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Easiest strains to grow

Easiest Strains To Grow Indoors And Outdoors

December 2, 2021

Whether you're a novice or cultivation expert, growing cannabis can sometimes be a challenge. For beginners, welcome to the first step in your cultivating journey. Perhaps you're searching for the best strain to grow indoors for beginners, but how do you get started?

Find out about the easiest marijuana strains to grow, and you're on the route to greatness.

It's vital to consider several factors when choosing strains to cultivate. Even the best weed for beginners needs careful consideration as it's not as simple as buying and planting. Each one has unique attributes that need different types of maintenance.

Keep reading to discover the glorious cultivars the weed world has in store for newbie growers. Get informed about the easiest cannabis strains to grow and what to consider when choosing your strain. 

Let's jump right in!

Weed strains for beginners
Weed strains for beginners

What makes a strain easy to grow?

There are various easiest strains to grow. Most are resilient and forgiving towards novice mistakes. They adapt well to changes in and around the environment. As a beginner, you want to reap the most rewards with the least hassles.

Marijuana crops are generally attention-seeking plants. With easy-to-grow strains, there's not as much maintenance needed.

Various cannabis cultivars have different needs. Things such as temperature, lighting, humidity, and nutrients all play a role in the upkeep of the plant. 

Weed crops resistant to diseases, pests, mold, and temporary drought fall under the category of easy strains to grow. Strains that inhabit this feature are the ones you want to cultivate. 

What to consider when choosing easy strains to grow

Sift through the various facts of each option before choosing the easiest marijuana strain to grow for you.

There's a multitude of cultivars out there with great names, such as:

Looking at these names is a temptation on its own.

Zooming in to the characteristics, you'll see that all these easy-to-grow strains are unique because of complex building blocks.

Let's break these down in detail to help you choose the easiest weed to grow.

Marijuana plants
Marijuana plants

Regular seeds

The purest and most natural seeds that produce both male and female cannabis crops. They’re mostly cultivated by growers who wish to breed new strains. You can expect a vigorous plant to thrive if you use these seeds.

Feminized seeds

These are the most favored seeds amongst cultivators. They’re easy to grow and produce female plants only, which is a great advantage, as it eliminates the chances of cross-pollination. They produce buds in abundance with potent aromas.

Photoperiod seeds

Crops cultivated from these seeds need a balance of light and darkness. They need the right amount of light during the vegetative phase and uninterrupted darkness during the flowering stage.

Autoflowering seeds

Don't need special light cycles, and crops have a short blooming time frame. Autoflowering seeds are easy to grow and are resilient to issues that can stunt a plant's development.

Indica genotype

Indica dominant crops are shorter and prefer colder climates. The physical effects experienced are deep body relaxations. It also holds a lot more THC than sativa strains.

Sativa genotype

Easy-to-grow weed that holds this genotype is much taller and thrives in warmer climates with plenty of sun. Tokers experience an increased level of energy and uplifting spirits of euphoria.

Hybrid genotype

Hybrid strains are a combination of sativa and indica genetics, offering the best or worst of both worlds. The effects you receive from this all depend on which of the two is dominant in the strain.

Ruderalis genotype

These are short and compound plants with small, thick buds. Since they survive in extreme environments, they’re more likely to fit the profile of low-maintenance marijuana for beginners. They aren’t dependent on specific light cycles to mature and produce a small yield.

Cannabis seeds ready for germination
Cannabis seeds ready for germination

THC Levels

THC is found in marijuana plants and is the compound that gives the "psychedelic" feeling. The higher the THC levels, the more pronounced the effects.

Added extras

After selecting the genetic traits, there are more personal things to look at as a novice grower. When deciding on the easiest marijuana strain to grow, also consider things like:

The appearance and smell of your buds

Appearances and smell vary among the strains, including easy-to-grow marijuana. You can decide if you want a fruity or a skunky flavored option, even a combination of both. Do you want big buds with blue hues to develop or ones covered in orange pistils?

What effects do you want to feel from your weed?

How much euphoria do you want to feel? At what speed do you want the effects to hit you? Do you want to feel relaxed, or do you need a burst of energy? All these can be pre-determined by selecting the right easy-to-grow cannabis seeds.

How soon do you expect to see buds?

