How to Sex Cannabis Plants & Everything you Need to Know About Marijuana Leaves

All New Homegrown PotCast
November 04, 2020

Ok, we are back with another episode of our weekly PotCast and this week’s episode is focusing on different parts of the cannabis plant and certain things which occur there as well as what these mean.

How to Determine the Sex of a Cannabis Plant

If you are new to the cannabis cultivation game, then you may or may not have picked up on the fact that many cannabis growers refer to their marijuana plants as ‘girls’ – this is because you never really want a male plant in your garden unless you are breeding cannabis. If you’re growing to smoke, then female plants are the only way. The easiest way to ensure that your cannabis seeds will grow into female plants is by buying any of our feminized seeds, although, all of our autoflowering seeds are also feminized.

Male cannabis plants are essentially useless for those cultivating cannabis for consumption alone. Now, both male and female cannabis plants flower, however, when a male plant enters the flowering stage, it only produces pollen sacs while female plants produce sensimilla; the smokeable part of the plant we know as bud.

Female plants produce the buds which contain a lot of cannabinoids and terpenes, while male plants will produce about 90% pollen with a slight hint of terpenes and cannabinoids. Male plants can produce slight, almost insignificant, amounts of THC so they aren’t much use to smokers.

If you are looking to grow cannabis for medicinal reasons, to extract terpenes and cannabinoids, or to consume recreationally, you’re going to want to grow yourself some female cannabis plants. But, how do you tell if your plants are male or female?

For beginner growers it can be very difficult to tell what the sex of a cannabis plant is. Male and female cannabis plants look basically identical until light cycles are swapped to 12/12.

Listen to Kronic explain a myriad of ways to obtain female plants or clones, or identify the sex of the cannabis plants you are currently growing.

Everything you Need to Know About Cannabis Leaves

Cannabis leaves are truly unique. They don’t look like the leaves from other plants and have therefore become iconic, internationally recognized symbols for weed.

That being said, they’re not just a pretty face (leaf) they actually serve a number of key functions in service of the cannabis plants’ overall growth. The first role of cannabis leaves is photosynthesis. Cannabis leaves capture photosynthetic active radiation which is given off in different wavelengths, this then allows the plant to complete various chemical reactions in order for growth and development to happen.

Without leaves, cannabis plants would not survive for too long. In very rare circumstances, cannabis leaves can encounter problems that become detrimental to the plants overall.

Either way, it’s best to keep your marijuana leaves healthy and keep your plants healthy. Find out everything you need to about cannabis plant leaves; what they do, what they should look like, and much more by clicking play on the PotCast episode above!