Top 5 Strongest Sativa Strains

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March 05, 2020

The top 5 strongest Sativa strains in the world can be grown inside the house. Make no mistake, these are the most mentally stimulating cannabis that you could get your hands on. On the surface, these five naturally have insanely high THC. But this cannabinoid alone is not the sole reason for the intense high. At play in the overall profoundness of effects delivered by a cannabis strain are hundreds of chemical compounds.

Chemotype and Chemical Synergy

Once the cannabinoid responsible for the high became common knowledge, it did not take long for breeders worldwide to create high THC strains. Year after year, the average THC kept on rising. At a time when most of the popular strains contain 20% THC or more, it is hard to believe that it was only 4% in the mid-90s.

For many years, identifying the strongest Sativa in the world is as simple as looking at the THC level. Doing so, however, brings to light a perplexing question:

Why do some strains with lower THC induce a more profound high than higher THC strains?

Not more than ten years ago, researchers coined the term “chemotype” to classify cannabis varieties based on chemical constituents. Once THC was isolated, more than 100 other cannabinoids have since been discovered.

Cannabis constituents also include a class of organic compounds called terpenes. These “aromatic oils” are not only responsible for the scent but also provide recreational and medicinal effects.

To date, scientists have identified around 500 chemical compounds. Not all strains produce all of these at the same time or in the same concentration.

The chemical makeup of cannabis, or its chemotype, accounts for the differences in the high – some are cerebral, others are couch-locking, for example. Furthermore, the presence and abundance of terpenes and cannabinoids have a chemical synergy – also popularly referred to as the “entourage effect” in which the compounds enhance each other. It explains why a strain with lesser THC may be stronger than a strain with higher THC.

5 of the Strongest Sativa Weed Strains in the World

Some strains, such as Bruce Banner, can have as much as 29% THC. Granted that it is highly potent at this level, it is not as intense as the 5 most powerful Sativa strains featured here.

In no particular order, any of these marijuana strains are sure to take you to a soaring high.

1. Durban Poison Feminized

  • THC: 17-25%
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks; Late September
  • Yield: 400 gr/sqm; 500 gr/plant

Durban Poison Feminized is a South African landrace named after the port city near where it originated. This highly energizing and uplifting pure Sativa strain is also the genetic cornerstone of the legendary Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). For much of the duration of the high, it leaves you feeling upbeat, happy, and motivated to be productive. It may also have sedating effects due to the abundance of terpinolene.

In the grow room, it initially may develop broad Indica-like leaves. Once deep into the flowering stage that lasts 8 to 9 weeks, long, slim leaves will protrude from the foliage and buds. Training this strain using the Screen of Green (ScrOG) can not only increase the yield but also ensure consistent quality among all the bud sites.

2. Stardawg Feminized

  • THC: 16-25%
  • Flowering Time: 8-9 weeks; Early October
  • Yield: 550-700 gr/sqm; 800 gr/plant

You could think of Stardawg Feminized as a cousin of the legendary OG Kush, both having Chemdawg as a genetic cornerstone. Its name may have been inspired by the sparkling crystals surrounding the buds, or it could allude to taking you on a heavenly ride. Whatever the case may be, this Sativa hybrid is bound to deliver an intensely cerebral euphoria.

When grown indoors, this strain can be trained to stay between 2-1/2 to 4 feet tall. Outdoors, it could reach 6 to 7 feet tall. For a Sativa, it has an impressive quick flowering period. Its yield is naturally massive but could be increased by introducing low-stress training (LST)

3. Moby Dick Feminized

  • THC: 27%
  • Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks; Mid to late October
  • Yield: 800 gr/sqm; 1500 gr/plant

Among the many remarkable descendants of Haze, Moby Dick Feminized is one of the few that genuinely stands out. Borrowing the genetics of White Widow enhanced the classic, significantly strengthening its resistance to molds, shortening the flowering time, and increasing yields. It retained the ability to induce intense euphoria, quickly uplifting the mood and boosting creativity.

Moby Dick, grown from feminized seeds, thrives indoors and could top 350 cm outdoors. It is a massive yielder, giving you up to 800 grams of dense buds surrounded by fiery orange pistils and frosty trichomes under 600 watts of HPS.

If you would like to cut the growth cycle, then the best option is to opt for auto-flowering seeds. Auto Moby Dick reaches full maturity in around 11 weeks from the time the sprouts emerge. For breeding and seeding projects, Homegrown Cannabis Co. also provides this strain as regular seeds: Moby Dick Regular.

4. Amnesia Haze Feminized

  • THC: 22-25%
  • Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks; Early October
  • Yield: 600-650 gr/sqm; 600-650 gr/plant

In 2004, Amnesia Haze Feminized established itself as one of the world’s top Sativa strains by winning the Cannabis Cup. Since then, it has collected more accolades while capturing the hearts of canna-consumers by providing an uplifting, energizing buzz. The intense cerebral stimulation can leave you couch-locked while basking in euphoria.

Inside the grow room, growing this strain from feminized seeds is a delight, mainly due to its hardy nature, quick flowering time, and compact structure. With training, its height could be maintained at around 4 feet. Compared to the original Haze, harvest time is 4-6 weeks earlier. Even so, it still provides a substantial yield.

Getting your hands on the stash can even be quicker. Amnesia Haze Auto is also available and needs only 10 to 11 weeks to reach maturity from germination.

5. Super Lemon Haze Feminized

  • THC: 17-25%
  • Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks; Late October to early November
  • Yield: 600-700 gr/sqm; 800-1000 gr/plant

One of the best strains ever created – regardless of genotype – is the three-time Cannabis Cup winner Super Silver Haze. It receives a boost in a cross with Lemon Skunk, thereby leading to the creation of Super Lemon Haze. You can expect to leave behind all the troubles of the world, soaring to the sky moments after smoking or vaping this strain.

Potency-wise, the cerebral stimulation is intense – not as sharp as its genetic forerunner. However, the unique terpene composition featuring terpinolene adds to the profoundness of the experience by introducing a sedating buzz.

In the grow room, Super Lemon Haze marijuana seeds pop in a day or two and vigorously grow while actively resisting molds and pests. Towards the end of the flowering period that lasts only 9 to 10 weeks, it exudes an incredibly pleasing citrusy, earthy odor. Expect a massive harvest of 600 to 700 grams per square meter indoors and up to 1000 grams per plant outdoors.

Commonalities of the Top Sativa Cannabis Seeds

Indica hybrids outnumber Sativa for a few reasons – hardiness, compact size, disease and pest resistance, short flowering time, and generous yields. All these are growing traits that make them easier to cultivate. That is no longer the case as advancements in cross-breeding has led to the creation or enhancements of Sativa strains to grow like Indica.

These five strains – Durban Poison, Stardawg, Moby Dick, Amnesia Haze, and Super Lemon Haze – all boast of the traits that growers desire – be it for personal consumption or commercial use. Of utmost importance is the size of harvest – they all are massive producers of insanely potent buds.

For consumption purposes, the THC levels of these strains are staggeringly high. All have the potential to exceed 20% when provided with optimal environmental conditions and trained. There may be other strains that contain 2-6% more THC. Yet, it would be nearly impossible to find one that could match the intensity or profoundness of the euphoric, energizing high that these five could provide. And that makes them the world’s strongest Sativa strains.