How to Make the Best Weed Brownies

How to make the best weed brownies
February 11, 2021

Without a doubt, there is a surge of interest in cannabis edibles and, with that, there is an increase in the number of internet searches for easy to make weed edibles.  The holy grail seems to be a simple cannabis edible recipe, that delivers in taste, as well as ease of preparation.

Allow us to introduce you to the Weed Brownie.  Yes, it’s nothing new, but countless people pass over this iconic marijuana edible as a choice of cannabis recipe to try at home.  Perhaps, because they perceive it to be a hassle to make, or maybe because they don’t consider themselves to be a baker?  Think again!

Gundgy chocolatey goodness, married with your preferred strain of weed; what’s not to like?  The brownie has long been a firm favorite in Amsterdam Coffeeshops, but as more cannabis users are turning to homemade edibles, the mystique that surrounds baking with weed is becoming debunked and the cannabis brownie is being born again.  

For some users, the easiest way to dose medical marijuana is simply to eat it and the perfect weed brownie recipe has got to be a tasty way to administer it?

The point is, weed brownies are easy to make and they taste oh so very good!

The Basics of Cooking with Cannabis Made Easy

There is no science to learn here.  No magic (other than turning your favorite marijuana into a tasty treat).  Just a couple of basic principles for you to learn, then you can experiment with weed recipes, to your heart’s content.

Ready to take notes?  Here we go…..the good stuff in your weed is not soluble in water, but it is in oil.  Getting those cannabinoids out of the plant and making them accessible to the body, is why oil and fat are used.  That’s it!

So, if you want to bake with your weed, you’re going to need ‘fat’, to get all those cannabinoids and terpenes out of the plant, into your food, and into your stomach.  You can add your grass to almost any recipe which contains oil, butter, or fat, but depending on the amount of oil, the temperature, and the cooking time, you’ll get differing results and effects.  You may hit it lucky and get perfect cannabis edibles the first time!

There is some science behind this, of course, but you don’t really need to know that the THCA and CBDA in your bud, turn to THC and CBD when heated up, through a process called decarboxylation. This change in the cannabinoids makes them active and have an effect on the body’s endocannabinoid system.  In other words, your weed can now get you high when you eat it.

What is worth knowing, is that the levels and potency of each cannabinoid vary, depending on the temperature and time your bud is heated for.  It is possible to virtually ‘kill’ the THC, for instance, by heating it too much, for too long.  Who wants that?  Nobody…probably.

What is Cannabutter?

To ensure consistent results, time after time, many cannabis cooks make cannabutter or canna-oil.  This simply means that butter or oil is used to extract the good stuff in your grass, decarboxylating (‘decarbing’) it in the process, providing you with a consistent, evenly charged ingredient for your cooking.  

If you don’t mind the flavor of weed, perhaps the easiest cannabis edible ever is simply to make some toast and spread it with a little cannabutter and, maybe, a touch of peanut butter?!  A good alternative to a bowl, as your wake and bake.

How to Make Cannabutter, Put Simply  

Cannabutter or canna-oil is the basis of almost every weed edible, so it is something worth learning to improve future results and take your ‘canna-cooking’ to the next level.

We will be covering how to make cannabutter, hash-butter, and canna-oil in another article, but for now, all you need to know is that it just takes some butter or cooking fat, a stove, a pan, and something to filter the weed from the fat, like muslin or cheesecloth.  Whatever you used to strain your cannabis tincture, would be ideal.

The Best Weed Brownie Recipe Ever, Guaranteed!

If you’re searching for the best weed brownie recipe, or the easiest weed brownie recipe, or the fastest weed brownie recipe, you’ll know that everyone guarantees that their recipe is one of those!  There’s probably even the “gooiest weed brownie recipe” out there somewhere?

The truth is, just like anything in life, the best brownie recipe is the one you like the most.  Simple.  If you’ve got an absolutely amazing, ‘straight’, chocolate brownie recipe from Cake Boss, Milk Bar, Gordan Ramsey, or even your grandma, and you’ve got your cannabutter/oil made, you can simply swap out the fat content in the recipe, for your cannabutter, and away you go, ‘your’ perfect weed brownie recipe.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to mess with the perfection of a recipe from one of the world’s greatest chefs, you could always consider making a cannabis chocolate sauce, to go over the top?

