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Cannabis Honey: The Essential Guide

February 18, 2022

Cannabis? Check! Honey? Got it! Now we can get started on creating delectable cannabis honey.

As simple as the treat sounds, it's not as straightforward as throwing these two ingredients together. So what does it take to create weed-infused honey that brings 420 enthusiasts and liquid gold lovers together?

If you're not a prominent sweet nectar user but would love to try out this edible product, we have notes for you too.

Amongst other vital points, we're here to learn about a cannabis-infused honey recipe.

So let's get to it! 

Weed-infused honey
Weed-infused honey

What is cannabis honey?

It's not something bees make by collecting nectar from a marijuana flower. It's simply honey mixed with cannabis.

Canna-honey is a fusion of nature's most splendid and therapeutic gifts. The golden goodness—a natural by-product of flower nectar and the upper-airway tracts of honey bees—and a selected weed cultivar.

It involves activating the cannabis plant's lucrative compounds, heating them by decarboxylation, and adding sweet nectar from bees.

How cannabis honey will affect you depends on the weed strain you use during infusion. 

What can you use marijuana honey for?

You can use marijuana honey for a variety of things. Limiting it to edibles is doing it an injustice.

Suppose you opt for a less psychoactive cultivar to add to your cannabis-infused honey. In that case, you can make edibles to consume throughout the day.

You can also replace your sugar intake and usage with weed honey. From baked goods like muffins, cookies, or even chocolate—if you feel up to it—to a delightful afternoon cup of tea. It doesn't just need to be an additive to your food or drinks.

People may find it beneficial to use topically for ailments such as: 

  • Acne
  • Cuts and burns 
  • Dandruff

You may also use cannabis honey for:

  • Fatigue 
  • Insomnia
  • Coughing
  • Memory issues
  • Acid reflux
  • Hangovers
  • Sinus problems
  • Appetite loss
  • Reduce nausea

Weed honey benefits

Thanks to the profound properties that this sweet nectar and marijuana hold, cannabis honey is beneficial to your health and cerebral effects in various ways.

In their respective forms, they have a multitude of possible health advantages. Combining the two into cannabis honey enhances these benefits and creates one magnificent product.

Let's touch on some benefits of each:


Honey's carbohydrates and compounds are vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, proteins, and minerals. It reportedly helps with:

  • Diabetes 
  • High blood pressure
  • Aids in the healing of skin wounds
  • Helps with acid reflux
  • Relieves colds and cough symptoms

While we're on the topic of cannabis-infused honey, it's good to know the difference between the irradiated and non-irradiated kind.

Irradiated honey

When irradiating honey, it undergoes a process that eliminates unwanted microorganisms, pathogens, and insects. At the same time, it kills off friendly enzymes, and it loses its natural healing abilities. 

Based on the import laws in various countries, honey brought into a country needs to be irradiated. It's to protect local bee colonies and raw honey production sites. Isn't that great? It shows how important bees are to humans. Besides the sweet nectar we need for our marijuana-infused honey, bees play a vital role in keeping our pollination schedules in check.

Irradiated honey isn't the kind you generally want to use for this confection since it's lost all its natural elements.

Non-irradiated honey

Like regular marijuana seeds, this kind is in its purest form. Sweet nectar jars labeled with non-irradiated is the one you would rather use for your canna-honey. It’s a good idea to source this from local suppliers.


In addition to the euphoria that marijuana provides, it boasts many other benefits when used correctly. Cannabinoids like THC and CBD are responsible for the advantages linked to these crops.

Reported THC benefits

  • Psychoactive 
  • Causes euphoric feelings
  • Reduces nausea
  • Muscle relaxation
  • Increases appetite

Reported CBD benefits

  • Non-psychoactive
  • Reduces paranoia
  • Alleviates anxiety
  • Combats depression
  • Reduces inflammation

Combining these elements into a jar of greatness called canna-honey can only be good for you.

Some people are serious about their intake of marijuana but—believe it or not—may not be too keen on smoking. Using weed-infused honey is another enjoyable way to get their daily dose of cannabis.

Marijuana honey
Marijuana honey

Weed-infused honey effects

Humans have consumed this nectar for centuries, and it’s had a valuable place in traditional medicines ever since. According to history, Ancient Egyptians also used the sweet liquid to treat health issues.

One of the many properties of honey is that it's antibacterial. It destroys harmful bacteria and fungi in or on the body. Predominantly the effect you feel from your weed-infused edible depends on the potency of the cultivar you add. 

Ask yourself:

What effects do you expect from your canna-honey?

A marijuana strain with more THC will have a stronger psychoactive effect when indulging cannabis-infused honey

THC is the compound in cannabis that activates the psychedelic feeling. White Rhino feminized, for example, contains up to 26% THC, whereas Harlequin Kush has far less at 7%.

Do you want your weed honey for medicinal use?

To use your weed honey for medicinal purposes, go for a cultivar that contains more CBD than THC. Carmen 2.0 feminized, for instance, contains CBD of up to 20%. You don’t feel a change in your senses, but you still gain all the benefits.

How to make cannabis honey

This sweet confection can be a sugar substitute in most dishes. The number of edibles you can make with weed honey in your pantry is limitless. A crucial first step prior to getting started with the recipe is to decarboxylate your cannabis.


Decarboxylation of your weed is vital for the marijuana honey recipe. It's a chemical process that cannabis needs to activate the compounds like THC and CBD. 

The process involves the application of heat to the weed for some time. Consuming raw cannabis won't affect you, but heating the marijuana before the infusion enhances the properties in your weed-infused honey.

