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Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner Strain

Homegrown Cannabis Co. confidently offers Bruce Banner marijuana information and Bruce Banner strain resource guides. Named after Marvel's Hulk character alter ego-personality, the Bruce Banner marijuana strain produces large and bushy leaves. With THC levels hovering around twenty percent, the Bruce Banner cannabis strain is a hybrid with powerful euphoric effects.

As the best cannabis dispensary in operation, Homegrown Cannabis Co. provides detailed Bruce Banner marijuana strain information for auto flower and feminized products. With fruity flavors that contain hints of pine, Bruce Banner stands out as a potent indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis.

The sweet flavors trail off as the relaxing high kicks into full gear. Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers Bruce Banner seeds in four-packs, eight packs, and twelve-pack options. Twenty-five count packages of Bruce Banner seeds can offer special bulk savings you won't want to miss.

Revitalizing Mellow Vibes That Last For Extended Periods

Bruce Banner is a unique strain because it stimulates creative thinking while revitalizing energy levels. Bruce Banner users will feel mellow and at peace for at least three hours or longer. The auto flower Bruce Banner seeds from Homegrown Cannabis Co. produce three-foot-tall mature plants with thick and heavy yields.

The dense and enormous buds twinkle as light hits the overflowing trichomes. The harvest season ranges from July to October, with yields as large as four ounces per plant.

Bruce Banner 2.0 feminized seeds produce massive buds with highly concentrated THC levels as high as thirty percent. This new hybrid marijuana strain smells like a strange combination of citrus and diesel that packs a powerful punch. The cerebral effects hit hard and fast to generate stimulated, uplifted energy levels. The feminized seeds produce female plants that flower in ten weeks with a medium growth difficulty.

Other Popular Variations and Examples of the Bruce Banner Cannabis Strain

Homegrown Cannabis Co. offers a diverse selection of Bruce Banner strains, such as Bruce Banner X Chocolope. The Bruce Banner X Chocolope variation drives energy levels with a euphoric high that lingers. You will feel at ease without being put to sleep or being stuck to the couch.

As a sativa dominant hybrid, the X Cholope variant contains a minimal CBD percentage and has a short germination period. The flowering time only lasts for eight to ten weeks and provides a yield of more than six hundred grams for each plant.

Granddaddy Bruce Banner feminized seeds offer indica dominant effects with heavy yields and fast grow times. The Bruce Brain pot strain's taste and full-body products cause it to shine among other indica dominant hybrid strains. The fast-acting results take control of your body and your mind but release you into endless euphoria.

Buying Bruce Banner Marijuana Strains

Bruce Banner is just the start of the endless cannabis strains available at Homegrown Cannabis Co. We always maintain a stocked inventory of prestigious cannabis strains in our cannabis and seed store.

Guides, resources, and growing tips are a few examples of other features related to shopping with Homegrown Cannabis Co. Please call us today at 760-313-7455 to ask questions or to start shopping!

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