Best Items to Purchase For Newbies

Homegrown PotCast
July 28, 2020

After buying some top quality seeds from a reliable marijuana seed supplier then it’s time to start thinking about the equipment needed to construct a suitable environment in which the cannabis plants can grow and reach their full potential.

Derek returns with another PotCast this week and in this week’s episode he takes a detailed look at what equipment first-time cannabis growers should buy to make their growing experience easier. Derek is a Homegrown Cannabis Co. sponsored grower and has a good deal of experience growing cannabis.

For all growers, Derek recommends researching light choices, tent choices, fans, nutrients, and many additional supplies for growing cannabis so that first-time growers can discover what is best for their plants needs. All of this should help growers to come to a decision on what products they require so they don’t end up spending their money or even overspending on products they do not need. Also, Derek recommends visiting local growing supply stores so that you can seek guidance from the employees there. Finally, Derek suggests that novice growers buy their supplies in bulk as many places offer discounts for first-time customers.

In this PotCast is that Derek goes to great lengths to provide options to suit different budgets and also outlines which products are better for beginners and which would be more suitable in the hands of experienced growers.