on the other hand is a sugary delight with fruity scents and flavors. It passes these down the gene pool, giving Zkittlez Cake an alluring sweet profile.

Zkittlez Cake Strain genetics

Zkittlez Cake strain seeds to buy near you

Has this Zkittlez Cake strain review intrigued you? If you're thinking about growing this cultivar, look no further than Homegrown Cannabis Co. Our seed store offers you a wide range of marijuana strains, and we have several variants to choose from. 

Our most popular products are feminized, autoflower, and regular seeds. We don't currently have stock of Zkittlez Cake, but you can cultivate these similar options in the meantime.

  • Zkittlez autoflower: Light-independent crops producing buds that bring a berry blast to every toke.
  • Blueberry regular: Photoperiod crops with sugary buds and euphoric effects. These seeds produce both male and female plants. 

A simple slice

Zkittlez Cake strain is a hybrid that offers tokers an incredible burst of flavor and uplifting effects. It takes you on a journey of elation while relaxing you physically while avoiding body melt. 

Growing this strain is easy if you've got the hang of the basic techniques. Cultivate this strain indoors or outdoors and keep a record of it all on our Homegrown Diaries. You can also link up with like-minded cannabis lovers when you join our Homegrown Forum

Why not start a cannabis crop? Visit the Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed store today to get started. Don't forget to monitor your progress on our Zkittles Cake Homegrown Diaries.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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