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Best Autoflower Pot Size: A Guide for Every Grower

Are you looking for the best autoflower pot size? Then you’re in the right place. 

Getting the ideal pot size is essential as it ensures your plants grow healthy and offer a better harvest. The best pot size for autoflower plants should allow the roots to flourish and access adequate water and oxygen. 

Here, we look at the best size pots for autoflowers and tips on how to get them.

Let’s get down to business.  

Cannabis plant pot size

Autoflower pot size: Does pot size affect autoflower plant's growth?

Yes, it does. 

Your choice of pot size for autoflowers affects the potential yield of your plants. 

Autoflower cannabis plants grow in various conditions— even if they aren’t favorable. Unfortunately, the wrong pot size does affect your plant’s growth negatively.

If you go for a very small autoflower pot size, you risk stunting the plant's growth. If the size is too large, the soil can dry out. 

Growing autoflower plants can be exciting even for novice growers. However, you shouldn’t act hastily. 

After receiving your autoflower seeds, consider various factors before deciding on the best size pots for autoflower plants. Understand that pots come in various sizes, shapes, materials, and styles. 

Your choice depends on your growing space and the average height of your specific plants. 

If you opt for several plants in a limited space, small autoflower pots are excellent. A larger autoflower pot is perfect if you want your plants to grow and expand. 

If you want to grow a small autoflower plant in a discreet corner, opt for a small pot to encourage compact growth. On the other hand, a larger pot offers more space for those with space to stretch. 

If you’re planting your autoflower plants outdoors, you require a larger pot than when growing them indoors. 

But that’s not all.

Autoflowers like it when they start in the same autoflower pot they finish in. While there’s nothing wrong with moving a plant to a larger pot, autoflowers leave no room for error since they grow fast and flower independently. 

The skill of transplanting cannabis comes in handy if you must move your weed. Move the plants to a bigger container without stressing or killing them.

So, which is the best pot size for autoflower strains?

Kyle Kushman transplanting cannabis plant

Before you can take the next available pot and plant your autoflower seeds, here are some factors to consider:

Medium and drainage capacity 

As you look for the best size pots for autoflower strains, consider their drainage capacity and medium. 

A plant requires adequate air and water for optimal growth and increased yields. Adequate air and water also facilitate the absorption of nutrients and other minerals crucial for the plant’s development.

Your choice of autoflower pot should allow the plant to breathe and ensure enough moisture retention. If the medium can’t retain enough water, opt for a bigger pot to ensure an adequate supply. 


The training method can also determine the best pot size for autoflowers. 

What training methods can you use to grow autoflowers?

The Screen of Green (ScrOG) method helps you cultivate a single big plant. On the other hand, you can grow several plants using the Sea of Green (SOG) method. 

If you want to grow several small autoflower plants to develop a SOG canopy, opt for small autoflower pots. 

If you’re an experienced grower, you can use the ScrOG method to cultivate a massive plant in a big pot. The bigger autoflower pot is ideal since ScrOG plants require an extensive root zone for water and nutes.

The root zone

When it comes to growing autoflowers, the more extensive the root zone, the bigger the buds. 

As you choose the best pot for autoflower strains, know that activities under the soil determine the plant's growth and yield. 

The autoflower pot should allow you to plan your plant’s root zone. If you want a massive and bushy plant, the best autoflower pot size is big. It allows the roots to extend more. 

If you’re growing a shorter plant like an indica, a small autoflower pot is ideal. 

Your plant’s genetics help decide the ideal pot size. An autoflowering plant can go up to 18 inches. 

Read the guide from your seed bank to know how large the plant can grow, helping you determine the ideal autoflower pot size.  

Common autoflower pot sizes

If you’re lost on the best size pots for autoflower plants, check out our recommendations below:

  • 2.5 to 4 gallons (10 to 15 liters): these large containers are ideal for growing massive plants. 
  • 1.5 to 2.5 gallons (6 to 8.5 liters): if you’re growing small autoflowers, tiny containers work. The pots allow the plant roots to develop fully. 

Do you want to grow some autoflowers in your bedroom or study table? Then small autoflower pots are an excellent choice. 

What about when you need a massive and bushy cannabis plant? Opt for the bigger pot size. 

4 different types of autoflower pots you should know

Gone are the days when you’d consider the best autoflower pot size and the best material as an afterthought. 

Today, avid cannabis farmers are looking for the best material and pot size to optimize their yields.

The idea is to ensure the plant roots get the best treatment and stay nourished, hydrated, and healthy

Let’s break down the most common autoflower pot types. 

Best Autoflower Pot Size

Fabric pots

Fabric containers are among the best pots for autoflowers due to their immense benefits. For instance, the material allows enhanced airflow to the roots, leading to healthier plants.

Unlike plastic pots, fabric pots prevent plant roots from circling when they get to the edge of the pot. It also allows ‘air-pruning,’ which enables the roots to breathe.  

The pots also encourage the growth of secondary roots, leading to better nutrient absorption. 

What’s more?

