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Cannabis Seeds Online

Cannabis Seeds Online

If you don't have a seed shop near you, or you don't live in a state that's legalized marijuana for recreational use, your only option may be to buy cannabis seeds online. But how do you know where to find the best quality cannabis seeds, and what options do you have if you don't like the cannabis seeds you receive? We'll discuss these questions, as well as some other important considerations when buying cannabis seeds online, in this article.

Keep your private information private - Until you know the seed vendor is reputable, keep your private information to yourself. Do some research on the vendor to make sure they're reputable.

Use a business credit card that has a business address when ordering cannabis seeds online - Shipments get delivered with little risk to anyone. All businesses are careful with their credit card billing practices.

The security of credit card information has improved. Many companies get rid of credit card information immediately after the order is processed. If you're still worried about your information being stolen, use a pre-paid credit card, postal money order or cash.

Ship to a name at the address. The postman is usually aware whether someone lives at a certain address or not. Use initials in the address if you're worried about privacy.

Use a public email address when you order. Your email address is saved, so use a public email address instead of your business address when buying cannabis online.

Should I require a signature at delivery?

No. If someone other than you signs for the package, they're liable for the contents of the package.

How long will it take to receive my shipment?

Be patient. Many international deliveries take a long time. Wait a while you start contacting the vendor - remember what you're ordering.

Break up large orders over several trusted vendors. This makes the postal loss smaller.

Buy female seeds. They'll be more expensive, but they'll save time and money in your garden. In addition, you reduce the risk of the plant suddenly turning male. Feminized seeds are also the best seeds to use when you're growing your own personal crop. States that allow cannabis plants to be grown for personal use, like California, place limits on the number of plants that can be grown. In California, the number of plants that can be grown for personal use is six, with three plants flowering one at a time. If you use non-feminized seeds, there's less chance that all the plants will be female. Using feminized seeds guarantees that all the plants will be female, so you'll get flowers off every plant. You can also clone and breed plants with more control, because there's a greater likelihood the plant will be female.

These are just a few of the tips to keep in mind when buying cannabis seeds online. Following these tips will help ensure that you purchase quality seeds from reputable vendors, that you have little stress while waiting for your order, that you save money and that your package arrives promptly.

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