What Does a 1 Pound Plant Look Like?

What Does a 1 Pound Plant Look Like

Are you short on space and want to harvest more weed? Stoners worldwide would love a way to yield massive crops without needing to have a huge garden or extensive marijuana grow room, but yielding 1lb of cannabis from one plant is challenging.  Do you even know what does a 1 pound plant look like?

Well, you’re in luck! Master cannabis growers have developed advanced growing methods using equipment that you’re likely to have lying around your home, alongside high-quality cannabis seeds

We’re here to tell you how to grow plants that yield 1 lb of weed! Below, you’ll discover how, as we explore the following; 

  • What does a 1 Ib plant look like, and how big is it?
  • How long does 1 lb of marijuana last?
  • What techniques can you use to grow a 1 lb plant?
  • Is it easier to grow a plant outdoors?

What Does a 1 Pound Plant Look Like?

A pound of weed is a whopping 16 ounces, which is a lot of cannabis when you consider how many home growers only yield between 2 and 4 ounces per plant. 

This weight works out to 453 grams of cannabis. To give you a better idea of the actual size and to picture what a pound of weed looks like, it’s the equivalent of:

  • 16 ounces
  • 32 halves
  • 64 quarters
  • 128 eighths

Check out a picture of a pound of weed to see what it’s like in bud form. Photos of plants just before harvest will also blow your mind, so make sure you know what to expect.

What Does a 1 Pound Plant Look Like

How long would 1 pound of weed last?

1 pound of weed is a lot. If you only smoke occasionally, a pound of weed could take years to finish. If you’ve used the best cannabis seeds you can find, it could last even longer. That high quality, sweet-smelling high grade could be around for an age. 

The average joint holds about 0.5 grams of cannabis, so an eighth will last for several big ones. 

Multiply that by 128, and you’ve got yourself lots of cannabis, 896 joints to be exact. How long will that amount of weed last? However long it would take you to smoke that much (just don’t try to smoke more than you would normally!). 

In case you’re wondering how much would all that cost, check our “how much is a pound of weed” guide.

Is it easier to grow a 1 pound plant outdoors?

It’s generally a little easier to grow a 1 pound per plant outdoors. This is due to various factors, including plenty of direct sunlight and the fact you can dig a deep hole and have lots of soil for the roots to flourish into. You’ll also find marijuana outdoors grows with watering from the rain get better results. 

Growing cannabis indoors is easy, although it does require your care and attention. You’ll need an appropriate grow container and to tend to your marijuana plant correctly. If you do it right, you’ll be harvesting a pound inside, no problem.

What does a pound of weed look like outdoors, compared to weed grown indoors? Not much different. Outdoors, your marijuana plant might grow taller and a little bigger, but if you use the same technique for both, you’ll get similar results. 

one pound cannabis plant

How to grow a 1 pound of weed plant?

Once you’re ready to grow a 1 pound cannabis plant, you’ll need to consider growing methods and special techniques for achieving monster crops. Here are six examples of tried and tested cannabis growing techniques for you to enjoy the best quality weed results.  


SCroG means screen of green, and this is precisely what the method is. SCroG requires suspending a net over your one-pound plant. The net trains the cannabis to grow in the shape you want, and when your cannabis buds start to grow, it’ll support heavy marijuana plant branches.

This technique is usually used when growing lots of large cannabis plants in a small grow area, but it can help form your one-pounder weed the way you want and create a large canopy.


Topping consists of removing the top node of your 1 lb weed plant or the last node on a branch. Doing this stops vertical growth and promotes faster development among the lower cannabis branches. Your one-pound plant will grow outwards and produce more flowers. 

To get the best topping results, you’ll need to include bending, tying, and pruning techniques, so do your research before diving in.

Cannabis topping


This weed growing technique levels out the plant’s canopy, which means more growth hormones. Your 1 pound weed plant will have more chance of getting the required light to become a monster. 

You’ll need to gently manipulate the cannabis branches so that the tops of the plant are below the canopy level. Others will catch up with the bent ones, and then they’ll continue to grow together bringing you delicious fat buds for your efforts. 


This acronym stands for low-stress training. Basically, you’re encouraging your cannabis to grow a particular way without damaging itself. The technique is similar to bending because you’ll hold down weed plant branches so that those lower down can get more exposure to light


High-stress training is the opposite and more beneficial for growing marijuana outdoors due to these one-pound plants’ bigger size. Super-cropping is an excellent example of this method, and it’s similar to bending but more aggressive. 

Instead of carefully folding the branch, you bend it so far that the fibers break. You don’t want to break or snap it; you just need to carefully get it to fold over. This one’s not for the faint-hearted!


You’ll need to stay on top of pruning and thinning while you train your 1 pound weed plant. This technique involves pruning unwanted small cannabis branches so that they don’t steal valuable energy and nutrients from critical areas

Cut as close to the branch as possible to prevent pests and infection. Also, make sure you give your cannabis plant time to recover. If you cut to often, you’ll stunt the growth. 

Pruning weed

Grow the most productive weed plants

There you have it! You now know what does a 1 pound plant look like and how to get the best results when you grow your own. It’s big, and it’s beautiful, and you can buy more cannabis seeds to grow your own and enjoy here on our website. 

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