Even Novices Can Grow Like Pros with these Beginner Tips!

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March 03, 2021

Tis the grow season, for outdoor growers at least, so we thought it good to give out some useful tips and tricks for first-time and beginner growers, to help them grow like pros!

While the grow season only applies to outdoor growers, it goes without saying that this time of year is when many cannabis growers start their grows! In this week’s PotCast episode, we will look at some tricks to help beginner growers, whether they’re growing outdoors or indoors, navigate the potential mistakes, mishaps and misfortunes of the grow cycle while adding a bit of polish with tips to help improve the overall quality of their grow!

Account for the Growth Patterns of your Chosen Strain

As a general rule, cannabis is grouped into two categories; Indica strains and Sativa strains, with a lesser considered third being Cannabis Ruderalis crucial in the creation of autoflower seeds. Indica and Sativa generally have different growth patterns due to the climates and parts of the world from which they originate. It is generally assumed that Indica cannabis plants will grow small and bushy, while Sativa weed plants will grow tall and thin. However, this is not as clear-cut as many believe, not every Indica strain grows like a typical Indica, and not every Sativa grows like a typical Sativa.

The issue this presents to growers is whether or not your plants will stretch. Stretching is basically as it sounds, with cannabis plants stretching towards the light. Now, this is a trait generally associated with taller Sativa plants, but stretching is not limited to Sativa. This brings up the question, how do you know if your plant is going to stretch? Our host Kronic can explain better than anyone, so listen to the PotCast to find out!

What About Autoflowers?

Autoflowering plants don’t adhere to the same growth patterns as photoperiods. Being an autofower expert, Kronic has talked all about autoflowers in the past, dispelled autoflower myths and last episode he talked about getting the most from autos and preventing hermies.

In these episodes, Kronic has talked all about the growth patterns of autos and given many tips and tricks for growing them, so we recommend you go back and give those episodes a listen.

Train your Plants to Boost Yields

Cannabis training techniques are a great way to improve the yields of your cannabis plants. By using training techniques you can harvest more cannabis at no extra cost, so what’s not to love about plant training?

Well, nothing, per-say, however, many beginner cannabis growers may be fearful of making mistakes when it comes to training. Luckily for you, Kronic details different training techniques like Sea of Green, Screen of Green, topping weed plants, lollipopping, schwazzing, Kushman Chiropractics, and more!

There’s all this and more in this week’s PotCast episode!

If you’re a new grower or any level of grower with anything to add to this discussion or any questions about this week’s PotCast episode, then why not hit up the Homegrown Forum and start posting!