What are the Best Edibles to Take?

Best Edibles
February 08, 2021

Which edibles are best?  There is no correct answer to this question.  More often than not, the answer to a question of this nature is entirely subjective, and “whichever you like the most” is the right response.  On occasion, however, the desired outcome might dictate a reply other than a reply based on aesthetics and preference.  This might be one of those cases, for whilst a favorite taste and flavor might be preferable, the reason for dosing with a cannabis edible in the first place might necessitate alternative considerations.

The Best Edibles for Pain Relief

Let us start with the reason for which you are most likely to forgo personal taste and preference, in exchange for a speedy result.  Cannabis is known to have powerful analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and there are many people who turn to weed as their first call for pain relief.  If you are looking to benefit from medicinal marijuana, it is most likely that you are considering a high CBD content edible, because CBD above other cannabinoids is reported to possess the greatest medicinal benefits.

If you’re in pain, you’re probably looking for quick relief and if your preference is for oral administration, rather than smoking or vaping, the best cannabis edible for you would be soluble or liquid. Any liquid edible, or edible that dissolves with the saliva in your mouth offers fast absorption and can enter the bloodstream within 20 minutes.

Sublingual administration (placing it under the tongue and holding it there for a few seconds) offers the fastest relief.  A cannabis tincture, canna-honey, and even canna-sugar all lend themselves to this method of administration.  Soluble candies like lollipops could also provide rapid relief.  Just keep in mind that if you swallow your edible, the beneficial effects could take up to two hours to manifest.

Which are the Best Edibles on the Market?

Commercial edibles abound and the best marijuana edibles offer convenience and portability.  Gummies, lollipops, chocolates, and other candies are some of the best cannabis edibles in this respect.

cannabis chocolate

Look out for the THC and CBD content, so you have some idea of what you’re popping.

Which are the Best Edibles for Relaxing?

Now we are entering a bit of a grey area.  If we start to ask what is the best edible for a specific effect, we have to understand what effect the terpene profile of a particular strain has.  It is believed that, rather than Sativa or Indica, or THC and CBD, it is terpenes that are the main drivers of a cannabis strain’s characteristic effects.

When cannabis is smoked or vaped, the terpenes are passed through the lungs into the bloodstream and are able to work their magic.  It is beginning to be understood that it is unique terpene signatures that differentiate strains and make Haze Autoflower a consistently uplifting variety and Shishkaberry a renowned, relaxing sedative, for example.

When cannabis is eaten in an edible, it seems that very few of these terpenes make it into the bloodstream and are bioavailable, therefore it is quite possible that a weed strain’s normal, characteristic effects will not manifest through the consumption of an edible.  In other words, just because Hektol is a wonderful strain for promoting creativity when smoked, it might not have the same effect in an edible.

There are some commercial manufacturers who produce strain-specific edibles, but there is little evidence to support the benefits of this.  Some edibles users claim that they can consistently experience the anticipated effects of a strain with edibles, whilst others suspect that this is no more than a placebo effect.

In light of the lack of evidence to the contrary and the knowledge that so few terpenes reach the bloodstream when eating edibles, it is impossible to accurately say that ‘this is the best weed edibles for energy’ and ‘that is the best edible for focus’.

Instead, it is better that your primary consideration be the THC/CBD content and ratio of an edible and, should you be wanting to make your own edibles, the strain you select to use.  Sure, select a strain that displays the characteristics you’re hoping for, why not, but don’t rely upon feeling those effects.

If you’re looking for a strong high, select a strain that has a high THC content, such as Bruce Banner 2.0, which can have a THC content as high as 30%.  Alternatively, a high CBD content could provide you with the medication you need, in this case, consider a strain such as CBD Ratio, which has CBD levels of up to 30%, but almost no THC.  A more balanced strain, like CBD Candyland, has equal amounts of THC and CBD.

What are the Best Edibles to Make at Home?

This is when you do get our stock answer of “whichever you like the most” because the only limit here is your own imagination and, perhaps, cooking skills.  Grab your favorite cookbook, your Momma’s recipe cards, or hit the internet and look up some cocktail recipes because, if you can make it, it’s a potential weed edible!

Best marijuana edibles to make at home

After your weed has been decarboxylated, you need to consider how you’re going to use it and there are many different options available to you.  Your choice in the method of infusing your edible may dictate what type of edible you produce, and vice versa.

If you fancy making a brownie, a gummy, baking a cake, or any other candy, you should probably consider making some canna-butter, canna-honey, or canna-sugar.  While if you’re getting hungry for something savory a cannabis tincture, or cannabis oil would probably be the best way to go.  Once you have your extraction or infusion, you really can get creative with your cannabis cookery.

One of the most flexible of those canna-carriers is probably a cannabis tincture and we have covered how those are made in a related post.  A tincture can be added to sweet or savory edibles and it can be included in cocktails or other drinks if you wish.

A few drops in a jello shot is an easy way to administer a tincture, but perhaps the quickest and easiest is to dose sublingually.  

If you like the idea of infusing a liquor for use in some cannabis cocktails, why not look at ways of incorporating that same liquor in food.  There are some really tasty Boozy Pumpkin Pie recipes on the net or how about some Braised Brisket with a Bourbon Peach Glaze?  

Cannabis oil can be added to salad dressings, drizzled over pizzas, or included in recipes like cannabis pesto.  It’s another versatile medium.

Of course, any baking recipe that calls for butter, sugar, or honey is presenting the perfect opportunity to swap out the regular ingredient for the cannabutter, canna-sugar, or canna-honey.

Some Interesting Edibles Facts

Marijuana to cook

Did you know that there are some foodstuffs that will help your cannabis edibles along?  There are, and it might be something that you’d like to keep in mind when you’re searching for a recipe to bestow the benefits of your blessed-buds upon.


If you’re high and you’ve got a dry mouth, these juicy fruits can be incredibly refreshing, but they can also enhance the effects of your Mary Jane.  Mangoes happen to be packed full of terpenes, Myrcene in particular, which is known for aiding pain relief and promoting relaxation and better sleep.  By eating mangoes whilst high, you can give the medicinal effects of your cannabis a big boost, which is ideal if you’re looking for pain relief or help with your sleep patterns.

Why not harness the marvelous mango’s magic and whip up some Marijuana-Mango Icecream, or try some Marijuana Mango Lassi?  These recipes don’t include the cannabis element, but swap out the maple syrup for canna-honey in the ice cream, and add some canna-honey to the Lassi.  Maybe even make some canna-milk or yogurt?  Did someone mention Frozen Mango Margaritas….we’re on our way?!

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes can help you get greater benefits from your weed, too.  Naturally high in Vitamin E and B Vitamins, Sweet Potatoes can help boost serotonin production.  So if you’re using cannabis for the uplifting, mood-boosting effects it can provide, this might be an edible for you?  Sweet potatoes can also give cognitive function a boost and an extra burst of mental energy and focus.

So, if you’re wanting to feel the mentally-stimulating and uplifting effects of cannabis, even more, why not try something like Cannabis-Infused Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes, cannabis-infused Bourbon Sweet Potatoes, or Pecan Streusel Stuffed Sweet Potatoes?

Other Foods

Nuts, broccoli, tea, and many herbs and spices can also give your high a boost.  So doing a little experimenting with your weed edibles recipes could pay great dividends.

So, the big question is not, “which weed edible is best?”, but “what do you want to eat?”!