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Afghan Kush

Afghan Kush

There are two main types of weed plants in the world, and these are indica and sativa. However, with the breeding of these, there are now hundreds of cannabis types that exhibit traits from the two main categories. Indica weed is known for its sedative effects, making it ideal for relaxation. Sativa has an opposite, uplifting effect. While this is a good starting point when trying to understand the various cannabis plants, it’s also important to remember that that’s not necessarily the case with every strain available.

For instance, at Homegrown Cannabis Co, we have more than 400 types of cannabis seeds. These are all individual strains that are either indica, sativa or hybrids of both. One of our most popular products is mostly Afghan Kush seeds, which are primarily indica. This is one of the strains that conforms to the traditional description of indica effects, as you’ll see in the description below.

Our Indica Seeds

  • Afghan Kush Feminized

Price: $8.68 (Lowest)

Type: Mostly Indica

This is one of our pure indica strains with a high THC potency of 21 percent. It’s easy to grow and has a flowering time of about 6-8 weeks. The expected yield is 400gm per plant under the right growing conditions. An Indica seed is a photoperiod cannabis, which means that it has varying demands for light for successful vegetative and flowering stages. A full-grown plant can reach up to a height of 75cm.

When used, the weed initiates euphoric and relaxed feelings. This is the kind of cannabis that should only be used when you’re not planning on doing anything. It’s ideal after a long day of work to help you wind down.

For medical purposes, you can use this strain to help manage arthritis pain, cramps, stress, anxiety, migraines, and insomnia. Flavors include sweet flowery and spicy.

Why You Should Buy from Us

Self-cultivating your marijuana is one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling activities. You not only save money that you would have used to buy buds from dispensaries constantly, but you also get to have complete control over the final product. The first step to achieving this is, of course, getting the right seed for the job.

Homegrown Cannabis Co has two decades of experience in this industry, where we’ve had the opportunity to identify exactly how to get the highest quality seeds and how to grow them. As such, we’ll not only provide you with a selection of fast-growing seeds, but we can also give you growing tips. For instance, cannabis plants can be sensitive to light, temperature, and moisture. We are privy to the tested, failed, and proven cultivation methods, and we’re more than happy to share the best cultivation tips with you.

Get Quality Seeds

In the years we have been in business, we’ve grown a base of repeat customers because of our impressive products. Join this crowd of happy weed growers today by buying our Afghan Kush or other seed varieties. For more information about our products, give us a call today on +1 (760) 642-5051.

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