Sugars, Trichomes And All About Resin

Homegrown PotCast
August 03, 2020

Derek returns this week to talk about the importance of trichomes and how cannabis effects the endocannabinoid system. But Derek is not alone, he is joined by fellow grower and Homegrown Cannabis Co. customer @organigrower0624 who lends his expertise on trichomes as well as his wealth of growing experience to help answer any unanswered questions growers might have and also answer any unanswered questions.

The endocannabinoid system manages and controls some of the human body’s key biological functions such as mood, fertility, pain, memory and appetite, the last one being something all smokers should know all about. When humans ingest cannabinoids, they act somewhat like keys, unlocking the body’s receptors and allowing for certain elements of perception and feeling to be altered. THC and CBD are perhaps the two most famous cannabinoids, they are compounds found in cannabis.

Trichomes are the tiny little white hairs you will find all over your cannabis plants – on the buds, stems, roots and leaves they are very small but in large quantities are easily noticeable. Trichomes store the THC and CBD – you will be able to notice which ones store this as they will be significantly bigger and more bulbous and will be found on the buds of your cannabis plants. Trichomes at the root of the cannabis plants are used to absorb nutrients, minerals and water and they are very small, microscopic trichomes.

Terpenes are minor cannabinoids that can have a major impact on the psychoactive effects of marijuana. Terpenes unlock different synapses and areas of the brain to cause different effects or high. The levels and types of terpenes give different highs.

Derek and Organigrower0624 give a wide variety of information on the subject and cover it in great detail. If you are growing for consumption then this is an essential podcast and one you do not want to miss! All of the topics covered here are linked to the psychoactive and medicinal properties of cannabis and as explained they need to be considered when growing cannabis at home as they can strongly impact the quality of your buds and yields.