The Simple Way to Make Weed Cake

How to make a weed cake
November 26, 2020

Are you a foodie or weed lover? You probably are because you’re here. Nothing is more delectable than a full-blown cake or dessert in any flavor(s), really. Whether it’s chocolate cake, blueberry cake, cheesecake, cannabis gummies, firecracker, or weed cake, these things would never fail to make your mouth water. Now, a dessert is better than ever with the addition of weed. Imagine two of your most favorite things in your mouth.

Some fortunate parts of the world have marijuana cakes or “space cakes” generously served in coffee shops, bakeries, and bars. Amsterdam has cannabis-focused coffee shops that serve cannabis cake in all sorts of sizes and flavors. Eating space cakes is one of the preferred ways of getting high by locals in Amsterdam.

If such coffee shops seem like a dream away, you might be wondering how to make a homemade version of space cakes and other weed cake ideas. Well, look no further as we break down the simple step by step procedure on how to make weed cake. First, let’s discuss how to prepare the weed to make it a viable ingredient for a cake. 

Preparing the Weed for the Cake

Let’s be honest. You’re thinking of chucking weed into the cake mixture to just get it done with, right? I wish it were that easy, but the reality is, you need to prepare the weed using a process called decarboxylation. The decarboxylation process is heating marijuana to make it a suitable ingredient for any food recipe or, for this matter, a cannabis cake recipe.

Preparing Cannabis to Cook

Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid or THCA is a Phyto-compound innate to the cannabis plants. When cannabis is heated during the decarboxylation process, THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is then produced. THC is the psychoactive property of cannabis that creates the “high” for consumers.

Weed in its unprepared and raw state wouldn’t trigger psychoactivity even if it has THCA on it, simply because THCA in its pure and unprocessed form is not psychoactive. Although weed smokers use fresh and raw weed rolls for smoking, they would need fire to heat their weed rolls to get high.

What you will Need to Decarboxylate your Weed

  1. Oven
  2. Pestle and mortar
  3. Baking tray
  4. Baking paper or a baking parchment
  5. Spatula for spreading
  6. Bowl

The Process of Weed Decarboxylation

Decarboxylating in the oven
  1. Preheat your oven to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Using a pestle and mortar, grind your weed until it achieves a smooth texture.
  3. Line your baking tray with a baking paper or a baking parchment. 
  4. Spread the ground weed on the surface of the parchment. Make it nice and even.
  5. Place your baking tray on the oven and let your weed bake for 45 minutes. Take out the tray from the oven every 15 minutes and stir occasionally. This prevents your weed from getting burnt and unevenly cooked. This also ensures that precious phyto-compounds such as cannabidiol and THC inside remain intact.
  6. After 45 minutes, put the cooked weed in a separate bowl. 

The Simple Weed Cake Recipe

You will need the following baking tools and equipment for the weed cake recipe:

  1. Manual or electric mixer
  2. Pestle and mortar
  3. Baking tray
  4. Regular cooking pan
  5. Baking paper, baking parchment, or non-stick spray
  6. Baking pan
  7. Spoon or spatula for mixing and frosting spread
  8. Mixing bowl
  9. Oven 
  10. Stove
  11. Extra bowls for the placement of other ingredients
  12. A toothpick
  13. Bread or cake knife

Prepare the following ingredients for the space cake with their designated measurements:

  1. Flour (1¾ cups)
  2. Extra flour for the hands
  3. Baking soda (¾ teaspoon)
  4. A quarter cup of granulated white sugar
  5. Brown sugar (¾ cup)
  6. A pinch of salt
  7. Decarboxylated weed (8 grams) or half a cup of cannabutter (can be an alternative for regular butter).
  8. A cup of chocolate chips, chunks, or bars
  9. Half a cup of a variety of dehydrated fruits
  10. A teaspoon of vanilla extract
  11. One egg
  12. A cup of milk
  13. A chunk of regular butter (if you’re not using cannabutter)

The step by step instructions in making space cake:

