Drinkables: What Are the Best Canna-Beverages You Can Drink?

Drinkables: What Are the Best Canna-Beverages You Can Drink?
February 14, 2020

Once combusted, joints produce toxins that are inhaled into the body. Heating dried herbs or oil to produce vapor, in this regard, is safer. Edibles are the same. When correctly prepared, it is a clean way of ingesting cannabis. Although the onset takes a long time – up to two hours as opposed to seconds or minutes, the effects last much longer. Edibles, as many have come to know, is not only limited to brownies, candies, gummies, and other treats, it can also be in the form of drinkables.

As one after another state decriminalized or legalized medical marijuana, with some also allowing recreational use, edibles saw a rise in popularity. Canna-beverages, a subgroup, is also becoming a trend, deserving a category of its own.

What Are Drinkables?

Drinkables are the same as the traditional canna-edibles. Quite simply, these are beverages – tea, coffee, refreshing tonics, or even wine – infused with cannabis.

When smoked, cannabinoids and other active compounds enter the bloodstream through the lungs. It takes only a moment for blood to transport them to the brain and other parts of the body. Hence, the effects are quickly felt by a consumer.

Canna-beverages, or edibles in general, first enter the body through oral administration. Instead of the lungs, it goes to the stomach. From the digestive system, the active compounds pass through the liver, get metabolized, before entering the bloodstream for transport to the brain and the rest of the body.

Compared to most other methods of consumption, drinkables are arguably the most discreet and convenient, and delicious too. It is becoming widely available, and the choices are sure to cater to all kinds of needs, preferences, tastes, and moods. And, if you want to make canna-drinks at home, that is also a viable option.

Why Cannabis-Infused Drinks Are Better than Edibles

Drinking canna-beverages can be better than eating cannabis-infused foods in some ways.

Faster-Acting High

How soon the onset or how long depends on the potency and THC level of the edible. Other factors include gender, weight, and metabolic rate. In most estimates, it takes between 30 minutes to two hours before kicking in with the high lasting 6 to 12 hours.

Canna-drinkables, for sure, are digested much faster than solid foods. Because they are already in liquid form, there is no longer a necessity to wait for gastric juices in the gut to break down, liquefying solid foods. To this end, you can assume that the onset of the effects is significantly quicker.

Generally, you would feel the psychoactive or therapeutic effects within half an hour. These may last anywhere between two to four hours, roughly the same as smoking joints. While not as long as that of traditional edibles, it is a small price to pay for the fast-acting relief it offers.

More Consistent Formulations

A concern with edibles – particularly homemade ones – is that it can be challenging to distribute the cannabinoids uniformly. For instance, one piece of pot brownie can have a double-dose, whereas another will barely have any THC or CBD, even though they are from the same batch.

With drinkables, this is hardly an issue anymore as liquids are easily mixable. In other words, each sip will – more or less – have the same potency.

Easier to Dose

With pot edibles, you may have to consume more food to feel any noticeable effects. On the other hand, you only need smaller amounts of weed-infused drinks to achieve the high or obtain the much-needed symptom relief. This makes it easier to manage and control the dose, as well as predicting the effects.

The Best Cannabis Drinkables in the Market

The canna-beverage sector is among the fastest-growing in the commercial cannabis scene. In mid-2019, a report noted that there were 88 beverage brands in the market – and this number is only expected to rise. Already, edibles have captured 12-14% of the market share.

Unsurprisingly, the assortment of products available is astounding, and you will find teas, coffees, juices, sodas, energy drinks, or even alcoholic drinks. Regardless of your preference, make sure to stick only to high-quality products from reputable brands and manufacturers. It guarantees the potency, purity, and safety of the formulations and ingredients used.


1. Mellow Mint Tea by Stillwater Brands

Mellow Mint Tea is the epitome of a perfect nightcap. Each cuppa holds 10 mg CBD and 0.5 mg THC infused into organic Egyptian peppermint tea leaves. To sweeten the deal, it is also sugar-free, vegan, keto-friendly, and contains zero calories and caffeine. For sure, each sip will melt away all the stress, anxiety, fatigue, and other physical discomforts. By the time you finished drinking, you will – without a doubt – want to collapse into bed and drift off to dreamland.

Retail Price: $18.00

2. Positivi-Tea by Kikoko

Positivi-Tea is the ideal companion if you want to be uplifted and energized – all while banishing deep-seated aches. This therapeutic herbal infusion contains only top-shelf organic ingredients, such as peppermint, green tea, spearmint, licorice root, lemon myrtle, lemongrass, and safflower petals. Each tea bag is powered by 10 mg THC and 5 mg CBD – a balanced ratio that will address mental and bodily troubles with less impairment.

Retail Price: $44.00 to $60.00


3. The Catapult Coffee Pod by Fairwinds Manufacturing

Fairwinds Manufacturing – a Washington-based company that is dedicated to world-class cannabis growing – has teamed up with Paper Tiger Coffee Roasters for this delectable creation.

The Catapult Coffee Pod is made only using premium coffee grounds and sustainably-sourced THC. It comes in convenient single-serve packaging and is also Keurig-compatible, ensuring that the cup is ready within minutes. Each pod boasts 10 mg of THC. Pairing it with caffeine results in a powerful duo that would perk you up even in the dullest of mornings.

