How to Stop Heat Stress and Light Stress from Damaging your Plants

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February 10, 2021

Welcome to this week’s PotCast, a great way to start Growing Weed at Home with Homegrown Cannabis Co. is by listening every week. Join us every Wednesday as Kronic, our resident cultivation expert and host with the most, takes in-depth looks at different aspects of growing weed, from problems you may encounter to techniques to improve your harvests, we’ve got you covered!

This week’s episode is all about some growing pains you may encounter, namely heat stress and light stress which is sometimes called light burn. Both start as minor annoyances but can grow into major obstacles if left untreated, find out how to stop that from happening in the podcast below!

Heat Stress

Generally, this is an easy fix if you have a dimmable light, you just turn your light down. That helps the intensity and should generally fix the taco effect. However, if your heat is bad enough, your plant may still look like it has tacos for leaves, so that’s not good. Solving a heat problem for every garden will be completely different, as you have to take certain variables into consideration, especially your actual ambient climate within your building, house, room, or outdoor area you’re growing in.

If you’re in a high humid environment you will won’t be able to add excess humidity to cool your tent as you could face bud rot, so you’ll potentially need to look at a quality dehumidifier to rid the space of moisture down to roughly 40% or even 35% relative humidity, as you’ll then want to implement a small ac unit which will give off 5 to 10% relative humidity inside the atmosphere.

Find out, in more detail, all the ways of dealing with heat stress, by clicking play on the podcast at the top of the page!

Light Stress

Light intensity or light stress can cause your plant to taco, like I said above, the major difference between heat stress and light stress is the severe edge curling that happens with heat stress. Generally with light intensity or light stress your plant will just curl up as a whole leaf and not curl the edges. It will just look like a taco, no joke it really does mimic a taco shell.

To fix this problem it is a fairly simple solution, it’s a matter of either dimming your light, dimming your light and raising it, or just having to raise your light. Now as simple as that may be this fix isn’t always the solution. If you’re using a specific type of light such as an HPS and MH, or CFL and your plants are stressed from the light intensity even at the max height you may need to swap to a lower wattage bulb until they’re juvenile plants or large enough to handle the higher intensity.

If you listen to this week’s PotCast and still have questions, why not ask them over at the Homegrown Forum? Even if you don’t have any questions but rather some additional information to add, you can post it over there for members of our community!

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