Feminized Cannabis Seeds: Question & Answers

Feminized Cannabis Seeds Question & Answers
December 26, 2019

Female marijuana seeds, especially in Europe, have been an undisputed success, an absolute game-changer for the marijuana industry. Interest in female cannabis seeds in USA is catching up and gathering momentum. How do we know this? Well, we only need to take a quick look at what our customers are searching for. Five years ago the popular search terms were rather general…asking how to buy weed seeds, what are the best marijuana strains… and so on. Customers were spending a fortune on ‘regular’ seeds and having to deal with all the hassle that comes with them, and these regs weren’t and still aren’t very cheap! When we look at popular questions these days, Americans are typing things like: where to buy feminized seeds USA, or feminized seeds Colorado, or what are the best feminized cannabis seeds USA? These are pretty basic terms but there are others that pose numerous questions, hopefully this article will have the answers.

What Are Feminized Seeds? How Is It Possible To Feminized Marijuana Strains? What Does It Mean When A Seed Is Feminized?

Feminized weed seeds (or female weed seeds… for the purpose of this article they can be the same thing) are marijuana seeds that will grow only female plants. This is fantastic news for those growing exclusively for flower, as it cuts out all the time spent searching for male plants that could pollinate and ruin your entire crop. Sounds simple, right? It is! The only thing growers have to be wary of is the quality of the seeds. Here’s why… the process and approach to feminize varies according to breeder, and can result in hermaphroditism. It’s a process that goes something like this: female plants are encouraged to produce female pollen, which is used to pollinate a female plant, which in turn produces only female weed seeds. At some stage in the process, however, it may have been necessary to use hermaphrodites, and these hermaphroditic genes may re-emerge in varying numbers in the resultant cannabis seeds. With that in mind, it is vital to buy only the best feminized seeds from reputable companies, especially ones that stand by the quality of their product. 

Why Are Feminized Seeds Better Than Regular?

This is a loaded question and many growers and breeders will tell you that feminized cannabis strains aren’t better than regular seeds at all. It depends on what you want your seeds for. You need both males and females for a breeding program so feminized seeds will be of less use to a breeder. Also, some growers consider themselves purists and believe they obtain better quality plants from regular seeds. This is open to debate and a question for a different blog. The greatest thing about feminized seeds, as I touched on earlier, is that they will only produce female plants. No more hunting males, no more pollinated crops, no more wasted time.

Do Feminized Seeds Produce Feminized Seeds?

This is another popular (if oddly worded) question. The customer may be asking if female plants grown from feminized seeds, once pollinated, will produce only female seeds. The answer is no. Not unless they are pollinated with exclusively female pollen. If you take a cutting from a female plant grown from feminized seeds, this clone will also be female, but as soon as you add ‘regular’ genes into the mix, you can no longer guarantee female plants.

What Is The Difference Between Feminized & Autoflower Seeds?

An interesting question. Well, we have looked at feminisation and what female seeds are, let’s put that information to one side and look at autos. Autoflowering cannabis seeds produce plants that flower automatically, without being triggered by any light cycle. You can give them 16 hours of light, 12 hours of light or 24 hours of light if you want, in all cases they will veg for a few weeks and start flowering when they feel like it. 

Now, to create an autoflowering plant you need to add ruderalis to the genetic mix, but this has absolutely nothing to do with the sex of the plant. You can produce regular autoflowering seeds or feminized autoflowering seeds, although regular autos are quite rare. There is no actual answer to the question but hopefully this response has explained why.

Are Feminized Seeds Guaranteed To Be Female?

Seeds, plants, flowers etc are all natural products and, as such, cannot be 100% guaranteed to do anything. When we talk of guarantees in this sense we are talking about reducing margins of error to as close to zero as possible. Once you hit 99% certainty that your feminized cannabis seeds will produce female cannabis plants, you could argue it’s pretty much guaranteed. This is usually enough for a company to stand-by their products and offer their own official guarantees, such as replacing like for like if you are unfortunate enough to hit that 1% and strike out.

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds

While in nature there are no guarantees, putting your faith in a reputable company is the next best thing. With this in mind, let’s take a look at what else people have been asking: Can I buy marijuana seeds online? What’s the best place in California to buy marijuana seeds? If you are here and reading this article, you already know the answer. Welcome to the Homegrown Cannabis Co.

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