With the cannabis industry continuously growing, there are various appliances available that make decarboxylation an effortless process. 

For those who don't own one of those wonderful gadgets yet, here are ways to decarboxylate at home:

  • In the oven 
  • Sous vide method 
  • Using a mason jar

The easiest and most convenient method among the three would be using your oven.

Decarboxylate using your oven

It's vital to keep the temperature of your oven between 200–300°F at all times during baking.

You need:

  • Baking paper
  • Baking tray
  • Cannabis of choice


  1. Scrunch up the baking paper before evening it out onto the baking tray.
  1. Break up the cannabis you intend to use for your weed-infused honey and place it onto the baking tray.
  1. Place your tray into the center of the oven and bake for 30 minutes.
  1. When it's done baking, take it out of the oven and let it cool. Set it aside while you round up all your other instruments for your weed honey recipe.
How to Decarb Weed
Decarb weed

Cannabis honey recipe

Finally! The process is quite simple but takes a bit of time to see your result. 

You need:

  • 0.5 oz. decarboxylated weed
  • 2 cups of honey (preferably locally produced non-irradiated honey)
  • A crockpot or slow cooker
  • Cheesecloth
  • Glass jar with lid
  • A piece of string


  1. Add the 0.5 oz. decarboxylated weed to your cheesecloth.
  1. Forming a ball-like shape, tie the cheesecloth with a piece of string, leaving a good amount of string to hang out of the jar so that you can pull it out after.
  1. Place the cheesecloth ball filled with weed into the glass jar.
  1. Pour in the 2 cups of honey.
  1. Add room temperature water into your crockpot/slow cooker; enough to surround the honey level.
  1. Put the lid onto the crockpot/slow cooker and set it at a low temperature for 8 hours.
  1. You need to pop your head in and check up on your weed-infused honey every 2–3 hours to ensure that pressure doesn't build up in the jar.
  1. After 8 hours, take the jar out of the pot and let it cool.
  1. Once your cannabis-infused honey is cool, remove the cheesecloth ball from the jar and strain any excess honey from the cannabis ball.
  1. Store your canna-honey in a spot where it doesn’t get direct sunlight.
  1. You may want to hold onto that ball as a dipper in your next beverage, so don't throw it away yet.

There you have it, your very own marijuana honey recipe. Add it to your beverages, mix it in with your baking, and glaze your favorite foods with it. Get creative! Be inspired!

Will making weed-infused honey smell?

Will making your cannabis-infused honey smell? It all depends on what odor you’re referring to.

There’ll be little to no smell while making your canna honey. The process of decarboxylating your weed creates a mild aroma due to the heating.

You may not get the intense smell of weed while making your marijuana-infused honey, but you can get subtle scents from the strains' terpenes when using it. When cooking honey and marijuana over low heat, the terpenes and cannabinoids separate from the plant material, but the oils remain in the nectar.

These terpenes hold the flavors, aromas, and medicinal properties of the bud. When you add some weed honey to your next beverage, you may detect hints of these scents.

How strong will my cannabis-infused honey be?

The strength of your cannabis-infused honey depends on the amount of weed used and the potency of the strain.

If it's your first time probing into the marijuana edibles section of home-baked goods, consider starting with small doses. An appropriate starting quantity is about ½ teaspoon at a time. 

Keep in mind that you won't instantaneously feel the buzz if that’s the effect you’re after. It takes a while for the sensations from canna-honey tea to hit.

Inhaling cannabis and ingesting it via edibles have different effects on the body.

Inhaling cannabis–smoking or vapingIngesting cannabis–eating or drinking
1.Smoking delivers THC directly to your lungs, where it enters your bloodstream and then travels to your brain.Before it reaches the bloodstream and brain, edible cannabis travels from the stomach to the liver. The liver then converts THC into a stronger form, which intensifies its effects.
2.Start feeling effects within seconds or minutes of inhaling it.Start feeling effects within 30 minutes to 2 hours after ingesting it.
3.Full effects can peak within 30 minutes after inhaling it.Full effects can peak within 4 hours after ingesting it.
4.Effects can be felt up to 6 hours after useEffects can be felt up to 12 hours after use

Tips for making marijuana-infused honey

Tip number one: have fun while making and enjoy your canna-honey! Here are two more informative ones to add to your notes:

  1. For every cup of honey used to make your weed-infused honey, mix in 0.26 oz. of cannabis. For a stronger dose, double up the usage of each ingredient.
  1. If you don't have cheesecloth material, a kitchen towel works well. Make sure that it has more natural fibers since you wouldn't want cotton fiber particles to stay behind in your marijuana honey. 
Cannabis-infused honey and tea
Cannabis-infused honey and tea

Canna-honey! Sweet euphoria in a jar

No bittersweet feelings here! Just the blissful effects and tastes from your cannabis honey. The fusion of the two is one to top your recipe book favorites.

The sweetness from the honey and the euphoria from the marijuana leaves you with a delightful jar of canna-honey.

Now that you know how to make weed honey, what effects it gives you, and that it won't smoke up a sweet weed storm in your house, it's time to start filling those jars.

Remember to be mindful about your usage each time. A teaspoon a day keeps the ailments at bay.

Not sure what cultivar to add to your marijuana honey recipe? Browse through the seed store at Homegrown Cannabis Co. and find the one that hits your buzz.

About the author: Parker Curtis

Parker Curtis has around a decade of cannabis-growing experience, specialising in soil-less and hydro grows. He’s mastering outdoor, greenhouse, and indoor grows.

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