Dealing with Bud Rot and Fungus

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January 27, 2021

Bud Rot

How to prevent bud rot? Now that’s a question DOZENS of growers could really benefit from knowing! So in this segment I’ll be telling you all everything I know on preventing bud rot.

Now, for outdoor cultivation, I have to express that there are SERIOUSLY so many factors that sometimes the weather just does you no justice and can ruin some crops. What I mean by this is you could grow a diesel strain that’s hardy as all get out, mold-resistant, just resinous like no one’s business.

Maximize wind flow, maximize airflow through the canopy but if you get 1 full week of nonstop rainfall with high humidity, lots of cloud coverage, and minimal sun right at the end of your harvest you could very well develop bud rot out of nowhere. So outdoor cultivation is really going to be determined by the ferocity of mother nature that grows year and how much rain or moisture your plants get beat up with. 

If you want to know how to solve bud rot for indoor cannabis, then you’re going to have to listen to the PotCast above!

Fungal Control

Fungus is something that no grower wants to deal with, whether it’s powdery mildew, fungus gnats, an actual fungus like botrytis which a lot of growers actually call bud rot. So for those that don’t know botrytis is generally the spore or fungus that rots your plant away to a brown almost grey-like color. Now how does a grower prevent fungus like powdery mildews or botrytis? Well there are a few ways to prevent or treat powdery mildew however with fungus there really is only prevention.

Once your plant develops a fungus it’s extremely risky or dangerous to consume that part of the plant, let alone the entire plant as spores may have developed in places you have no idea. Consuming, ingesting, or inhaling mold spores can be incredibly dangerous for a person to do. So for fungus it’s all about keeping a seriously clean environment and having good airflow. However, cleanliness is seriously the key component. 

For all the rest on fungal control and more, make sure you listen to this week’s Homegrown PotCast. And, as always, if you have anything to add to the debate or any general questions, head over to the Homegrown Forum and get involved.