Setting up your Grow Room for Success

Homegrown PotCast
October 07, 2020

Setting up a grow room is one of the first steps in most cannabis growing journeys, it can often be where people make their first mistakes, however, it doesn’t need to be. Whether this is buying the wrong type of lights, too small a grow tent, or simply not accounting for the amount of power you require for fans and other bits of electrical equipment.

Choosing your Space

Are you growing in a tent, room, or cupboard? Maybe you’re growing somewhere completely different, either way, you need to decide on your space and plan your grow around the space you have. This dictates what equipment you will need to buy.

You will also need your grow space to be clean, rooms or spaces with carpet are not ideal for growing cannabis. Carpets can carry many different types of bacteria that can infest your cannabis plants.

The size of your grow space is extremely important to your overall grow, Kronic mentions that the most common grow spaces are as follows (all measurements in feet):

  • 2x2x4 tents
  • 2x4x5 tents
  • 3x3x6 tents
  • 4×8 tents
  • 10×10 rooms

For beginner growers not looking to grow many plants, the smaller sizes are far more efficient and ideal.

Collecting Additional Equipment

You will need to buy multiple fans, exhaust and intake fans, to keep a good flow of air through your grow room, for smaller grow rooms you will need fewer fans, naturally. You will need to choose your lights, most growers opt for MH, HPS, or LED lights. Listen to the PotCast and hear Kronic break down the cost and energy efficiencies of each type of light.

Growers will also need to choose their grow medium, most beginner growers opt for soil as it is readily available and easy to set up. However, hydroponic cannabis growing is also popular as are other soilless mediums such as coco coir.

Everything you Need to Create the Perfect Grow Space

Alongside Kyle Kushman’s A Beginner’s Guide series of videos, we have all the information you need to start growing, this PotCast is a great resource for beginner growers and a good listen for more veteran growers.