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How Long it Takes to Grow Indoors & How to Maximize your Grow’s Potential

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October 28, 2020

How long does it take to grow cannabis indoors?

Growing marijuana indoors depends on a multitude of different factors. Many aspects vary depending on the grower – when you consider the environment you’re growing in, the equipment you have at your disposal, and even the types of cannabis seeds you choose to grow. Growing cannabis seeds indoors can take a long time or a short amount of time, it really depends. For example, if you are growing autoflowering seeds then you can probably expect them to grow far quicker than feminized seeds or regular seeds.

Kronic recommends fast versions and autoflower strains if you want your crops to grow as quickly as possible. The quality of the seeds is extremely important, so make sure you buy marijuana seeds from a top-quality seed bank to ensure success.

Kronic also suggests using a plethora of techniques to speed up your growing time whilst also maintaining the quality of your grow. Altering or manipulating the size of the pots your plants grow in can greatly speed things up, for example, a bigger pot will allow your plants roots to spread easier and therefore can also increase nutrient uptake which will subsequently boost growth.

Also, using a number of different cannabis plant training techniques such as supercropping, fimming, schwazzing and more can lead to your buds growing much faster.

In terms of equipment, naturally using high quality lights with a good PAR output will allow your plants to develop more rapidly. For more information on this, check out our previous PotCast on photosynthetic active radiation where Kronic delves into light spectrums.

There are some great tips and tricks offered by Kronic in this PotCast that you can implement into your garden to great success, listen to the PotCast above for more information.

How do you maximize the potential of your indoor cannabis grow?

The first step in any successful cannabis grow is being prepared. This means in every aspect, you need to gather all the necessary supplies – if you’re unsure what these are then you should definitely check out our items to purchase for new growers PotCast episode from a few months ago. You also need to be prepared for the specific strain you have chosen to grow, remember, Sativa strains tend to grow much taller while Indica strains are more likely to be shorter.

Growers should also be careful when they’re choosing and buying their nutrients. Cannabis plants will require different nutrients and nutrient ratios at different stages of the grow cycle – so be careful when implementing nutrients into your grow as the amounts required will not always remain the same. Also, nutrients can also impact the overall quality of the bud in terms of its taste and terpene profile – Kronic recommends using organic or veganic nutrients.

We aren’t going to give away all the secrets here, if you want to know the rest then make sure you click play on this week’s PotCast episode and learn from one of our resident experts!

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