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Blueberry Seeds

Blueberry Seeds

The blueberry is one of the legendary strains of the world of cannabis. This hybrid, with 80% of predominance Indica, is a creation of DJ Short. In the 70s, he made exotic crossings of the planet's best sativas, including Colombian, Mexican, Panamanian, and Thai strains.

Then, mixing these combinations with a powerful indica Afghani gave origin to this variety, which delights its growers at a maximum of ten weeks. If you are a fan of Indica predominance strains, the blueberry seeds are a must in your next purchase. You must know the main characteristics of this variety and find where you can get the country's top blueberry strain seeds.

Blueberry: General Characteristics

The variety owes its name that the blueberry cannabis seeds produce buds with fruity smells, with a sweet taste of blueberries. Its plants are medium, and the levels of THC are about 20%. In general, it produces effects of happiness, relaxation, and euphoria. Also, consumers can feel sleepy states and improvements in the mood.

Therapeutically, the blueberry helps people to control anxiety, allowing them to also deal with stress and depression conditions. It is also useful as an analgesic and is perfect for treating migraines and pain in general.

Get the Best Blueberry Weed Strain Seeds

If you want to enjoy this jewel of cannabis, Homegrown Cannabis Co. has the best selection of blueberry variations in the market. Each of our products is certified under the highest quality standards, providing fast growth and incredible genetics. These are only five of the exceptional alternatives that you will be able to buy with us:

  1. Blueberry x OG Kush Feminized: this blueberry kush option mixes two of the best products in the world of cannabis. This feminized version provides an excellent choice for beginners. It is highly productive. You can get up to 2 pounds of buds per plant outdoors in a maximum of 8 weeks.

  2. Blueberry Feminized: enjoy the purity of this classic strain without worrying about the appearance of male plants ruining your crop. You will be able to feel the effects of euphoria, hunger, relaxation, and sleepiness by inhaling its exquisite sweet flavors of berry and vanilla. Each plant will give you up to one pound of buds outdoors.

  3. Blueberry Autoflower: grow without worrying about the periods of light of your sowing. You will enjoy the best of the strain blueberry, with THC levels around 20%. It is a convenient option since you will be able to cultivate it all year round. Besides, indoors you can harvest up to one pound per square meter of buds.

  4. CBD Blueberry Feminized: this alternative will allow you to enjoy the strain's healing properties to the fullest. It has an extraordinary concentration of 16% of CBD, with only 1% of THC. You will be able to deal with conditions such as anxiety, arthritis, depression, migraines, nausea, seizures, and stress, without any psychoactive effect.

  5. Blueberry x Big Devil: with concentrations of 15-20% THC, this variation delivers well-balanced effects. You can feel creative, focused, giggly, and euphoric, tasting its extraordinary sweet berry and skunk flavor. Each plant will be able to deliver up to half a pound in about ten weeks.

Buy the Best Blueberry Weed Strain Seeds

It's time to include this must in your crops, and for this, you can count on Homegrown Cannabis CO. Get the best seeds in the market at unbeatable prices and quality. Shop our amazing marijuana seeds now, or contact us for more information.

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