  • Preheat the oven up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature and time you’ll be needing to prepare is just the perfect heat for your oven when you start baking the space cake. 
  • Turn on your stove to low heat and put a clean pan over it. Make the surface of the pan hot for 30 seconds and melt a chunk of butter on it. Don’t burn the butter, or it will give off a bitter taste to your dessert.
  • Keep the butter creamy and melted. If you can, lift your pan off the heat while slightly sliding your butter on the pan’s surface. Put in a separate bowl. This process would just take 10 to 20 seconds. 
  • If you’re using half a cup of cannabutter instead of decarbed weed for this particular recipe, melt them on your pan in low heat.
  • (This step is optional and may vary according to flavor) If you’re meant to bake a chocolate space cake, put a cup of chocolate chips, chunks, or bars in the same pan you used to melt your butter. Keep the stove temperature low. Melt your chocolate chips, and don’t let them burn.
  • In a mixing bowl, add the egg and a quarter cup of granulated white sugar. Mix the ingredients until the texture becomes fluffy. Your mixture is right when you can turn the bowl upside down without the contents spilling out. Add the milk next and mix.
  • Add a pinch of salt to the mixture, ¾ cup of brown sugar, a teaspoon of vanilla, and ¾ teaspoon of baking soda. Gradually add the flour to the batter in batches. Mix until the texture becomes doughy, smooth, and slightly wet. You can use either a manual or electric mixer in this step.
  • Put flour in your hands when you want to massage the dough. The flour will prevent your hands from getting bits of sticky dough on them. Just avoid getting too much extra flour on the batter, or your cake will turn into bread.
  • Add the melted butter, decarboxylated weed, and dehydrated fruits to the dough, then mix. If you’re keen on keeping your batter smooth, use an electric mixer, but if you want to eat a cake feeling some texture, use a spatula for mixing in this step.
  • If you’re using baking paper or parchment, line the surface of your baking pan with it. Make sure every surface is covered. If you’re using a non-stick baking spray, spray a generous amount of it on the surface of the pan. Make sure every surface is covered as well. Pour the batter into the pan and spread it evenly. Bake it for 25 to 30 minutes.
  • After 25 or 30 minutes, pull out the tray and stick a toothpick on the cake as deep as you can. Pull the toothpick. If the toothpick is clean or didn’t pick any wet bits inside, this means your space cake is ready. If not, then add a few more minutes to your baking time.
  • As you add more baking minutes, the more chances of burning your weed cake. To prevent this from happening, keep an eye out constantly on the top portion of your cake. 
  • Once the weed cake is ready, bring its temperature down for 20 minutes. If it’s cool to the touch, decorate the cake’s exterior with frosting or fondant using a spatula.
  • If you wanted to have your cake layered with frosting cut the cake in half horizontally with a bread or cake knife. Spread a generous layer of frosting on the bottom half’s surface and join the two pieces together. Then, cover the cake with frosting.

Pro-tip: Not a fan of making a space cake from scratch? Buy a cake mix, and use cannabutter instead of regular butter. If you’re using decarboxylated marijuana, you still have to use regular butter.

Making a Frosting

Prepare the following ingredients for the frosting with their designated measurements:

  1. 6 cups of white powdered sugar
  2. A teaspoon of vanilla
  3. A cup of cream
  4. One and a half cup of unsalted butter
Frosting a cannabis cake

The step by step instructions in making the frosting

  • In a medium bowl, whip the one and a half cup of unsalted butter and six cups of white powdered sugar with an electric mixer. Keep the mixture at low speed.
  • Add the vanilla extract and a cup of cream next. Gradually mix until the mixture is fluffy enough for it to be a proper cake frosting. If the frosting is too thick for your liking, add a teaspoon of cream to the mixture until you achieve the mixture that you want. On the other hand, if the frosting is too thin, add a drizzle of white sugar. 
  • Let the frosting rest for an hour before actual usage on the space cake exterior. The serving size of this frosting can cover a 13×9-inch cake. 

Recommended Strains to Use in a Weed Cake

  • CBD Girl Scout Cookies Feminized: This terpene-rich strain has a palatable flavor and aroma that suits desserts well. Aside from its pleasurable cerebral high and relaxing full-body effects, this CBD-enriched strain is known for its potential therapeutic qualities. If you’re keen to keep cannabinoids such as CBD intact within a baking process that involves heat, try using sunflower lecithin. It’s an edible additive that increases the potency and effects of weed.
  • CBD Ratio 1:30 Feminized: If you’re more interested in taking CBD than getting high, this is the perfect strain for you. This strain has high CBD levels at 30% and almost insignificant THC levels of 1%. Still, this strain gives off a soothing and relaxing sensation fit for anyone who wants a chill day. This strain features an array of potential therapeutic effects because of its high CBD concentration. Some of the prominent healing features of this strain are its antidepressant and anxiolytic properties. What’s even better is it has little to no adverse effects
  • This strain is popular for its penetrating fragrance of pines and fresh woods. Although it’s a “smoking” favorite, you can try this strain in edible infusions too. 
  • Gelato Feminized: Gelato’s distinct yet appealing scent makes it a stand out among strains. Gelato’s exotic flavor profile is reminiscent of the Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint GSC blend. 
  • This type of cannabis strain adds a fruity flavor to your edibles because it has a complex blend of mint, citrus, berry, sherbet, orange, lavender, and cookie scent and flavor. 
  • Banana Punch Feminized: Banana Punch Feminized strain will wake your tropical senses. True to its name, it’s a tropical-flavored strain that has a scent of ripe bananas and pineapple.  Colorful as it is, it gives the consumer a euphoric yet profoundly relaxing experience. This strain yields 22% THC and is far from a tame strain. If you’re a case that likes veteran stuff, this is for you.

Tips Before Eating a Space Cake

The experience of partaking in an edible weed extravaganza is different in smoking a weed roll. In smoking weed, the psychoactive effect would come faster but usually last less. Meanwhile, consuming edibles like space cake needs a long time before you can actually notice the effects.

Ideally, getting stoned on edibles would come around 30 minutes or up to 2 hours. How fast the effect comes depends on the amount you’ve taken, the weed serving on the dish, and your tolerance. However, it is more likely than not that the experience of edibles lasts longer.

  • Therefore, be careful around edibles, don’t eat more just because you didn’t get stoned for the first 30 minutes or so. For beginners, start by eating half of your serving at once. Wait for the effects of the half serving to mellow down before helping yourself with another serving. 
  • Also, if you’re driving later or engaging in work that requires a straight mind, it’s best to postpone your edible session for now.
  • Drinking beer, wine, or any alcoholic beverages is not advisable while simultaneously eating an edible. Juice, tea, milk, and water suits cannabis edibles better.