How to Make Weed Stem Tea

How to Make Weed Stem Tea
December 14, 2020

Obviously, buds are the most important part of the cannabis plant, they are what growers set out to cultivate. That being said, although weed stems should not be smoked, they are definitely not useless. Making marijuana tea with stems is actually a pretty common practice, one that actually provides a lot of benefits for the consumer. Here we will talk about some of the benefits and also the origins of weed stem tea as well as some of the different ways how to make weed tea with stems.

Making Weed Stem Tea

Do you know the benefits that weed stems have? If you have been throwing them then you need to stop and start making weed stem tea. Here, we will show you how to make weed tea with stems.

Weed stem tea has for ages been consumed as an alternative for smoking marijuana. Weed tea is known to be an amazing traditional medicine used for a variety of purposes by different cultures in the world.

People make weed stem tea using many different purposes, mostly depending on the effects that they want to get. One main benefits of weed stem tea is that it has the same amazing medicinal benefits as the weed plant.

In this article, we are going to look at the history of weed stem tea and five different weed stem recipes. Finally, we will look at the benefits of weed stem tea.

The History of Weed Stem Tea

Weed stem tea is an old age medicine. Research has shown that weed stem tea has been used medicinally for thousands of years ago. Research has shown that the oldest civilizations in the world starting with China, the Caribbean, India, and Egypt all were using weed stem tea to treat various diseases.

Cup of Herbal Tea

Let’s start with;

1.    China Weed Stem Tea

Weed was already being used between the period of 10,000 and 2000BC because it has been found in most of the Chinese Neolithic archaeological sites. A popular Chinese emperor called Shennog who is known to have been teaching Chinese Medicine and agriculture around 5000 years ago, is rumored to have been the one who discovered the health benefits of cannabis.

The well-known story is that Shennog used to drink boiled water that had been made by his servants. The story is that he was the one who discovered tea. Then one day the servants didn’t notice a stem of a leaf fall into the boiled water but they noticed when the water changed its color, then Shennog drank it and loved how it tasted.

Shennog then went ahead and started studying different plants and stems, it’s said that how he discovered the weed plant and loved it ever since. Then he started making weed tea. Shennog was known to be a guy that worshipped the weed plant.

2.    The Caribbean Weed Stem Tea

It is known that many families in Jamaica used to make and still make ganja tea. The ganja tea is then consumed as medicine. Rastafarians are also known to have used weed in a spiritual way by smoking it.

There was a study that was done that showed that Jamaican families used to give their kids ganja tea as a form of relieving stress from hectic school and farm work.

3.    India Weed Stem Tea

India has long been known to have strong usage of weed products. The Hindus consider it a sacred plant and because of that weed products are known to be precious there. Weed tea is not an exception because it is also held in high regard.

The homebrew weed tea in India is known as bhang. The Indians make their weed tea by incorporating different spices like cinnamon and cardamon. Weed tea in India was used 1000BC years ago. It is still used as the preferred drink for the Holi Spring Festival of Colors in India.

Weed tea is widely used in northern India to treat illnesses such as anxiety and fever.

4.    Egypt Weed Stem Tea

There is an old document in Egypt known as Ebers Papyrus that was written about 1500BC. It shows that cannabis was used as medicine for hemorrhoids. Medical cannabis has also been mentioned in several other ancient Egyptian documents like Chester Beatty Medical Papyrus (1300BC). This shows that weed stem tea was also being consumed there.

Cannabis Stem Tea Recipes

           Weed Stem Tea Chai latte

The weed stem chai latte is an inspired drink from the tasty Indian Bhang. Here is how to make one. You will need;

·        A blender

·        Half gram of ground weed and weed stems

·        Half gram of butter

·        1 cup of milk

·        A teaspoon of vanilla extract

Steps to follow

1.     In your blender put half a gram of weed stems, the half gram butter, 1 cup of milk, a teaspoon of vanilla extract and mix them together.

2.   Blend the mixture until all the ingredients have formed a smooth liquid that looks like a milkshake

3.   Let the mixture sit in the blender for at least an hour so that they can infuse the weed aroma. This is an important step but if you don’t have the patience to wait it is okay to skip it.

4.   Take half a cup of water and boil with low heat in a stovetop pan then add your mixture to it. Observe the mixture and stir it well for around 30 minutes. Add more water as you keep stirring so that the mixture doesn’t dry up.

5.    Remove the mixture from the heat and add a chai tea bag to it. Let the chai tea bag combine with the mixture for around 5 to 8 minutes. You can let it combine for a longer time or a shorter time depending on how strong you want your weed stem chai latte.

6.   Remove the chai tea bag and sieve the mixture with a cheesecloth or whatever sieving product you prefer. The purpose of sieving is to remove big particles of the weed stem that may not have blended well. While sieving remembers to put a bowl under the strainer so that a lot of your weed stem tea chai latte does not go to waste as you sieve.

7.    Pour your mixture into a mug or a glass jar and add whatever sweetener you prefer. Enjoy.

Weed Tincture and Cannabutter Weed Stem Tea

You can elevate your regular weed stem tea by adding cannabutter and weed tincture.

