Introducing: The Homegrown Veterans Association

Homegrown Veterans Association
November 11, 2020

The Veterans Cannabis Coalition (VCC) and Homegrown Cannabis Co. have teamed up to bring you the Homegrown Veterans Association (HVA), and we are delighted to announce the birth of this new partnership.

The mission of the HVA is to create a mutual aid network of veteran and non-veteran Homegrowers, capable of cultivating and processing enough cannabis to meet their individual medical requirements

An Interview with Eric Goepel

To celebrate the launch of our partnership with VCC, we have a very special episode of the Homegrown PotCast – Nate Hammer sits down with Eric Goepel, the co-founder and CEO of the VCC to talk about his experiences in the military, his life after the military, discovering cannabis and what he hopes to achieve by partnering with Homegrown. This is not an episode to miss!

What is the Veterans Cannabis Coalition?

The VCC is a self-funded advocacy group dedicated to driving cannabis research and ending prohibition. Working closely with the US Dept. of Veteran’s Affairs, the key target of the VCC is to drastically lower the number of veterans who die from suicide or overdose every year in America.

Why team up with Homegrown?

Cannabis can provide an effective, alternative medicine to the dangerously addictive opiates prescribed to our veterans, but not everybody has access to a dispensary. The partnership with Homegrown Cannabis Co. will provide access to established professional cultivators with decades of experience while supplying vital materials like seeds and grow kits

Introducing the Homegrown Veterans Association.

The Homegrown Veterans Association will help thousands of veterans to grow their own cannabis, provide their own medicine, and dramatically improve their quality of life. Members can become a gifting source to other members, they can share information and experiences, borrow equipment, and give advice.

Eric Goepel, CEO and founder of the VCC, says “By teaching veterans and other patients how to grow successfully, guided by a simple philosophy rooted in gifting and sharing, we believe we can show what is possible when people join together in the spirit of compassion.”

This is a partnership built on compassion and cooperation, and we cannot wait to see how far we can take it.

Building Towards a Better Future

With the birth of the HVA, we aim to provide veterans with the means and the knowledge to grow their own marijuana at home, thus making it so veterans can produce their own medicine and improve the overall quality of their life.

This Veterans Day (11/11/2020), Homegrown Cannabis Co. will donate 1 cannabis seed to the VCC for every 10 CBD White Widow Auto, Haze Auto, or Amnesia Lemon Feminized seeds purchased from us. This is to help veterans get wider and easier access to marijuana seeds so that they can start growing their own if and when they need it.