Flowering periods differ amongst strains. Determine when you want to harvest and how much yield you expect from your crops.

How much time a day do I have to maintain my plant?

Even easy-to-grow strains need adequate attention during their life cycle. They're not plants that you can germinate and leave to grow until one day you see buds. Setting time aside to fulfill your crops' needs will become a part of your daily routine.

Which strains have a high resistance to pests, drought, and mold?

When sourcing the best marijuana for beginners, take note of details like its hardiness and how resilient it can be against pests and mold. Drought-resistant strains are also a good choice. These make your growing experience so much more convenient.

Where do I want to grow my crops?

Indoor and outdoor spaces have their pros and cons for each strain. When deciding on the easiest marijuana strain to grow, choose the best-suited varieties for inside or outside growing. 

How much will the new venture cost?

As with everything valuable, this venture comes with a price. Settling on a budget for your spending is a vital step to take. Everything you decide hereafter depends on what you are willing to fork-out to cultivate the best weed for beginners.

How much space do I have to grow my crops?

Many of these strains grow quite tall; for example, the Moby Dick Autoflower strain grows up to 4 feet. Carefully consider the size of your growing space when selecting the easiest marijuana to grow.

Small cannabis grow box
Cannabis grow box

Best strain to grow indoors for beginners

As a beginner seeking the easiest weed to grow, it's essential to be selective about the type of strain you choose.

We've outlined some details about one of the best strains for beginner growers to cultivate indoors.

Bubba Kush Feminized is an indica-dominant cultivar and considered one of the easiest cannabis strains to grow indoors. It produces a top-quality resin that lavishly coats the compact buds. 

The trichomes are visible and add to the overall visual appeal. Its bushy foliage allows for the increased absorption of light.

This marijuana for beginners doesn't need much space, which is why it's great for indoor growing. It has a flowering time of only nine weeks and provides incredible results for such little attention.

With THC levels of 14–19%, growers can enjoy relaxing yet euphoric feelings. The CBD is low, ranging at 2.48% in the plant.

The flavor profile of this easy-to-grow weed is a fine combination of earthy with a hint of coffee, infused with spices and citrus scents, taps into the senses to increase tokers' experience.

Beginners cultivating this easy-to-grow marijuana indoors can use the dripper system in a hydroponics setup. It reduces the risk of the crops picking up diseases.

Bubba Kush Feminized is one of the best indoor strain for beginners to use indoors. It's easy to cultivate and provides a yield of up to 7 oz./ m².

Weed grow tent
Weed grow tent

Best strain to grow outdoors for beginners

Growing cannabis crops outdoors is the preferred choice. With all the natural light that your plants receive, it encourages their growth and bud production. It's also the most cost-effective.

Blue Cheese Feminized is the best strain for beginner growers to cultivate outdoors. It's an easy-to-grow indica dominant strain that leaves room for error while newbies are trying to find their way. 

It has a quick flowering time of 9 weeks and produces a bountiful yield of up to 21 oz./plant in an outdoor setting. 

It's resistant to most cannabis issues, including:

Blue Cheese Feminized is an easy strain to grow and contains THC levels of 16–20%. It encourages the slow release of mellow, euphoric sensations in the body and mind. It offers sweet, fruity aromas on the inhale, followed by blueberry infusions with grape smells. 

Outdoors weed
Outdoors weed

11 other easy cannabis strains to grow for beginners

There are so many beginner strains to choose from, each with its own personality traits.

Let's highlight a few more viable options; each one is forgiving to any mistakes you might make as a newbie grower:

