All About Hydroponics and Deep Water Culture

All New Homegrown PotCast
February 03, 2021

This week’s PotCast is all about hydroponics, to kick things off we will be looking broadly at the medium of hydroponics before tightening our gaze to look solely at Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponics in the second half!

All About Hydroponics

Hydroponics is the act of using water as your growing medium for your plants to spend their entire life in. This means whether you put succulents on the counter in a small dish to help root them out, have a small system that basically recycles overflow water to your plants in a PVC-like setup, or setups like flood and drain hydroponics.

You’re using more than 50% of the medium as H2O or water, normally aerated by airstones to allow your roots to uptake basically anything you place into the water almost instantly.

Now aside from having roots almost instantly access nutrients why is hydroponics a good method for growing or why do some cultivators prefer growing with hydroponic methods over other methods? Listen to this week’s PotCast to find out!

Deep Water Culture

Deep Water Culture is by far the most popular form of hydroponics and with good reason. I personally learned cultivation using deep water culture and had some amazing first time plants. Deep water culture has a truly insane capacity for building absolutely monstrous root balls and just beasts of plants that yield frosty nuggets like you’ve never seen! So what is deep water culture hydroponics? We could explain here, but we would recommend you listen to the PotCast because our host, Kronic, really nails it with his explanation!

As always, head over to the Homegrown Forum if you have any questions or anything to add on this topic, in fact we even have a specific section dedicated to hydroponics topics.