You will need;

·        One teaspoon of weed cannabutter

·        One teaspoon of weed tincture

·        1 cup of water

·        A spoon

·        Crockpot

·        A half a gram of weed and weed stems

The steps to follow are;

1.      You will start by making the cannabutter. An essential tool you must have for this step is a Crockpot. Melt some butter in a saucepan and then grind your weed and add it to the butter. Let this mixture simmer on low heat for up to a day. By using a Crockpot, you can set the ideal temperature needed for your cannabutter without having to stir your mixture all day. When you are done with this step you can end up getting a month’s cannabutter that you can use for a month.

2.    Making weed tincture will also take you a day but once finished it will be an essential product that you can add to your regular weed stem tea. Check out the procedure for making cannabis tincture here.

3.    The next step when you have already made your two ingredients is to bring to a boil two cups of water then add your preferred amount of weed stems.

4.    After you have boiled the weed stem with water for about 10 minutes, let it cool, and then add your ingredients which are cannabutter and weed tincture. Add the amount that you like however one teaspoon each is more than enough.

5.     Enjoy.

  Non- Psychoactive Raw Weed Tea

The raw psychoactive weed tea recipe is borrowed from the weed recipes of Jamaica and Chinese. This style of raw herbal weed stem tea offers medicinal benefits that are long-term without the effects of the psychoactive THCA. Like CBD tea, this recipe will ensure that you don’t get too high.

The steps to follow;

1.      You can grind, cut or crush half a gram of your weed stems so that you get the perfect product to get your weed stem tea right.

2.    Put the ground weed into a folded coffee filter.

3.    Place the coffee filter into a mug.

4.    Then bring water to a low boil. The low boil helps in preventing the weed from turning from THCA to THC.

5.     Then the other important step is to pour the water into the mug that has your ground weed and let steep for 10 minutes. You can allow the steeping process to last longer or shorter depending on how strong you want your cannabis stem tea to be.

6.    Serve your weed tea accompanied by the flavors you might want to add but remember not to add milk and cream so as to keep your weed tea less psychoactive.

Psychoactive Simple Weed Stem Tea Recipe

This simple weed stem tea recipe will make you enjoy all the effects you want to get from your weed. Here is the procedure;

1.      Grind your weed stems together with high-quality weed buds and leaves. This mixture will have enough number of cannabinoids.

2.    Mix your weed grounds with about half a gram of butter. This is in order to keep the weed completely coated.

3.    Add the mixture to an emptied tea bag or you can also use a coffee filter.

4.    In a pan with two cups of water add the tea material. It is important to keep in mind that the amount of water will evaporate during the boiling process so it is better to use more than enough amount of water.

5.     Let the mixture in low boiling heat for about 30 minutes so that you can decarboxylate weed. Remember the decarboxylation process is the one that activates weed so that the user can feel its effects.

6.    Turn the heat off and allow the weed tea stem to cool down. You can decide on any extra flavoring you want like honey, milk, or cream.

Making Marijuana Tea With Stems- Simple Recipe   

Weed stems

This pot stem weed tea recipe will help you get a more refreshing drink. Here is the procedure;

1.      Grind about five grams of weed stems. Ensure that the Mason jar you will be used gets filed with the weed stems so that you have just enough amount.

2.    Bring three cups of water to a low boil and then add three tablespoons of butter into the boiling water. Let the mixture simmer well.

3.    Add your weed stems then cover your cooking pot and let the mixture simmer for 30 minutes or an hour until you see that your water has turned brown. You can add more water if you notice that the one you have is evaporating quickly.

4.    Add one or two cups of milk if you love milk.

5.     After adding the milk then boil the mixture for another 10 minutes so that it can combine well with the milk. Keep stirring regularly in this period.

6.    The next step is to now turn the heat off and give it time to cool. Then strain the mixture. Enjoy your tea by adding cinnamon, cardamom, sugar, or any flavor of your preference. This weed stem tea will make you feel high in the next 40 or 60 minutes.

Benefits of Weed Stem Tea

The first benefit of drinking weed tea is that it’s much better for your health than smoking. Smoking weed can be harmful as smoking tar and other harmful substances can get stuck in your lungs.

Weed tea will also give you a softer calm effect. Weed stem also has shown to enable people to get high in the sense of relaxation of their body and mind. The good effects of weed stem tea can also last you throughout the day but it depends on the dosage that you took.

Weed stem tea will also help you to enjoy the taste of your weed that you want because you can make your weed as strong or mild as you want. The medicinal benefits of weed stem tea are that it can manage anxiety, depression, and headache.

It can also manage asthma, insomnia, and nausea. If you have a low appetite then you can be sure that drinking weed tea will help your appetite problems.

Wrapping Up How To Make Stem Tea

Making weed drinkables might be a long process to enjoy your weed than smoking but it has immense benefits that you will enjoy. The good thing is that you can put any ingredient that you prefer into your weed stem tea.