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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has a decent population of cannabis users who mainly take it for medicinal purposes. Most Amsterdam marijuana seeds come from online suppliers who legally ship the product to buyers from this region.

In Amsterdam, marijuana is seen as a 'low risk' substance by the state and is tolerated by authorities, but under certain regulatory conditions.

As a cannabis seed supplier with a global footprint, HomegrownCannabis Co delivers high-grade products throughout Amsterdam and its environs. We have a strong distribution network in the metropolis and can deliver orders right to your home address.  

How Much Does It Cost to Import Seeds to Amsterdam?

That will depend on the quantity of seeds you want to buy. For larger packages, expect to pay a little bit more compared to the smaller ones.

Furthermore, the Dutch government imposes a 6% VAT tax on food and medicine products imported into the country, including 21% standard tax for any other goods. Depending on whether you want to grow the cannabis seeds for medicinal or recreational use, also expect to pay the appropriate VAT taxation.

At HomegrownCannabis Co, we offer affordable shipping rates for our international clients, to help them save as much as possible when ordering from us.

Which Types of Seeds are Suitable for the Amsterdam Climate?

With its optimal cool climate, the city can make an ideal place for germinating outdoor marijuana seeds. However, since Amsterdam doesn't have extended summer seasons, long flowering strains such as sativa and haze aren’t suitable for such an environment.

Just as similar, Indica strains that grow with tight buds aren’t suitable for the mostly cold Amsterdam climate. That’s because they would likely develop mold which can damage the plant’s dense colas before maturity.

This only leaves the flowering breeds that are tough and resistant to pests, frigid weather, and bacteria. We recommend our photoperiod hybrids and resilient auto-flowering strains for cannabis growers living in Amsterdam.

Duration of Time it takes for Cannabis Seeds to Grow

Generally, the period between planting and harvesting cannabis will depend on the strain you’re growing. Each breed has its own unique properties that determine its germination pattern.   

Nevertheless, hybrids that combine properties of different marijuana strains tend to have shorter maturity periods, usually lasting between 6 to 10 weeks before harvest.

The kind of environment you plant your seeds in will also determine how fast they germinate. On average, seedlings require around 18 hours of light to achieve optimal growth patterns. It's also advisable to cultivate your seeds indoors rather than outdoors in Amsterdam since you'll be able to control the growth conditions for faster yields.

Given that external environments are unpredictable, they aren’t conducive for growing cannabis seeds. As it happens, in one day it can rain excessively and soak up the young seedlings, or the sunshine may be extreme and dry them up.

International Cannabis Supplier You Can Rely On

For quick and efficient Amsterdam marijuana seeds delivery, HomegrownCannabis Co has got you covered. We have a strong supply system in Amsterdam, and we can reach you no matter where you are. Call our international phone line on +44 114 268 6642 for any queries or questions.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

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