4 Best Purple Strains of Weed

Purple strains
Author avatar By Parker Curtis
January 17, 2022

The color purple is the most dynamic wavelength in the rainbow and is often associated with power, creativity, mystery, and magic. Purple strains boast a supernatural vibe of psychedelic colors that are pleasing to the eye.

Other than the classic green cannabis cultivars, purple weed strains are becoming more popular among cannabis enthusiasts. 

Crops cultivated from purple marijuana strain seeds are typically indica dominant. The effects associated with these cultivars tend to be relaxed and sedative. Growing programs have allowed sativa genetics to join the purple craze in the cannabis world.

The pigmentation of purple weed strains doesn’t affect their cannabinoid quantity or flavor profile. Anthocyanins are predominantly responsible for the violet color in cannabis, and genetics contribute to their effects and flavors.

Despite this, we still want to know why some cannabis crops are purple, some purple weed strains names, and where we get their seeds from.

Let’s find out more!

Canabis flower with purple trichomes
Canabis flower with purple trichomes

Why some weed is purple

Before cross-breeding seeds hit the cannabis cultivation scene, growers were only spoiled with purple strains if growing environments allowed it. Cold temperatures activated anthocyanin molecules in plants that made way for purple tinctures to appear visibly.

Anthocyanins are water-soluble color particles found in plants that give them their color. Cannabis crops mostly receive their violet inheritance because of their genetic footprint—anthocyanin content is only a contributor alongside cold temperatures.

Purple weed strains like Purple Starkiller feminized crops are produced from seeds of two superior cultivars: Purple Kush x Starkiller—which largely contribute to the color profile of this weed.

Apart from the genetic contribution and availability of anthocyanins, neutralized pH levels also affect the visibility of violet in cannabis crops.

Some herbs are entirely purple from stem to cola, while others only present it in their buds and foliage.

Purple strains of weed show off their color on these parts of the plant:

  • Pistils: The tiny hairs remain purple after curing.
  • Calyxes: Resin glands and buds change to a strong violet color.
  • Foliage: Certain leaves are solidly purple and others only at the base, tip, or edges.
  • Trichomes: Purple pigments appear on the ends of trichomes.

Beware of purple strains myths

Every grower wants to experiment—there are many myths surrounding purple weed and how to achieve the effect across the internet. These myth-busters below will help you avoid them.

  1. Don’t deprive your weed of oxygen—it only stunts its growth. 
  2. Don’t deprive it of carbon dioxide—nutrients lost lead to an unhealthy plant.
  3. Don’t overload with nitrogen—too many nutes will kill your crops.
  4. Don’t alter their light cycle—no sunlight, no big yield.
  5. Don’t adjust water amounts—adjusting watering cycles has negative effects on their life cycle.
Purple marijuana
Purple marijuana

4 of the best purple strains of weed

Naturally, when we see purple, we think grape, berry-infused flavors, and fruity aromas.

The buds in certain purple weed strains produce a heavy smoke with amazing tastes. The genetics of each strain contributes to what you’ll receive on the toking end.

A general rule of law for cultivating purple marijuana seeds is to ensure:

  •  Optimal pH levels for your specific strain.
  •  There’s an adequate amount of nutrients in the soil.

Apart from the appealing plants you observe throughout their growth, the buds still maintain their colors after curing. At Homegrown, we sell strains that are really purple. Here are our favorites!

  • Purple Kush feminized
  • Purple Haze feminized
  • Grandaddy Purple feminized
  • Purple Urkle feminized

Let’s take a closer look at each one and what it has to offer.

1. Purple Kush feminized

Thanks to strong genetics from both parents, buds from Purple Kush feminized seeds are world-renowned for their potency. This purple weed strain stands at 3 feet tall, making it perfect for indoor growing using the Sea of Green (SOG) system. 

Frosty colas covered in resinous purple nugs make this cultivar a favorite among growers. Purple Kush feminized crops aren’t easy strains to maintain but flower within eight weeks under ideal conditions. Not recommended for beginner growers as a first-time strain.

Rich in THC, this purple strain isn’t for the faint-hearted or those who wish to be productive. A perfect end-of-the-day toke lets you experience effects through your entire body—from the potent euphoric high that lasts for roughly two hours, followed by intense calming and relaxed sensations.

Satisfy the senses with the sweet aromas this purple marijuana strain exerts. Surround yourself with its earthy-fruity notes and undertones of spice and grape.

Sweet tropical smells emerge from the smoke and blend with citrus zest, mixed berries, and hints of sandalwood to create the most amazing tastes with each puff.

THC 17–27% 
CBD Less than 2%
YieldIndoor: 17.5 oz./m²Outdoor: 28 oz./plant
Difficulty Intermediate to advanced. Due to its compact and short stature, it grows close to the ground.Constantly monitor the crops to avoid pests and mold appearing.
Purple Kush feminized
Purple Kush feminized

2. Purple Haze feminized

Here, we have a purple strain enjoyed by cannabis connoisseurs for decades and widely associated with the Jimmy Hendrix classic song. Purple Haze feminized is a hybrid strain with fine genetics from Haze x Purple Thai.

These crops grow up to four feet tall with a flowering time of 9–11 weeks. The leaves show off green laced with plum tones and a crystal-like cola with the most beautiful hues of purple on the nugs.

This is a sativa strain that’s beginner-friendly with its resilient characteristics. Great for indoor or outdoor cultivation using the correct growing methods for each environment.

