How to Get the Most from your Autoflowers and Stop them Turning Hermaphrodite

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February 24, 2021

Autoflowers are fast becoming many growers choice when it comes to cannabis seeds as they are relatively easy to grow, they flower quickly and automatically (hence the name) and they do not require sleep or considerable amounts of maintenance. This week’s PotCast will look at getting the most from autoflower seeds and stopping them from turning into hermaphrodites as they reach the flowering stage.

How to Get the Most from your Autos

Genetics is IMPORTANT when growing anything. You need to understand how the plant acts in nature to be able to mimic that indoors or outdoors and even further what the plants are capable of. Many cultivators today still believe the best way to grow an autoflower is to germinate it and stick it directly into the final size pot you’ll be growing in, in a low to medium mix, nothing too hot, and only give water the entire grow except when it needs cal/mag. Sure that is what you do with unstable autos that aren’t bred proper, however with proper breeding and proper genetics and time spent to make them stable you can actually train your autos. 

So that means stuff like low-stress training which is actually the best form of training to do for any plant, you can really maximize light penetration with leaf tucking, tying your plants down, or using bamboo stakes, metal wire, or training wire to shape the plant. Along with high-stress training which includes super cropping, kushman chiropractics, cropping, topping weed plants, fimming, and use of defoliation methods like schwazzing training. Basically, any form of training you can think of including mainlining is possible with quality autoflowers. 

Stopping Autos from Turning Hermie

First and foremost you pick stable genetics like the seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. Naturally, it goes without saying that seeds with poor genetics are all but doomed to fail as they will not grow as well in general and will also be too weak to fend off any problems. So use quality genetics for quality results.

Second, you need to allow the plant to get to a certain age before inducing any stress. This also means using fewer hot mediums or mixes as your grow medium to make sure the auto doesn’t have any issues at the start. At week 3 or day 21 usually begin low-stress training.

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