What Are The Benefits Of Growing Cannabis At Home?

What Are The Benefits Of Growing Cannabis At Home
March 10, 2020

With more states and countries embracing the end of prohibition and cannabis becoming less stigmatized all over the world, there has never been a better time to grow your favorite strain in the comfort of your own home. It won’t be enough for us to just tell you that growing marijuana is AMAZING, so we have outlined our reasons below.

Top 7 Reasons To Grow Cannabis At Home

There is probably not a single weed enthusiast who hasn’t considered growing cannabis at home. This is even more likely for medical marijuana patients, who simply MUST have weighed up the economics of dispensary vs homegrowing. We understand that there are pros and cons to every argument. Maybe you’re not confident in the garden? Perhaps you feel intimidated at the thought of the time and effort needed to perfect the craft?

Well, we can’t deny there will be challenges along the way, especially for first-time growers. But the pros far, far outweigh the cons. Whether they’ve been persuaded by the economic, environmental, social, quality or purity argument, more and more people are choosing to grow marijuana at home. Here’s why.

1. Economics

Buying from a dispensary is expensive. Depending on the location, strain and quality level, one ounce (roughly 30 grams) costs between $100 and $400 – sometimes even higher. For regular tokers, this soon adds up.

By contrast, homegrown cannabis is significantly cheaper. Sure, there is an initial start-up cost… you’ll need to buy all the kit, your materials, your seeds. You will see your utility bills go up and mistakes can be costly, but your initial investments are quickly recovered and your cannabis will soon set you back only $70 per ounce. You’re looking at a saving up to $320 for every ounce of weed you consume. If you are lucky enough to be able to grow outdoors, the savings will be even BIGGER.

Fact: cultivating cannabis at home saves money. Depending on the strain, desired yield and growing style, nurturing the plant from seedling to harvest may take anywhere from 2 – 5 months. If that sounds a long time it won’t feel it. When it comes to growing weed at home, the journey can be just as pleasurable as the destination.

2. Convenience And Accessibility

How many times have you visited your dispensary only to discover they have run out of your favorite strain? It happens too often, right? Recreational users might not mind this too much, seeing it as an opportunity to try out another strain. You won’t get the same feeling as a medical marijuana user, however. Some patients have spent a long time nailing down the perfect strain and when the dispensary runs out it can be quite traumatic.

Also, we shouldn’t forget that not everyone has a dispensary down the road. My grandmother has to travel nearly 5,090 miles to get to her nearest California dispensary… but she does live in Scotland so maybe she’s partly to blame. Anyway, you get the picture, sometimes it’s a long way to go to be disappointed.

3. Multiple Yearly Harvests

Harvesting once or multiple times a year is very easy with autos.

When growing outdoors the majority of people use photoperiod seeds. Typically, these are either regular, feminized, or fast version. But it’s possible to reap multiple yearly harvests by using auto-flowering seeds.

Indoor gardening typically offers more flexibility. For one, you can cultivate all-year-round regardless of the type of seeds. That is because you have absolute control over the growing conditions, including manipulating the light cycle to trigger the flowering phase.

In either environment, it’s also possible to clone the one female plant that expresses the most desirable traits.

With autoflowering seeds, you can use the same tent and the same light cycle to create a permanent production line of plants, all at different stages of growth. A well-organized gardener can harvest with unbelievable regularity using autos – they are a genuine game-changer and our breeders are always increasing their yields.

Harvesting Cannabis

4. Easy Environment Control

Homegrown Cannabis Co. provides the highest quality seeds. Every strain has proven, super-stable genetics and extremely high germination rates, giving even the greenest of beginners the best chance of success.

Indoor cultivation is superior to outdoors when it comes to manipulating the environment. You have full control over the humidity, temperature, lighting, nutrients, watering and other factors. Not only is it easier to keep pests and disease away, you can optimize the quality and yield of your homegrown cannabis with ease.

If there are no privacy concerns, growing outdoors is an excellent option for two main reasons. Firstly, the investment is significantly lower. No need to buy lights and tent and humidifiers and all the rest of the kit. Secondly, no artificial lamp can truly compare to sun-grown cannabis. Mother Nature will always come out on top and she does most of the work for you. For free.

5. Guaranteed Quality, Purity and Safety

“Growing medicine as pure and clean as possible is important to me,” says Kyle Kushman – the world’s leading expert in indoor veganic gardening.

When buying from a dispensary or an unlicensed dealer, there is often no assurance of contamination-free flower. Many growers use chemical fertilizers and pesticides and contaminated buds can pass toxins to humans during consumption. We are not saying there are no responsible dispensaries, there are some fantastic places like Harborside and Magnolia in Oakland, but if you want to know EXACTLY what has gone into your bud, you need to grow it yourself.

By growing cannabis at home, you determine the purity and safety of the harvested flowers. You can choose to grow the plants organically or, even better, veganically. And you can use our resident genius, Kyle Kushman, to help you every step of the way.

As you gain experience and know-how, we guarantee your homegrown cannabis will be far superior in terms of potency, flavor, smell, smoothness and overall quality. And YOU will have made it.

6. Choice

Even the best dispensaries can only offer some of the best strains in the world. Homegrown Cannabis Co, by contrast, offers hundreds of elite-quality strains, available to buy all year round.

Home cultivation means an explosion of choice. You might want a hard-hitting indica or a super-cerebral sativa. You might want something purely for recreation or a highly medicinal strain. Homegrown has everything you could wish for and more, and every strain has a germination guarantee for absolute peace of mind.

7. Fun And Rewarding

The best way to enjoy cannabis is by growing, nurturing and curing it yourself. Homegrown cannabis is an absolute revelation. The entire process is very, very rewarding and having homegrown weed to share with your friends is priceless.

When growing for medical reasons, customers have told us that the process of growing cannabis from seed is in itself therapeutic. The sense of pride and achievement goes a long way towards fighting depression and it’s a fantastic way to relieve stress. If you’re still on the fence about growing your own we urge you to give it a try, you won’t regret it.

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