Retail Price: $37.00 for a pack of 6 (or $10.00 apiece)

4. CBD Coffee (Whole Bean) by Sträva Craft Coffee

If you fancy a brew enriched with CBD instead of THC, you might want to check out CBD Coffee (Whole Bean) – a constant bestseller from this Colorado-based company.

The medium roast blend uses only broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and has no THC. Each serving (8 oz cup) contains 4 mg CBD. One bag contains a total of 25 servings or 100 mg CBD.

The hand-roasted Colombian coffee features luscious chocolate and cherry notes that would surely tickle your palate. Even better, the cup will not give you the jitters but will leave you feeling alert, relaxed, and focused instead.

Retail Price: $21.95

Juice, Tonic, and Soda

5. CBD Raspberry Hibiscus by Cannabis Quencher

Cannabis Quencher is the brainchild of The Venice Cookie Company – a Southern California-born brand that is fast becoming a household name in the world of cannabis edibles.

CBD Raspberry Hibiscus is an unrivaled thirst-quencher – refreshing, delicious, and packed with medicinal benefits. The tart notes of the hibiscus and fruit infusion will delight your taste buds, and the 4:1 CBD to THC ratio could ease a vast range of ailments, from anxiety to chronic pain to nausea. It is also cost-effective as each bottle contains ten servings. Best of all, you can indulge in it without guilt, as it is low calorie, and free from gluten, added sugars, and artificial sweeteners.

Retail Price: $25.00-$30.00

6. Enjoy, It’s Legal by Mirth Provisions

Enjoy, It’s Legal is a line of all-natural weed-infused sparkling tonics that come in five delightful flavors – Cranberry, Rainier Cherry, Pomegranate, Lemon Ginger, and Espresso Mocha. Each bottle not only has varying CBD and/or THC strengths but also comes in different ratios of Sativa and Indica genetics. With such a wide range of products to choose from, there is undoubtedly at least one that would suit your needs and taste. Or, you could sample everything and dive into a one-of-a-kind experience every single time.

Retail Price: $10.00

7. CBD-Infused Sparkling Citrus Soda by Sprig

Sprig is a renowned brand of CBD sparkling beverages that uses only the highest-quality, domestically-sourced, and hemp-derived CBD. They rose in popularity thanks to their CBD-Infused Sparkling Citrus Soda – a light and invigorating drink packed with 20 mg CBD per can. The CBD content would soothe persistent aches and pain, as well as pacify the mind. Meanwhile, the zesty grapefruit taste would surely bring a smile to your face.

Retail Price: $50.00 per 12-pack

Energy Drink

8. CBD Energy Drink Mix by Joy Organics

Do you find it hard to stay productive and focused at work come midday – or even early in the morning? Or perhaps you want to be more active so you could make the most out of your workout sessions? Whatever the case, CBD Energy Drink Mix just might be what you need to feel revitalized. This fast-acting energy booster is fortified with 12.5 mg CBD, 75 mg of caffeine per packet, and various vitamins and minerals – an unbeatable blend that will stimulate your brain and body in no time.

Retail Price: $19.95 for 5 packets

9. Cannabis Shot by Quigley’s

Quigley’s innovative creation is hard to categorize since it is the first-of-its-kind in the cannabis market. What is sure, however, is that Cannabis Shot is everything you could ask for in a THC-infused brew – fast-acting, long-lasting, easy to dose, and flavorful. Each serving contains a whopping 20 mg of THC, although you could adjust the strength to match your tolerance. Whether you want to be productive, energized, medicated, or on the move, this blend has got you covered.

Retail Price: $10.00

Alcoholic Beverage

10. Saka Sparkling Pink by House of Saka

Saka Sparkling Pink is the first-ever marijuana-infused rosé wine. It is made only of the finest Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, and Chardonnay grape varieties that were grown in Napa Valley – a world-renowned vineyard in California. The grapes were carefully pressed, fermented, de-alcoholized, then infused with craft cannabis containing a CBD to THC ratio of 1:5.

The cannabinoids come in the form of ultramodern nano-emulsion particles for rapid-acting effects. Within fifteen minutes, expect the mood to lift and the stress to fade away. Wait a bit more, and you are in for an elevated and luxurious cannabis experience you cannot get elsewhere.

Retail Price: $89.00

Homegrown’s Favorite

Chill Brew Coffee

Do you want to wake up and have the clearest focus for a productive day? How does 180mg of caffeine and 10mg of full spectrum CBD sound? Packed into the perfect shot on the go, Chill Brew Coffee is the world’s first CBD coffee shot. This unique pick-me-up will give you an amazing zing of energy – a mental stimulant like nothing else. Made with organic cold brew coffee concentrate and full spectrum CBD, this is the real Coffee without the Jitters!

Retail Price: $39.99

Drinkables: The Brand New Edibles

Cannabis-infused beverages are taking the 420 community by storm. It does not only channel all the appealing benefits of traditional edibles – but even take things up a notch. For instance, it has a faster onset, with the effects appearing in less than half an hour, and remaining in the body for an adequate length of time. It is also easier to formulate, dose, and consume. Finally, the market boasts a vast selection of high-quality weed drinks – a guarantee there is a beverage that would deliver the desired effects while being delicious, to boot.