Sativa Strains: In-Depth Guide

energy sativa strains
January 16, 2020

Cannabis sativa – alongside indica and ruderalis – is one of the three basic types of all marijuana strains grown today, but what is different about sativa strains? Can we tell by looking at the plant? By smelling the flower? By smoking the bud? Let’s find out.

What Are Sativa Strains?

Sativa strains are ideal for those looking to grow cannabis seeds California style. Outdoors, full sun, little chance of frost. They need lots of space (some pure sativa strains have been known to stretch to a whopping twenty feet) and growers need to plan for longer vegging and flowering times. Expect a minimum of ten weeks in flower, with some strains taking sixteen weeks or longer to mature.

Apart from the difference in size, are there other visual clues that set them apart? Definitely. A sativa generally has narrow leaves with lighter colours, much more lime than olive. They look like a stretched indica, with bigger gaps between the nodes and fewer branches.

Sativa weed strains were initially discovered in warm, equatorial countries like Columbia and Thailand. They evolved to thrive in warmer, wetter environments than their indica and ruderalis brethren, showing far better resistance to mold and mildew as a result.

Top sativa strains can deliver HUGE yields, expanding like sweet-smelling triffids, challenging the space in even the largest of tents. Typical sativa aromas include citrus fruit, spice, candy… anything sugary, with pungent, chemmy smells like diesel and gasoline at the more extreme end of the spectrum. An indica can smell sweet and they can have a little fuel in the mix, but a sativa will rarely possess the same earthiness or hints of skunk.

Sativa Strains Effects

And what of the high? Can we expect a different buzz from sativa? Absolutely! The best sativa strains deliver a truly magical high, characterized by energy, creativity and profound thought. They can also be trippy, psychedelic and a heck of a lot of fun. Where an indica might lock you to the couch, a sativa will have you pacing the room, questioning the essence of that couch, what it means, how it functions, how much loose change it has seen over the years… sativa is vitality and spirit, a fervent grin to indica’s happy yawn. As Kyle Kushman would say, the perfect day-time smoke.

This cerebral energy extends to the medical functions of sativa cannabis strains too. Where cannabis indica’s natural analgesic properties target chronic pain, strains, cramps and spasms, your sativa is equally effective against anxiety and depression. High-quality sativa strains can also increase serotonin levels while boosting energy and creativity.

What Is A Sativa Dominant Hybrid?

The majority of sativa strains available today are pretty much sativa-dominant cannabis seeds, rather than 100% sativa. Pure sativa is hard to find but a good sativa-dominant weed strain can deliver all you expect and more. Some sativa hybrid strains, for example, can deliver massive yields while growing in cooler temperatures. Other sat-dom hybrids are shorter and more manageable, but with a cerebral high as good as any Pure Haze on the market. Pure sativa plants are an amazing thing to behold, a wonder to grow and a stunning, unforgettable smoke. However, don’t ignore the power of a good hybrid. Buy marijuana seeds that deliver on YOUR needs.

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