A Homegrown Success Story!

A Homegrown Success Story
November 09, 2020

We recently sent a series of questions to some of our amazing customers and we are delighted to be getting responses such as the one below. Ashley Rose, a loyal Homegrown customer, shared some images of her successful grow with us and also offered some tips and advice to other growers based on her own experiences.

Plants from a Homegrown Customer

My grow this year has been nothing short of amazing! After a slow start in the ground this Spring they started to root well and began growing at a rapid rate- come early August, hurricane Isaias came through and completely leveled the garden! I was devastated and thought surely these uprooted plants would never come back from this. Although my expectations were low the plants grew back stronger and even heartier than before!

This would be my 4th year growing and my most successful year yet! I decided to go with Grape Killer 99 Feminized, and Strawberry Cough Feminized as my main plant choices this year. I had a germination rate of 100% this season and every single seedling has grown up and reached maturity! I personally love these strains and found interest in watching their growth cycle!

What’s your favorite strain?

My all-time favorite strain is Juicy Fruit, but I haven’t enjoyed its sweet flavor in over 9 years!

What strain did you choose for your first ever grow?

In my very 1st year growing I had only 3 plants; all unknown strains that I had acquired, they were small and almost fruitless as I later learned they needed much more space to grow than their pots were allowing. I then starting purchasing seeds for the effects that I wanted and here we are! So, this year I decided I would stick them in the garden after germination and leave them alone.

Do you grow indoors or out (and why)?

I chose to grow outside to allow my plants to root out to their full potential with an endless supply of natural nutrients. I used a mix of cow and horse manure for my garden bed as it was easily obtainable and compostable from our farm.

What piece of advice would you give to a newbie grower?

Homegrown Customer Plants

In previous years I over fussed with plants, clipping leaves, and overfeeding for example. In my opinion, the extra attention negatively affected the plant’s growth. By leaving my plants alone this whole growing season I have had far better results than ever before, almost record-breaking in comparison to other growers in my area. My honest advice to any outdoor growers would be to leave your plants alone, plain, and simple-tend to them only when necessary but do not over fuss! Plants are hardier than some realize and can withstand cold frosts, droughts, and heavy rains! This summer has been a true test and proof of that!

If you could smoke a bowl with anyone from history, who would it be?

Now, if I could smoke a bowl with anyone from history it would have to be Luther Burbank, a famous horticulturist who studied plants in the mid-1800s! He focused on crossbreeding and creating new plant types! I’d love nothing more than to pick his brain for insight on how to better grow cannabis and get his opinion on how he’d go about choosing which strains he would cross!

Who is your favorite cannabis celebrity?

My true favorite cannabis celebrity would have to be Whoopi Goldberg because her main goal is cannabis products that help improve the quality of life for women with pain and discomfort! I look up to her character and willingness to help people!

Customer Success Story!

I wish nothing but the best for my fellow growers and can’t thank Homegrown Cannabis enough for the great seeds this year!!

Happy Growing!

Ashley Rose.