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Grow your own high THC marijuana seeds

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  1. Steve's Dream Queen Feminized
    • THC Level: 20%
    • CBD Level: 5%
    • Plant Type: Sativa
    Steve's Dream Queen Feminized
    An excellent choice for wake and bake
    Steve Deangelo
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High THC Content Marijuana Seeds For Sale

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers a large variety of the highest THC strains for sale available as feminized seeds, regular weed seeds and autoflowering cannabis seeds. There are many of the highest THC strains to choose from, these vary in potency, length of high and also the type of high which can help you to choose the correct strain with the highest THC content.


Homegrown Cannabis Co. is the best place for  cannabis seeds, with so many marijuana seeds for sale you should have no problem finding the best weed strains for you. For beginners looking for high THC cannabis seeds for sale, it might be a good idea to start with some of our marijuana seeds for sale.

What is THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, put simply; it’s the part that gets people high. The human body contains endocannabinoid receptors in the brain known as CB1 and CB2 which interact with THC once it enters your bloodstream. From there you  will feel your mood, appetite and general perception change as neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine are released to induce feelings of euphoria.  


High THC Seeds: Find Out our Best Ones

Homegrown Cannabis Co. is home to some of the highest THC strains as marijuana seeds for sale with a large variety to suit long time growers and novice growers alike. Furthermore if you find one of the highest THC weed strains that looks interesting but are unsure of how to cultivate it, then check out our Grow Your Own guides with Kyle Kushman.

Below are some examples of strains with the highest THC percentage for sale at Homegrown Cannabis Co.

 A great Sativa strain with one of the highest THC percentages of 20%, known for its uplifting and energising high, these high THC seeds are perfect for the active consumer looking to get a little lift during their day. 

 An Indica dominant hybrid high THC cannabis strain which gives the consumer an intense, euphoric high. A strong and physical high good for relaxing and relieving physical and mental stress.

 One of the highest THC strains, this marijuana strain gives a strong, stress-relieving, cerebral high. These high THC marijuana seeds are relatively easy for beginners to grow and flower into beautiful buds with sparkling trichomes.

 An Indica Sativa hybrid with one of the highest THC percentages; 22%. Amnesia x Nicole Kush provides a fast, head-buzz high known to energise the consumer and boost creativity.

 Combining two indica heavy strains together seamlessly to create a hard hitting indica hybrid with some of the highest THC content. Skywalker OG’s great pain-killing abilities combined with a high potency typical of the highest THC strains.

High THC Autoflowering Seeds for Sale

Autoflowering Seeds are favoured by some growers due to the speed at which they reach the flowering stage and also the size of the cannabis plants being much smaller than that of your regular photoperiod marijuana plants. This means they are much better for growers with limited space available to them. Generally, it can be expected that autoflowering seeds produce smaller yields, however, you can find a great selection of high THC strains with great potency that more than makes up for this. Here are some examples of highest THC percentage autoflowering seeds for sale at Homegrown Cannabis Co:

 High THC autoflower seeds are great for first time growers and novices as they are quicker and easier to grow. They also don’t tend to grow to the size of regular or feminized plants, making them ideal for growers with limited space available.

Highest THC Percentage Seeds

High THC levels generally indicates that the cannabis strain will have strong psychoactive effects. There are varying levels of THC even among the highest THC strains, these can produce a variety of effects. Commonly Sativa strains have higher THC levels and make the consumer more energetic whilst Indica strains are more likely to relax you they can still have high levels of THC.


Sativa strains are generally better for recreational use, with sativa dominant high THC strains like Green Crack x Super Silver Haze inducing a strong yet creative and cerebral high which can benefit consumers who are artists, musicians or work creative jobs greatly while also being good for smokers who want to remain active whilst also being high.


While Indica dominant strains like Yumbolt Feminized have the highest THC content (24%) which is well suited to medicinal purposes or general relaxation. Both Sativa and Indica can be used for medicinal purposes with Indica generally having more benefit for physical problems than Sativa.


Many of the strains with the highest THC percentages are hybrids, meaning they exhibit traits of both Sativa and Indica marijuana.

How Long Does the 'High' Last?

Marijuana with the highest THC content is naturally very potent but the effects can vary. The duration of the high largely depends on which of the high THC seeds you choose to cultivate and also how you consume it. 


Take a classic like Gorilla Glue #4 Feminized Marijuana Seeds which is among the highest THC strains of marijuana for sale at Homegrown Cannabis Co.  When smoked or vaped, the high may last for around 4 hours, naturally this can change depending on the quantity you consume. As Kyle Kushman says in his Gorilla Glue Feminized Marijuana Strain Profile, the high is fast acting and can have an extremely positive effect on your mental state. Furthermore, Kyle also picks Gorilla Glue #4 as one of the top high THC cannabis seeds for novice growers.


Here are a few examples of how to consume the highest THC percentage marijuana:

  • Inhalation. Vaporizing or smoking the buds are generally the most popular ways of dosing cannabis with high THC levels. The effects are fast acting - usually within 15 minutes - because the THC goes straight into the bloodstream. However, the high lasts only 2 to 4 hours. It is preferred for casual use, brightening up the day with a puff or two. Also, it is suitable for medical patients who are unable to ingest food or liquids.


  • Ingestion. Making THC edibles is becoming an increasingly popular way of consuming THC. Adding THC to sweets, baked goods or smoothies are just some of the enjoyable ways of dosing. Ingesting THC prolongs the high, meaning it could last for up to 8 hours. This makes it perfect for medical use as it can provide long-lasting relief.


