Interview with @OrganiGrower0624

Homegrown PotCast
September 09, 2020

Derek is back, and this time @organigrower0624 is with him once more, however, this time Derek is interviewing Organi on his experiences and his reasons for growing cannabis. As previously stated, it’s easy to forget that Derek is still a relatively new grower, given his wealth of knowledge, but Organi is actually Derek’s mentor, the guy who taught Derek a lot of his growing expertise.

Organi mentions a few growers who helped him starting out, such as Kyle Kushman, and states that there are many growers out there who provide him with inspiration. While not everyone can benefit from first-hand teaching from a master grower like Kyle Kushman, you can check out our Beginners Guide with Kyle Kushman for some great lessons on the different stages of growing cannabis, there are videos in this series explaining every step to make growing for beginners as easy as possible.

How to Grow Cannabis: Learning Curves

Organi mentions all the different lessons he’s learned along the way on his growing journey, chiefly among these is choosing the best growing environment – don’t try and cultivate cannabis on carpet! Also, Organi talks about the importance of checking and managing pH levels during different stages of the grow cycle to maintain a good balance of nutrients.

Don’t Be Afraid!

It’s important to not be afraid to ask questions and further your learning when growing, it never hurts to ask other people. Organi suggests growers visit our Homegrown Forum to ask questions and interact with other growers. Also, do not be afraid to make mistakes – no one will grow the perfect cannabis plants the first time around, it takes time. Organi talks about the importance of interacting with other growers, if you would like to further make friendships with other members of the cannabis community then you should head on over to the Homegrown Forum where you can interact with other growers to learn or just socialize.

This is a really great chat between two growers, listen to the PotCast to get some great chunks of information, and learn some new tricks to help you grow better!