Just keep in mind that cooking times and temperature will continue to have an effect on your high, so it may be that a quick, low-temperature bake gives you the results that ‘you’ are looking for?  You may just have to experiment…what a hardship!

Our Favorite, Easy Weed Brownie Recipe

This is a simple and relatively fail-safe recipe that delivers great results and flavor.  Suitable for beginners, this 10-step weed recipe is a great introduction to making cannabis edibles.


  • 250g cannabutter (Or canna-oil)
  • 200g dark chocolate (70%+ cocoa solids)
  • 80g cocoa powder
  • 65g plain flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 360g caster sugar
  • 4 large eggs

Worth remembering: 

The better quality your ingredients are, the better the end product will taste.  Consider using the best cocoa powder and chocolate you can afford and, maybe, free-range eggs.  You could also add chopped, dried fruit at the mixing stage, or broken biscuits, just before you pour into the tray?


  1. Prepare the Oven

    Preheat the oven to 350°F/180°C.
    Preheat the Oven

  2. Prepare your Baking Tray

    Line a 10×8 inch baking tin (or similar sized, 9×9 etc) with parchment paper.

  3. Start Mixing Ingredients

    Sift the cocoa powder and flour into a mixing bowl.

  4. Add Baking Powder & Sugar

    Add the baking powder and sugar to the same bowl and stir together.

  5. Prepare the Eggs

    Beat the eggs in another bowl, or jug, and set aside.

  6. Add the Chocolate

    Break the chocolate into pieces, in a new mixing bowl and add your cannabutter (using canna-oil will give a gooier end product.)

  7. Heat the Ingredients

    Place the bowl over a pan of simmering water and stir continuously, until melted.  (The regular boiling temperature of the water will stop your chocolate from burning and becoming grainy.)

  8. Add the Dry Ingredients to the Mix

    Now tip the dry ingredients into your melted chocolate/butter mixture and stir together.

  9. Add the Eggs to the Mixture

    Stir in the eggs to your mixture, stirring until you have a silky consistency.
    Add the egg

  10. Leave the Brownie Mix to Set

    Pour the brownie mix into the baking tin and place in the middle of the oven for about 20-25 minutes.  

If you want gooey brownies, you don’t want to overcook them.  Also, a shorter cook is better for your THC content.  

Push a skewer into the tray of brownie mix, to test the bake.  You want it to come out sticky, showing that the inside is still good and moist. The ideal brownie should be a little springy and chewy on the outside.  Take a peek inside, if you’re not sure and, if it’s too runny, pop the tray back in the oven for another 5 minutes.

Allow your tray of chocolatey heaven to cool, before gently turning out the contents on a chopping board.  Chop into squares, or bite-sized chunks, depending on how strong you made your cannabutter!

Notes from a Couch-lock Veteran

It’s important to remember that your body metabolizes THC, CBD, and CBG differently when you eat it.  You may be an experienced toker, but it’s a whole new ball-game if you’ve never had weed edibles before. 

You may be consuming less Mary Jane than you’d normally pack a bowl with or ‘twist’ in your joint, but the effects can be profound and incredibly long-lasting.  Also, it takes MUCH longer to reach your potential high (45 minutes plus) and, even then, it depends upon how much you have eaten that day and your metabolism.

Because of this, it’s always wise to start low and slow, when tucking into your pot brownies, or any other form of marijuana edible. You can always eat more, but you should really wait a couple of hours, to be perfectly sure how high you’re going with your first intake.

If you eat too much, or re-dose too soon, it can be an uncomfortable, seemingly endless white-knuckle ride.  The couch, or bed, will be your partner for what feels like an eternity, as you sofa-surf that big, white wave.

Also Worth Remembering:

When making your butter or oil, the strain of marijuana you pick will impact the effect that your brownies have.  

Sativa weed strain

Sativa strains tend to give you a more uplifting, creative, and energetic buzz, while Indica strains will make you way more relaxed.  You should consider whether you want to get high, creative, energized, or relaxed, blissed-out, or sleepy.  Maybe you’d like medicinal edibles, with an emphasis on the curative benefits a particular strain can offer?  

Whatever your choice of weed, brownies are a fabulous, luxurious edible that can lift your mood, even before the real fun starts!

Oh, and yes, you can make pot brownies from a box, rather than investing the time to do them from scratch, but you’ve already made a financial investment, so why not give your weed the quality treatment it deserves; treat yourself too and do it right?