The effects of this purple weed strain are courtesy of its sativa dominance. Energy bursting, euphoric feelings encourage the sudden need to be creative, get busy, and be happy. Multitasking becomes a breeze.

During the flowering stage of Purple Haze feminized, the nugs give off a sweet, spicy, earthy aroma. These purple strains taste as good as they smell, with undertones of spicy blueberries and grapes

A toke from this purple marijuana strain is smooth on the throat, making it perfect for first-time tokers. The flavors grace your taste buds with spicy-sweet, metallic laced wood, topped with fruity-infused berry notes. That is a mouthful and one heck of a flavor you’ll enjoy.

THC 14–18% 
CBD Less than 2%
YieldIndoor: 17.5–21 oz./m²Outdoor: 21–24.5 oz./plant
Difficulty Easy purple weed strain for beginners to start with. General maintenance habits apply along with trimming and pruning.A support structure for the stalks could assist in the weight reduction of heavy buds.
Purple Haze feminized
Purple Haze feminized

3. Grandaddy Purple feminized

There’s something about the way the name Grandaddy Purple rolls off the tongue. The same way the smoke from an exhale will, strong and satisfying. This purp weed strain presents an eye-appealing crop with its shimmering trichomes, deep violet nugs, and orange pistils.

Cultivating Grandaddy purps indoors leaves you with 3 feet tall plants. Outdoors, they can grow up to 6 feet with a flowering period of roughly ten weeks.

With a lineage tied down to Purple Urkle x Big Bud, this cultivar flaunts with violaceous hues and giant buds.

This dark purple weed strain produces long-lasting and powerful cerebral effects. A calming and relaxed feeling overpowers the euphoric sensation, courtesy of their sativa traits. It’s best to indulge in this smoke when it’s time to call it a day.

The sticky, resinous buds provide delectable tastes and aromas for your toking pleasure. Take satisfaction in notes of sweet, grape, and berry flavors with an inhale. The absence of a skunky smell is due to alluring mellow earthy, citrusy-pine, and herbal smells.

Keep some snacks handy—this purple weed strain can build up an appetite.

THC 15–19% 
CBD Less than 2%
YieldIndoor: 14–17.5 oz./m²Outdoor: 14–21 oz./plant
Difficulty Medium growing difficulties. Beginners are welcome to cultivate this strain. Due to heavy colas at the flowering stage, cultivators need to apply balancing assistance to the plant.Fussy about the amount of humidity it receives. 
Purple Haze feminized
Purple Haze feminized

4. Purple Urkle feminized

Cultivating Purple Urkle feminized seeds is favored among experienced growers. Their easy to moderate growth needs make it manageable for beginners too. It’s a legendary strain known for its hard-hitting effects.

The exact lineage of this cultivar is still undetected. Similarities of vibrant purple colors and grape-like aromas, along with indica traits, presumptuously link it to a Mendocino purp weed strain.

The buds and leaves show off vibrant purple hues, with the color intensifying as the crop matures. After a flowering period of 7 weeks, they stand at 6 feet tall outdoors, presenting the finest cola. 

During their growth stages, they emit teasers of their flavor profile. These tastes and aromas can be fully enjoyed during an inhale and exhale of this purple buds strain. Combined notes of berry-licious, topped with traces of grape and infused earthy-skunk, leave your taste buds in delightful joy.

A few puffs from a Purple Urkle joint will instantly give you a euphoric buzz with uplifting spirits throughout the body, mind, and soul. Feelings of relaxation and calm soon follow.

THC 10–14% 
CBD Less than 2%
YieldIndoor: 14–19 oz./m²Outdoor: 14–21 oz./plant
Difficulty Medium growing difficulties.Straightforward strain for beginners to grow.Consistent monitoring of the temperature, humidity levels, pH, nutrient input, water schedules.
Purple Urkle feminized
Purple Urkle feminized


We’ve put together the most frequently asked questions on purple marijuana strain seeds to help clear up any final doubts.

What is the most purple strain?

It has to be Grandaddy Purple. Have you seen this purple weed strain? It’s known as a classic cultivar for purple lovers worldwide. With legendary genetics, it boasts dazzling violet hues at flowering time. Cultivators can revel in its flavonoids from the time the buds appear to that first inhale.

Are purple strains better?

The color of weed holds no value to the psychoactive properties in purple marijuana strains. The answer is yes and no. No, if you’re comparing it to the traditional green crops. They aren’t more potent just because they retain violet features. Yes, due to the strong presence of anthocyanin in the plant. It holds anti-inflammatory properties that are beneficial for overall health.

Is purple sativa or indica?

The majority of purple weed strains are indica dominant. It explains the relaxed and calming effects. Due to the cross-breeding of strains, the sativa genes allow for uplifting and euphoric sensations.

Purple weed strains
Purple weed strains

Purple reigns in the garden

So what we know about purple weed strains is it’s mostly about their vibrant colors rather than the effects they offer from a toke. They do offer anti-inflammatory benefits due to the anthocyanin availability, but they’re not better on the smoke than greener crops.

Their potency isn’t much different to buds cured of green crops, but the grape-infused berry flavors and aromas are linked to their tint.
With an extensive list of purple strains to choose from, there’s no need to deprive your current crops of nutrients to get your violet plants going. Browse through the Homegrown Cannabis Co. seed store and start your garden of purple cultivars today!

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.