Send Us Videos Of Your Homegrown Plants To Get Featured On Our Social Media Channels!

Send Us Videos Of Your Homegrown Plants To Get Featured On Our Social Media Channels!
August 07, 2020

Hey Homegrowers!

We have an exciting new project in the works. To put it simply, we love seeing the plants grown by members of our Homegrown community, here at Homegrown Cannabis Co. we feel like a sense of community is important among growers, to see other growers plants and growing operations can be a source of inspiration to many looking to do similar things. 

To that end, we would like to start collecting submissions in the form of quick, 10-15 second videos from Homegrown customers showcasing the plants they have grown from our seeds.

Whether you want to focus solely on your plants, the methods you use to grow your plants, or a little bit of both, we are sure that there are some excellent growers out there with a lot of expertise to share. Whether you wish to teach and help other growers or simply show off your plants, we believe this is a great way to connect with other cannabis growers which will lead to future benefits in terms of trading tips or just having general conversation.  

We have a DIY ethos, we believe that everyone who wishes should be able to grow cannabis in their own homes (the law permitting) and have full control over the marijuana they are consuming. We aim to build a positive, free-flowing community online where growers can share their ideas, give tips, discuss their methods, ask questions, or just chat with each other.

We want your plants to look as good as they possibly can, given that most indoor grows are in dark spaces with grow lights – it can be quite tricky to get good footage of your plants. We would rather you showcase your marijuana plants in all their glory as clearly as possible – marijuana is a beautiful thing to consume and also to look at so, to that end, we have some suggested guidelines on how to present your plants in the best ways possible. 

Please follow the guidelines as best you can, the better the quality of the footage the higher the chance of being featured.  We want it to be natural and organic but still usable.

Setting up your phone

Clean your phone

Clean your camera lens, it is best to use an alcohol wipe or microfiber wipe but don’t worry if you don’t have these to hand. Ensure there are no smears, dust, or particles present on the camera lens.


Ensure you have enough storage space on your device. 

Enable 4K

A lot of recent models of modern smartphones have the option to shoot in 4K. However, this will eat up storage on your phone. If 4K isn’t an option please make sure you shoot in 1080p or the highest quality your device allows.

Enable IS

Check your phone camera settings to see if there is an option for image stabilization, this will help smooth out shakes in your footage as a result of shooting handheld. 

Frame Rate

If you have the option to shoot in 60fps please do so. 


Please try and shoot using as much natural light as possible or white lights (not colored), we want to see as much detail in the plants and grow area. Avoid grow lights with a strong yellow or purple hue.


Do not use flash.

Avoid backlighting such as a window or light source behind your subject as this will cause the subjects to become silhouettes. If you need to bring in an extra light source (such as a lamp or someone else’s flash) place it to the side or behind you (don’t block it).


Please film landscape (sideways) primarily, however, we would also love a secondary option of a vertical portrait video.

Locking Focus and Exposure

Tap your phone screen in the area where you would like to focus, ensure it is sharp and not soft or blurry. Make sure there is sufficient light and the image is exposed correctly (not too dark or too bright) as, in low light, your phone will hunt for focus and may end up focusing on the wrong point.


Use two hands at all times to ensure the phone is stabilized as much as possible. Try 3 points of contact by placing your elbows into your body as this will reduce shake further. 


Don’t use zoom! Get physically closer to your subject if you want a close-up shot as this will not lessen the quality of the image whereas using your phone’s digital zoom will reduce quality significantly.

Don’t move around with your phone, keep steady to ensure a smooth shot. If you want to show off multiple points of interest do these in separate shots and avoid doing it all in one take. 


Make it quiet

Ensure your environment is as quiet as you can, for example, turn off music, radios, and televisions or anything interfering that doesn’t need to be on.


If you are speaking over the recording, keep it short and simple. Also, ensure you are speaking clearly so as to be understood.


When recording audio, we realize that most people will not own a professional microphone, but many headphones have microphones built-in as standard. Use headphones with a built-in microphone if possible for better quality audio. Please playback the video and make sure there are no rustles or interference.


Ideally keep your videos as short and sweet as possible, 10-15 seconds in length is ideal however keep your narration or comments to 6 seconds, just a sentence or two. 

However, if you want to go into more detail, please feel free to do so but in a separate clip.

CLICK HERE TO UPLOAD YOUR FILES Please note, you will need a Google account to upload content.