Unlike their plastic counterparts, fabric autoflower pots are also environmentally friendly

Although they’re more expensive, the pots lead to more yields and better plant quality. 

watering plants
Brown fabric pots

Air pots

As the name suggests, air pots allow adequate airflow to the roots. The enhanced air circulation from all directions in the soil enhances your plant’s health, and you enjoy a better harvest. 

Think of air pots as smart plastic pots made from the same material. However, air autoflower pots feature numerous openings on the side that allow your plants room to breathe. 

These holes cause water to drain faster than in plastic pots. As such, air pots require more watering than their plastic counterparts. 

If you’re pressed for space, air pots come in handy to help you grow your autoflower plants in a limited space.

They feature a slender and tall design that allows you to have more pots in a small space. 

The slender size allows adequate water distribution to the roots, making these pots one of the best pots for autoflower plants. 

Like their fabric counterparts, air pots also allow air pruning which helps avoid bound roots and promotes healthy growth.

These autoflower pots are also less prone to being spilled since they’re weighty. 

air pot cannabis
Air Pot

Terracotta pots

Still looking for the best pots for autoflowers? If yes, terracotta pots, also known as clay pots, are a solid pick. 

These pots stand out from the rest for being the heaviest and most durable autoflower pot option. The weight makes it possible to anchor sturdy autoflowers—though you’ll find it tough moving the plants. 

Most cannabis growers prefer them as the best pots for autoflowers as they can absorb and store excess moisture. The moisture helps cool the roots during summer and allows the slow release of nutrients. 

Terracotta pots feature porous walls that easily allow water and air to pass through. Your autoflower plants receive more airflow than when using a solid plastic container.

Standard terracotta autoflower pots also feature holes underneath for drainage. They also feature a saucer that helps to catch runoff water. 

Cheap marijuana plant pots
Terracota pots

Plastic pots

Plastic pots are the easiest to find when looking for the best pots for autoflowers.

These pots are easily available and cost-effective

They come in various sizes and shapes, making it easier to choose the most appropriate pot for your space. 

Plastic autoflower pots are also waterproof and durable

Although plastic pots offer airflow to your plant's roots, they’re not as effective as other options, such as the fabric ones. 

watering cannabis plants
Plastic Pot

What size pot for autoflowers should you use?

The most appropriate autoflower pot size depends on various factors, including the available space and the size of your plants.

autoflower pot size

Whether you grow indoors or outdoors, these tips should help maximize your yields. 

  • Ensure the pot is cleaned and properly sterilized, especially if you’re reusing it, irrespective of its material. 
  • Consider the available space and the method of growing that works best for you. Is a SOG more beneficial, or should you go for a few large plants?
  • Your choice of medium for the autoflower pot depends on the climate in your area and the training method.
  • Add a bottom layer of clay balls underneath the autoflower pot to improve airflow and drainage. 
  • A Sea of Green is also beneficial as several small plants have the same yield as a few large plants.

So, what’s the ideal container size for planting autoflowers?

Best size pots for autoflower indoors 

You can grow small plants indoors in autoflower pots between 6.5 to 9.5 liters (1.75 to 2.5 gallons). 

These pots are ideal for compact Sea of Green setups or plants that grow up to 1.5 to 2 feet. 

If you opt for plants over 1.5 feet or large SOG setups, the best autoflower pot size is 11 liters (3 gallons). 

Best size pot for outdoor autoflower

What’s the best size pot for outdoor autoflower plants? 

When growing autoflowers outdoors, you require bigger autoflower pots since the plants are expected to grow larger. 

All the same, you shouldn’t invest in an autoflower pot bigger than 15 liters. Autoflowers have a short growing period, and they’re ready for harvest before exploiting the whole space in the big pot. 

Other factors to consider while choosing an autoflower pot

When looking for the best autoflower pot size, look out for the following factors:


The color of the pot is an essential factor to consider, especially when growing the plants outdoors. Some colors absorb heat which can affect the plant’s growth. 

Avoid black or darker shades as they absorb heat. Instead, opt for a white autoflower pot or a lighter shade.


The shape of the autoflower pot also matters. 

While round pots are the most popular, you can also find square and rectangular ones. Square-shaped pots allow you to cluster autoflower plants together in a small area. 


For your plants to grow up healthy, they require proper drainage. Drainage allows excess water to run off and provides adequate oxygen to the roots

Proper drainage also helps prevent issues resulting from overwatering the plants. 

Ensure that your choice of the best pot for autoflower plants offers adequate drainage, or it allows you to drill more holes. 

Irrespective of the autoflower pot size or shape, you can add clay pebbles underneath the autoflower pot to enhance drainage.

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Are you feeling flowery yet?

So, what size pot for autoflower plants is the best?

The answer depends on various factors, including the available space. It also matters whether you plant the autoflowers indoors or outdoors

Besides getting the right autoflower pot size, ensure it has proper drainage as well. Light colors are best, especially when growing the plants outdoors, as they don’t retain heat. 

If you grow plants indoors, 9.5 to 11-liter containers are appropriate. Up to 15-liter pots are ideal for outdoor plants—but no more.

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About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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