Indica Strains: In-Depth Guide

Indica Strains In-Depth Guide 1
March 09, 2020

Cannabis can be split into three species, cannabis ruderalis, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. From a botanical point of view, there is debate over whether they are actually different species, but let’s not get too bogged down in taxonomy. If you want to know more about their differences, you can read this post about Sativa vs Indica. Now, all we want here is the low-down on indica strains, right? Thought so.

What Are Indica Strains?

All indica weed strains, including their modern, hybrid cousins, can be traced back to central Asia, mainly India, Pakistan & Afghanistan. They’re adapted to cooler, elevated locations and are hardier plants than sativa. This serves them well in cooler, outdoor operations but they are ideal for indoor growers, too. You can fit more indica weed strains than sativa into your grow space, especially a tent with vertical limitations. Why? Because pure indica strains aren’t as tall and skinny as their sativa cousins (one meter high is typical, with minimal stretch). They’re more Christmas tree than weeping willow, with darker greens and shorter, fatter leaves. This lack of height doesn’t effect overall yield as much as one might expect (indica buds can be much denser) and it really helps when managing your space.

Top indica strains deliver heavy, chunky buds and lots of ‘em! They are tough, disease-resistant growers but can be susceptible to molds and mildew. Make sure your tent is clean and well-ventilated and don’t be afraid to thin-out when required. Flowering times are rarely more than ten weeks, unlike some sativa strains, which can take an absolute age to fully mature. This combination of short flowering time, hardiness and manageability explains why indica strains are so popular with beginners, but their sensual qualities are extremely attractive to even the fussiest of connoisseurs.

Why sensual? Because the best indica strains are a genuine treat for the senses. Aromas of pine, lemon and skunk marry full-on flavors of sweet, candied fruit and earthy wood. Homegrown’s own Pure Indica has plenty of sweetness but with added spice, a real mouth-warmer. It also hits exactly how you would expect a 100% indica strain to hit: physically. Yes, cannabis indica plants are euphoric. Yes, they can be weightless and floaty. But they are deeply physical and extremely relaxing… the best marijuana strains to chill-out with.

As Kyle Kushman would say: “The perfect night-time smoke.”

What Are The Benefits Of Indica?

This physicality extends to the medicinal applications of indica cannabis strains. Chronic pain, muscular strains, cramps and spasms can all be alleviated by the analgesic qualities of indica or indica-dominant marijuana strains. The relaxing properties of indica are a great way to alleviate stress and anxiety, even better for those struggling with sleep. A powerful indica is fantastic for insomnia, a natural and enjoyable sedative.

What Is An Indica Dominant Hybrid?

It might not be lost on some of you that the majority of indica seeds are actually just indica-dominant marijuana seeds. Pure indica is rare these days. That said, the quality of these mostly-indica hybrids is out of this world. Improvements and advances in cannabis seeds means more variety, more selection, more ways to buy marijuana seeds that fit your needs. It’s a little like having a suit tailored. You might love the punchiness of an indica, but you don’t necessarily want to sleep. You might like denser nugs, but you have room for a taller plant with a bigger potential for yield. So why put limits on what you think you can achieve? Buy cannabis seeds that tick all your boxes! Make sure your new favourite indica is one that suits your growing ability. Make sure it’s not too potent (or too weak). Make sure it smells and tastes just right. Make sure you grow your own indica with a smile on your face.

Being able to buy marijuana seeds online, from a store with hundreds of types of weed seeds (Homegrown boasts a catalogue of 475 strains and counting) might seem like just a dream, but you’re already here and you are wide awake.

Happy shopping!