A Passion for Growing

Homegrown PotCast
August 26, 2020

With the wealth of information, Derek provides week-in-week-out on our PotCast, it’s easy to forget that he is essentially a beginner grower. How is it, then, that Derek knows so much about growing cannabis? The answer is passion.

Passion is something that drives many cannabis growers from the beginning and leads them on the path of discovery where they learn along the way, pick up new and invaluable information and then finally stumble upon the biggest secret of them all; no one knows for certain what the best way of growing marijuana is.

For many novice cannabis growers, making mistakes is unavoidable – providing growers learn from their mistakes – this is what leads to them improving their skills and furthering their knowledge. In some ways trial and error is the best way to learn, through experience, growers have a better comprehension of what is possible and impossible as well as what they definitely shouldn’t do and what they probably should do.

Far too often, on forums or on social media are beginner growers criticized heavily for mistakes they made while trying to grow cannabis for the first (or even the second, third, fourth, etc) time. I’m talking about the kind of criticism that is in no way constructive and is only really disparaging.

Any grower with a passion for cannabis should know that having more marijuana homegrowers is better for the community and the future of cannabis as a whole. To that end, it is far more beneficial to the cannabis community and to growers themselves that beginner growers receive constructive feedback that they can learn from – after all, a passion for growing should be driving homegrowers to learn as often as possible because, as previously mentioned, there is no one ‘best way’ to grow cannabis, it’s largely about preference and what suits the specific needs of the grower and the plants.

With the Homegrown Forum we are looking to cultivate a safe space for growers

Different growers use different methods to produce great yields and high-quality buds

Marijuana should bring people together, cannabis is for the people but growing can be a solitary pursuit so building a sense of community around growers is important, at Homegrown Cannabis Co. it is our wish to create a community for growers where they can communicate, chat and learn from one another so as to improve their skills and further their growing dreams. Treat fellow growers as peers and help peers where you can!