StrainFlowering Type  / TimeTHC LevelsYields / HeightIndoor / Outdoor growAffects and Aromas
Lemon Kush Feminized
Indica dominant
Flowering type: Photoperiod 
Flowering time: 9 Weeks
17–26%Outdoor Yield: 17 oz.–21 oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 15 oz.–19 oz.m²
Height: 5 Feet
Indoor and outdoorSmell & taste: Earthy, pine 
Effects: Strong, stimulation, relaxing 
Original Lemon Pie Feminized
Sativa dominant
Flowering type: Photoperiod 
Flowering time: 9 Weeks
18–22%Outdoor Yield: 28oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 17 oz.–21 oz.m²
Height: 2–3 Feet
OutdoorSmell & taste: Lemon, intense, citrus
Effects: Intense, cerebral, energizing 
Critical Purple Autoflower
Indica dominant
Flowering type: Autoflower 
Flowering time: 9 Weeks
20–25%Outdoor Yield: 5 oz.–7 oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 14 oz.m²
Height: 2–4 Feet
Indoor and OutdoorSmell & taste: Sweet, citric, earthy
Effects: Relaxing & soothing 
Sweet Tooth Autoflower
Indica dominant
Flowering type: Autoflowering 
Flowering time: 9 Weeks
13–16%Outdoor Yield: 2 oz.–7 oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 15 oz.–19 oz.m²
Height: 3 Feet
Indoor and outdoorSmell & taste: Berry, flowery, tropical, sweet
Effects: Energetic, euphoric, focused, relaxed, uplifted 
Cherry Pie Feminized
Indica dominant
Flowering type: Photoperiod 
Flowering time: 9 Weeks
16–18%Outdoor Yield: 14 oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 15 oz.m²
Height: 5 Feet
Indoor and outdoorSmell & taste: Berry, flowery, tropical, sweet
Effects: Energetic, euphoric, focused, relaxed, uplifted 
Early Skunk Feminized
Indica dominant
Flowering type: Photoperiod 
Flowering time: 9 Weeks
15–22%Outdoor Yield: 14oz.–21oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 14oz.–19oz.m²
Height: 5–8 Feet
Indoor and outdoorSmell & taste: Skunk, fruity
Effects: Strong, relaxing, happy 
Purple Haze Feminized
Sativa dominant
Flowering type: Photoperiod 
Flowering time: 10 Weeks
14–18%Outdoor Yield: 21oz.–24oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 17oz.–21oz.m²
Height: 2–3 Feet
Indoor and outdoorSmell & taste: Sweet, incense, wood, metallic notes
Effects: Stimulating, brain 
Black Widow Feminized
Indica dominant
Flowering type: Photoperiod 
Flowering time: 10 Weeks
24–28%Outdoor Yield: 10oz.–14oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 12 oz.–15 oz.m²
Height: 6 Feet
Indoor and outdoorSmell & taste: Skunk, fruity, pine
Effects: Calm, creative, euphoric, relaxed, focused combats feelings of stress, depression, pain, fatigue, and sleepiness
Cream Autoflower
Indica dominant
Flowering type: Autoflower 
Flowering time: 8 Weeks
12–16%Outdoor Yield: 3oz.–7oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 10 oz.–14 oz.m²
Height: 3 Feet
Indoor and outdoorSmell & taste: Orange blossom, tangerine, citrus mode
Effects: Power, relaxing, sensory 
Northern Light Feminized
Indica dominant
Flowering type: Photoperiod 
Flowering time: 8 Weeks
14–17%Outdoor Yield: 31oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 17oz.m²
Height: 3–4 Feet
Indoor and outdoorSmell & taste: Citrus, lemon, sweet skunk 
Effects: Euphoric, relaxing combats anxiety and stress
Black Jack Autoflower
Sativa dominant
Flowering type: Autoflower 
Flowering time: 7 Weeks
17–19%Outdoor Yield: 1oz.–8oz./plant
Indoor Yield: 14oz.–19oz.m²
Height: 2 Feet
Indoor and outdoorSmell & taste: Intense, sweet, incense nuances
Effects: Physical, cerebral, relaxing 
Marijuana flowering outdoors
Marijuana flowering outdoors

Emancipate yourself from the unknown

As the famous Bob Marley once said, "emancipate yourself from mental slavery; none but ourselves can free our minds." Being clued up about the best marijuana for beginners takes you one step closer to elevating yourself from the beginners' title.

You have all the tools to make an informed decision about the best weed for beginners. Whether indoors or outdoors, make sure that it's a strain that'll meet your cultivation and cerebral needs. 

Free your mind from all the uncertainty and unlock your talents. Start your growing journey with Homegrown Cannabis Co. and experience the euphoria after selecting the easy-to-grow weed that is just right for you.

About the author: Derek LaRose

Also known as Kronic from The Cannabis Kronicles, Derek LaRose is a young ambitious cultivator and a staple educator for indoor cultivation.

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