  • Sublingual application. Another widely used method of consumption is dropping small amounts of tinctures under the tongue. The psychoactive effects become apparent after 5 to 10 minutes and can last 2 to 4 hours. It is by far the simplest way of dosing but entails enduring the tincture's bitter taste.

THC Health Benefits

When it comes to THC benefits, often they tend to be overlooked in favour of CBD benefits but THC’s medical benefits are widely recognised. While THC is most known for its psychotropic effects, it also has immense benefits when used as a form of alternative medicine. The highest THC strains in particular are useful when it comes to alleviating physical and mental stress because they can have a relaxing or sedating effect. Take Bruce Banner Autoflower Marijuana Seeds, one of the highest THC strains available, which Kyle Kushman touts as a great alternative to prescription medication when treating mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and PTSD in his Bruce Banner Fast Version Marijuana Seeds profile.


THC benefits people with chronic pain, whether this be physical or mental fatigue, THC has medical benefits that can alleviate these problems. THC impacts the mind and the body which means it is uniquely suited to medicinal use, from THC oil benefits to benefits of the bud itself, THC’s medical benefits are powerful and diverse.


Everyone’s heard of ‘the munchies’ but for people with certain illnesses, lack of appetite can be a real problem. A major THC medical benefit is that it boosts and stimulates appetite which can be crucial in the healing process of illnesses like HIV and even those receiving treatment or therapy for cancer.


THC is naturally occurring which means there is no chemical element to it which means the medical benefits of THC can extend to things like skincare with THC and many other cannabinoids acting as powerful antioxidants. Furthermore, THC can be very helpful when treating a number of different inflammatory problems like arthritis as well as chronic aches and pains.


Look at any of the highest THC cannabis strains available in this section and you will find marijuana strains with the highest THC percentages which can help with a whole host of problems. From minor ailments to chronic illnesses, THC’s medical benefits are both effective and diverse.


Using high THC seeds when growing cannabis at home means that yields will contain significant levels of THC which can then be used medicinally. This means that the bud from strains with the highest THC percentage will last for a longer period when used medicinally as, if there is a higher THC content in each bud, you will not have to consume as much as you would with other strains of cannabis to reap the great medical benefits of THC.


Medical marijuana strains are becoming increasingly popular as alternative medicine or treatment and with good reason.

THC Tolerance

Tolerance refers to how much THC an individual can consume before they become overwhelmed by its effects, this varies from person to person depending on how frequently they consume high THC strains of cannabis, how they consume it, their body mass index (BMI) and also the potency of the cannabis.


Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers a great selection of high THC Seeds for sale which makes it far easier to select which high THC strain is best for you. If you are a first-timer or beginner with poor tolerance to the highest THC content then milder strains would be better for you. Often, the highest THC strains can have great and positive effects, however, it is best to take precautions when starting out so you do not get overwhelmed.


Even veteran cannabis consumers should moderate their THC intake somewhat, while it is impossible to overdose on THC, it’s a good idea to be careful not to consume too much THC so that you can have the most pleasant experience with your marijuana. 


For more information on the effects of the highest THC strains and more, check out Kyle Kushman’s Marijuana Strain Profiles.

Recreational High THC Strains

Cannabis with the highest THC content can have numerous effects. Those who consume cannabis buds to unwind and have a good time will surely love our recreational high THC percentage strains. 

  • Early Skunk x Rosetta Stone:  a popular choice among those looking to relax, this is an Indica dominant high THC strain, with around 20% THC, known for its relaxing properties and sedating effect. This high THC weed strain is great for relieving stress, anxiety and depression while also helping combat insomnia and migraines. Furthermore this seed is known to produce high yields.


  • Northern Lights: A legendary highest THC strain, this high THC marijuana has been a favorite since the 1980’s, with a number of awards to its name, Northern Lights is one of the most well-known and well respected Indica strains. Well liked by many for it’s euphoric high which can help uplift and relax.


  • Zombie Death Fuck: A potent Sativa strain which has up to 23% THC and is prized for its mind-bending high. This weed strain is known for its psychedelic effects when consumed, it’s high THC content combined with a sweet aroma make this cannabis strain a favourite of many growers.


  • Stardawg: A popular choice among Sativa fans given its intense cerebral buzz and up to 22% THC potency, making it one of the highest THC percentage strains available. Apart from the eye-catching appearance, this strain is also highly prized for its eclectic blend of diesel, pine, and lemony scent.


  • Exodus Cheese x Blue Headband: A rare hybrid for those who like potent yet balanced cerebral and physical effects, these high THC cannabis seeds are the perfect choice. This equal-split hybrid boasts of up to 20% THC as well as a stimulating and simultaneously relaxing high.

Medical High THC Strains

Often, medicinal strains have high CBD and minimal THC content because of patients who prefer not to get high while medicating. However, the psychoactive effects of high THC cannabis can offer medicinal benefits of their own, as mentioned before they act as a remedy to a lot of mental and psychological ailments. For those who do not mind soaring in clouds of euphoria while alleviating discomfort, dosing with the highest THC strains is the best way to go. Below are two of Homegrown Cannabis Co's best high THC seeds to be used for medicinal purposes:

  • Jack Herer: is a widely-acclaimed medicinal strain prized for its euphoric and relaxing effects that mitigate a wide variety of ailments. Given its 24% THC concentration, this Sativa-leaning hybrid effectively banishes chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, and a long list of other disorders.

  • Zkittlez: is also a tasty alternative featuring 21% THC levels. Famed for its candy-like taste and aroma, this dessert strain is proof that medications do not always have to be bitter.
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