Grow Bigger Buds with the Best Nutrients

Grow Bigger Buds with the Best Nutrients
September 07, 2020

Every grower dreams of harvesting fat, dense, and massive buds. It may seem far fetched as a beginner, but turning this dream into reality is entirely attainable. There are, in fact, several methods to encourage bigger buds. One of them – and this is a no-brainer – is nourishing the plants with the right nutrients during the flowering stage.

Overwhelmed at the endless options in the market? We’re here to help with the decision-making process. In this article, we will explore seven of the best fertilizers you can use on budding plants.

Bigger Marijuana Buds with the Best Bloom Nutrients

The nutrient requirement of cannabis plants – indicated as the NPK ratio – varies across the different stages of growth. The NPK ratio refers to how much nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) – the three primary macronutrients – a nutrient mix contains.

Marijuana plants produce buds during the flowering phase. At this point, they typically need less nitrogen and more phosphorus. Remember, nitrogen is mostly responsible for vegetative growth. Phosphorous, on the other hand, stimulates and enhances bud development. It also would not hurt to have medium to high amounts of potassium. This nutrient helps strengthen the plants while improving the weight, density, volume, and overall quality of the buds.

1. Flower Girl Bud & Bloom Booster by Dr. Earth

  • NPK Ratio: 3-9-4
  • Growing Style: Soil

For nearly three decades, Dr. Earth has been a trusted source of safe, sustainable, and organic gardening products. Among their most exquisite creations is the Flower Girl Bud & Bloom Boostera dry fertilizer handcrafted from all-natural ingredients. This includes alfalfa meal, feather meal, mined minerals, fish bones, soil microbes, and Mycorrhizae. You can also rest assured that it is free from synthetic chemicals and other toxic substances – all of which could compromise bud quality.

Flower Girl, however, is more than just clean and nutritionally balanced. It also features a premium scientific formula for both fast-acting and measured nutrient release. The result is a highly reliable blend that could promote healthy and vigorous budding throughout the flowering phase.

2. Bulb Food Granular by Jobe’s Organics

  • NPK Ratio: 3-5-4
  • Growing Style: Soil

Jobe’s Organics is the brainchild of a Texas-based company specializing in home and gardening products. The brand rose to fame thanks to its original line of all-natural fertilizers and spikes. One such product is Bulb Food Granular – formulated to nourish flowering plants.

This dry organic fertilizer features a unique blend of beneficial bacteria, bone meal, feather meal, potash, and processed manure. The high amounts of phosphorus, potassium, and organic matter encourages the production of denser, more flavorful buds. On top of that, it also keeps the plants robust and resilient while blooming, helping avoid unwanted stress, diseases, and pest attacks.

3. Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil by Botanicare

  • NPK Ratio: 1-4-5
  • Growing Style: Soil

With more than twenty years of experience under their belt, Botanicare is one of the leading experts in the hydroponics industry. They do carry products designed explicitly for soil-based gardens, such as Pure Blend Pro Bloom Soil.

This liquid formula is a part of the Pure Blend Pro Series – a three-product line featuring natural, organic-based nutrients such as fishmeal, kelp, and composted seabird guano. Such a potent mixture promises to enhance flavors and aroma.

Pro Bloom Soil, in particular, is packed with higher phosphorus levels to boost budding and flowering. It also encourages helpful microorganisms in the soil, resulting in enhanced nutrient availability and absorption. And since it comes in a water-soluble formula, you can expect rapid mineral uptake.

4. Tiger Bloom Liquid Plant Food by FoxFarm

  • NPK Ratio: 2-8-4
  • Growing Style: Soil and hydroponics

As early as the 1980s, FoxFarm was already gracing the organic farming and gardening scene with its high-quality potting soil, soil conditioners, and fertilizers. Nearly forty years later, the brand is now a household name in the industry.

Through the years, FoxFarm has churned out many best-sellers – including Tiger Bloom Liquid Plant Food. This liquid fertilizer boasts soaring levels of phosphorus to coax out large yields and hefty buds. Even better, it also has a slightly acidic pH to maximize nutrient availability. For best results, use it as soon as your marijuana plants show signs of flowering. Keep at it up to two weeks before harvesting.

5. Cultivation Nation Bloom by FoxFarm

  • NPK Ratio: 0-5-4
  • Growing Style: Soil and hydroponics

Cultivation Nation Bloom is yet another genius creation from FoxFarm. It belongs to a three-part liquid feeding program – Cultivation Nation – which is designed to assist the plants from seedling to harvest. As you might have guessed, Bloom provides the much-needed nutrients to support flowering. Again, start feeding your plants with this fertilizer at the first sign of bud development.

6. FloraBloom by General Hydroponics

  • NPK Ratio: 0-5-4
  • Growing Style: Hydroponics

Every cannabis grower has probably heard of General Hydroponics. This company has been innovating and experimenting in the hydroponics field. For over four decades, they have created top-of-the-line hydro systems, nutrients, supplements, maintenance products, pest control solutions, and many more.

FloraBloom is one of their most enduring creations. It is a part of the FloraSeriesa three-product hydroponic nutrient system first formulated in the mid-1970s. Fast-forward to today, this line has now become a fan-favorite among millions of enthusiasts.

Used while the plant is flowering, FloraBloom delivers the optimal balance of primary, secondary, and micronutrients. This results in massive, trichome-packed buds and dramatically enhanced yields.

7. BioThrive Bloom by General Hydroponics

  • NPK Ratio: 2-4-4
  • Growing Style: Soil and hydroponics

BioThrive Bloom is another top-notch product from General Hydroponics. This complete vegan formulation consists of all-natural plant extracts, seaweed, and mined minerals for prolific bud production. But you do not only get large, resin-dense flowers and sky-high yields. With the comprehensive nutrient program and organic ingredients, the buds will also be as fragrant and flavorful as can be.

Your Dream Harvest Is Right Within Reach

Harvesting large, top-shelf ganja does not have to be a pipe dream. One effective way of increasing your chances is to feed the plants with the appropriate nutrients – especially during the flowering stage.

Fortunately, several products available in the market are designed to do exactly that, resulting in healthier, bigger, and denser flowers. You can actually make a marijuana nutrient mix in six easy steps. For best results, support it with other techniques throughout the growing cycle, including pruning, training, and providing enough light. Most importantly, do not forget to start with high-quality seeds from a trusted cannabis seed bank. Without good genetics, the plants would never churn out the coveted buds – no matter how expensive the fertilizer is.