How to Secure your Grow Room and Mask the Odor

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January 13, 2021

This week’s PotCast episode, we are talking about grow rooms, however, this time it’s not so much about what happens inside them but more about stopping others from finding what’s inside them.

That’s right, we’re looking at how you can secure your grow room and also how you can mask the smell of your plants to prevent unwanted attention. Whether you’re worried about people with nefarious intentions, pests, or even pets and children stumbling upon your crops by accident.

How to Make your Grow Room Secure

So how does one secure a grow room?! Well, first and foremost you should always be in compliance with your local laws and be set up for success in all aspects. Next, you need to always consider if you have minors within the household or accessing the building in which the grow space will be involved in, preferably you keep these rooms completely away from minors such as basements, upstairs floors, outdoor sheds, or renting spaces.

However for those utilizing every penny and utilizing rooms or a room that will be within access of minors you’ll need doors with locks that they cannot get through. It’s important. Smell has to also be COMPLETELY eliminated, in general, this is just a great rule for any rental, grow operation, or private grow space. This keeps your space discreet and free of nosey neighbors or unwanted eyes. Next, you will always want to make sure to keep your location private and minimize who you give your address to of the grow space as well as who you tell if it’s in your private home. The fewer people who know where you grow the better. 

But what should you buy? What do you need to do to ensure the grow room is secure? Listen to the PotCast to find out!

Masking the Grow Room Smell

For indoor grow odor control there are a number of solutions and methods you can use to ensure that the smell of your cannabis plants does not waft and draft into unwanted areas.

First and foremost if you’re in a rental property and growing indoors or in an enclosed space like a shed or barn you should really consider properly sized intake and outtake inline fans as well as carbon filters. There are very big filters that you can purchase and attach to AC Infinity inline fans for around $330 to $340 us dollars which really isn’t that bad for a pair. So for a building or grow op you’re spending about $660 to $680 for clean air filtration that will be free of smell and mask the odor completely. Now that is the price range is for grows to utilize a whole room, 8×8 feet or 10×10 feet, whether it’s an open space, multiple tents, or a massive tent, this setup will work best to use ducting to exhaust and vent through all the tents you have involved.

Now for smaller spaces, your price will go down exponentially, however, AC infinity inline fans which really are the best of the best run about $149 a piece, so you’ll at least be between $200 to 300 us dollars depending on what you purchase for your carbon filters.

For more advice and methods for masking the odor of your grow room, we urge you to listen to the PotCast above!

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