Best New Strains To Try & Top Grow Techniques To Use In 2021!

All New Homegrown PotCast
January 06, 2021

The first PotCast of 2021 is here! Happy New Year Homegrowers!

For most people, 2020 was not the best year, for many reasons. While we are aware that the start of a new year doesn’t mean a clean slate, there is now more hope for change and hope that the world will progress to a more positive place over the coming months.

We wish for a great start to the new year for all of our loyal Homegrowers, we are not going to stop providing you top quality cannabis seeds, nor are we going to stop bringing you the very best educational content to go alongside this! In that vein, we have two amazing topics this week for you guys, to start the new year off right.

The Best New Strains to Try in 2021

The best new strains to try in 2021 are going to have to be these amazing cultivar lines that were just released at Homegrown Cannabis Co. for you wonderful homegrowers. To begin we’ll discuss 2 of Kyle Kushmans Cultivars with Character, that if you want to snag them yourself you all will be able to grow the exact strains that Kronic is currently growing! The first strain we’ll discuss is Kyle Kushman’s sweet island feminized. 

From here we will look at the legendary cannabis activist, Steve DeAngelo’s strains before finally moving on to the masters of outdoor growing Nikki and Swami’s Cultivars with Character.

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the only place where you can buy the genetics favored by these cannabis industry legends, check out our whole Cultivars with Character range today!

Naturally these aren’t our only new strains, check out all the new cannabis seed collections that have been added to our store.

Top Grow Techniques To Use In 2021

In this segment we’ll be going over the top grow techniques and methods to use in 2021. These techniques are ones I personally recommend and have chosen as my top techniques. These techniques can be applied to autoflowers, photoperiods, and fast versions. Just be sure to train your plants accordingly, and what I mean is autoflowers and fast versions have lower stress thresholds than photoperiod plants so be sure to allow more time in between training days! 

In this portion of the PotCast, Kronic looks at some grow techniques that don’t get much coverage but are nonetheless very effective. Some are more well-known like schwazzing and supercropping. While others such as Kushman Chiropractics have not been discussed so much here before.

For more information on this segment listen to the PotCast above to gain this valuable knowledge!